"The Rebellion has failed.

When the Darklings arrived, we greeted them as saviors. Their methods were questionable, but they drove the imperials from Callidan. Then, the trouble began. They used necromancy to capture the city, and they brought with them foreigners from the south and their strange ways.

The peace was short lived. The Faulken Empire returned in force. An entire legion marched across the Tourmaline aiming to reclaim Callidan for themselves. We met in the old meeting place, we called the Clansmoot for the first time in centures, and we crowned me High King.

The Darklings sent their undead hordes against the legion, but they were defeated. We ran to the hills like cowards, but it is from here that we will strike. Some of you may not share our blood, but when you stand with us, you are our brothers. For freedom! For Callidan!"

-High King Brian Dodarren

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Epilogue: Victory for Callidan!
The dust has settled and the battle has ended. Although they suffered heavy losses, the soldiers of the Kern Callidan have pushed back the occupying imperials and reclaimed leadership of the city and region of Callidan.

High King Brian Dodarren now reigns as steward over the city and king of the hill clans. The Order of the White Stag has been re-formed, and Drostan and Durbin Flannery were among its first inductees. They earned the honor through the valor of their cavalry detachment during the war.

The city is rebuilding, but the Temple of Arigon has been completed under the direction of Sieger Allenstag. It has been dedicated to his son, Dieter, who died defenestrating the Imperial military governor. His statue stands forever honoring his heroism. Not far away, a statue of Gunthor Ravenrock stands in the Temple of Icthareon, honoring the hero who fell in the battle.

Lily de Aquila was awarded an honorary title in the Order of the White Stag but has devoted herself to modernizing the Callidan military, should the need to fight arise once more. Bree-ak has returned to his home in the mountains and serves as the goliath ambassador to the hill clans. Althier Almont set out for the west once the fighting ended, his destination unknown.

The day is won, but questions still remain. The brief appearance of the undead during the battle has sparked worry in many. What is Aleron Vissaeryx up to? What remains of the demon cult in the southern forests? Roxas Infiniam is still at large. Louec proved to be of service to the rebellion in the end, but where do his loyalties lie?

Peace reigns for now, however, and Mr. Puddin' Paws lies down once more on his favorite windowsill in Carr MacArtan.
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From Here On Out

You have weathered some harrowing combat now and have begun to make a place for yourselves in the Kern Callidan, the Hill Clan Army. Next week, our session will be the same as it has been -- receive a mission, complete the mission.

After that, however, assuming all goes according to plan*, we'll be doing things a tiny bit differently. Each week, I will post four potential missions on the site. As a group, you will choose one to complete for that week's session. I need to know your choice by Monday so I can plan. Different missions offer different rewards and storyline advancements.

Oh, and you reached level 3 at the end of last session. *Ding!*

*Which is to say, you don't somehow get kicked out of the resistance or something.
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