Maturity Warning: play may portray intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language.

Genre: fantasy
Campaign Setting: On the outside, the story takes place in a unique world called Toren. A landscape ravaged by civil war and racial conflict. The technological advances in the area of diesel technology for the last 300 years have led to the establishment of massive train citadels which spider across the vastness of the land. However, as coal and steam reach the end of their rope as energy producers, an energy crisis worse than any we've ever seen is making life exceedingly difficult for the everyman.

Elves, trolls, orcs, humans, and dwarves have all lived amongst each other in this world. But like our own world, the racial diversity has caused points of conflict through the years. Upper and Lower Dervish are a prime example of how one caste can push another into submission, even in an otherwise accepting region.

At first glance, the world is one devoid of monsters and magic. Upon closer inspection, this is a place where dark things are happening in your backyard and behind the doors of world leaders that the Falkrun people would probably like to know about. Will their stories be told, and more importantly, will yours?

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Popular Beliefs
Much like our own world, expression of the theory that strange creatures come from somewhere beyond the realm of mortal imagination is grounds for a visit to the asylum. Children's stories and legends spin fantastic tales of such monsters in the wilds, though the most chilling are the accounts of those who describe monsters disguised as normal people.

Steam power. Gunpowder. Alchemy. Steam-powered elevators, weapons, and vehicles in use now. Heat is a big problem with such devices however, so many comforts still do not exist.

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Toren is a world of many religions and varied denizens. Faith has been a potent force, both as a shaper of history and an instigator of wars.

Toren is the name given to the world your characters know. There is speculation of other planes of existence due to ancient writings which talk about such places, but no one has discovered how to reach them.

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