This world was once controlled by a vast and powerful magitechnocracy, whose primary species is now long gone.

Tieflings and Aasimar have taken over as the most common species of life, and while tension has existed between them, they enjoy a peaceful existence thanks largely to the existence of a vast diversity of other species in the civilized world.

It is this world you inhabit, a world where you are as likely to encounter a minotaur or ogre in a town as you are in a ruin--assuming you, yourself, are not a minotaur or ogre. Yet, even more surprising than what this world considers normal, may be what it considers abnormal.

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A Birthday Letter to Aurelien
Dear Aurelien,

Happy 17th Birthday! It's just not right celebrating my birthday without you. I am not really celebrating, though, as I left home in search of Father several weeks ago, and since then have been at this witch's home with a handful of other people (well, sort of 'people', one's more of a shape-shifting blob than a person), who I met in a dream.

Hm. Now that I write it down, it seems stranger than it actually is. I promise I have not lost my mind. Then again, I AM writing a letter to you, my dead brother, so who knows what is real and what is not anymore. Though, some of the things I have seen I could not create with my own mind, so I suppose that is some proof that I am actually seeing and experiencing these things as opposed to going mad. For example, in the witch's house, there was an Aasimar woman in the arms of a Tiefling woman. They were both doing unspeakable things to each other, Aurelien. I am truly glad that you did not have to witness it. I fear that my purity is at risk for even witnessing it!

It is not all terrible, though. The blob, who calls itself 'Friend', is actually very nice and reminds me a bit of a puppy (if puppies were gooey instead of fluffy). There is also an Illumian artificer named Anus (yes, I know...I had a good laugh at his name too, but he swears it means "Great Mind"...), who is more of a princess than I am. He is my favorite of the bunch, though, and he knows of our family. He was quite upset to hear that you had died. I imagine the two of you would have become very close, if you had the chance to meet him.

Sorry, but I must cut this letter short. It seems that Dilly is taunting Anus' grumpy old cat, Mr.Mystoffelees. I must go before there's blood/fur-shed.

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