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    Kurt Donnahan White/M/Def/Big Game Hunter
    "Monster Hunter"
    Background:Born in Bath, England. Kurt comes from old money. When of age, he was sent off to Oxford. Both of his parents passed before he got a degree. Kurt left Oxford to take on the life of a big game hunter. First hunting all the animals in the UK. Then Europe, Africa, and Asia. He is now an Ex Pa...
    Details:KURT DONNAHAN, Age 39, – Custom Occupation – STR 15 CON 8 SIZ 9 INT 11 POW 13 DEX 8 APP 8 EDU 16 SAN 65 HP 9 Damage Bonus: +0 Weapons: .45 Revolver 40%, damage 1D10+2 Elephant Gun (2B) 70%, damage 3D6+4 Armor: none Skills: Climb 45%, Concea...

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