Battletech Circa mid 3070's Lyran Alliance border with the WoB Protectorate.

Current Active Units:
17th Assault Cluster, Alpha Galaxy, Wolf in Exile
Tentative Strength: 2 Frontline Trinaries, 1 Primary Reserve/Secondline Trinary

Misery's Cavaliers:
Mercenaries under long term contract with the LAAF. Strength: Reinforced Company.

What I try and do with my two current players is to offer as much strategic and logistical challenges mixed in with good ol' fashioned armor slagging. Current ops, Skye, LA, repelling WoBM invasion.
We combine command level roleplaying here on Epic Words with tabletop sessions with minis and terrain adapted to combine with Heroscape tiles.

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Trial of Possession
Diamond Shark Command

Since your trial of possession was unduly interrupted by unwanted Hellion interference the results by the ways of the Clan should be null and void. As your unit has taken a defensive position within said facility I hear by issue a trail of possession. As commander of the Jade Falcon's Alpha Galaxy I bid two trinaries, one front line and one second line. Do you accept and what forces do you offer as a defense?
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Facilites Loss and Plans for Future Recovery.
Star Commander Jerod.

I have reviewed the logs and tri-vid from your recent failure. While I can agree both the Hellions and Sharks behaved in a manner unfit for any Clan you have demonstrated that you are fit to at best command a Star. I will dispatch Star Captain Rena Hazen's trinary and you will form up with Star Captain Hilda's binary to form a full trinary to be held in reserve. Perhaps the Sharks will be more willing to bargain in good faith and not send units into a circle of equals with a more credible threat.
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The Battle for Hesperus II
Audio only report received by the central Skye Government information clearing house awaiting clearance for release to the general public.

The liberation of Hesperus II has begun! Multiple landing zones are being established by forces from coalition forces from Com-Star, Alliance, Clan and mercenaries units seeking retribution from the Word. Initial reports indicate that toe holds on the planetary surface have been established in multiple locations.

Rumors of multiple resistance cells springing to action to hamstring the Word's reaction to the invasion abound. The Word has harnessed the industrial might of Hesperus for their own dark purposes. Stockpiles of newly minted arms destined for the Word's defense of their so called Protectorate have been liberated by resistance cells and as part of the initial invasion objectives. Still more are reported to have been destroyed by the Word to keep them out of coalition hands.

While the operation by coalition forces has been designed to provide an element of surprise to allow for the intact capture of as much of the industrial infrastructure of the planet intact as possible. No doubt the Word in their ever zealous paranoia some damage will be done. As of now no nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction use by the Word have been reported. While use still a distinct possibility, as demonstrated by the multiple atrocities of the Word, operations command sources are cautiously optimistic of the neutralization of known and suspected Word WMD assets in system.

Early reports have tentatively confirmed the establishment of coalition force superiority in the planetary airspace, near space proximity and major jump points of the system. All points of system entry are being monitored for the potential arrival of Word reinforcements. Still the ground forces the Word has in place and could potentially muster make success at this point far from certain.

Rumors of an operation lead by survivors of Brewer's Legion supported by Clan forces are securing the person and family of Duke Daniel. With any luck by the time this report clears the sensors we will have word of when the Duke of Hesperus II will address his people freely for the first time since the dark cloak of the Word fell upon the deserts of the arsenal of Skye and the Alliance.

For Skye News Network I am Cyrie Mc Lennon reporting from an undisclosed location in the Hesperus II operational area.
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South LZ Secured...
Star Captain Moon barely checked the atmosphere monitors before popping the cockpit seals letting the cool morning air to begin to take away the sweat from the morning’s action. Moon’s hulking frame might have been more at home in one of his Nova’s Elemental suits of armor. Two decades earlier he had worn battle armor but had won the right to pilot a Mech after killing a mewling “ristar” who questioned his bloodline’s intellectual capacity.

That was before his unit had been wiped out nearly to the man. Before he wore a Nova Cat bond cord, then a Warden Wolve’s, where he served a bloodkin of the founder as first a tech and then as a point mate. The smell of cordite, molten steel and flesh filling his nostrils reaffirmed the journey he had just finished, the blood of command rush through his veins. If the Warden Wolves did not accept the Moon’s legacy into their own then truly the way of the founder was certainly lost.

“Moon, to all units, Sit Rep,” as he surveyed the destruction his unit had just wrought. One by one units reported back. Missing armor, a few scratches and one gauss rifle gone critical, not a single warrior lost to the robes. Yet the robes all burned.
“Moon to command,” he barked, “LZ South Secure. Exile Bravo commence landing sequence on our primary mark, all crews standby to repair and rearm. All units clear LZ, Moon out.”

“Let more robes come to die for their blessed Blake”, thought Moon, as he turned his Warhawk to cover his dropship’s ingress. The roar of the Union’s engines soon would be all he could hear.

Session: Zone T, Operation Q, D-Day - Monday, Apr 16 2012 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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