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    Zanithar Rose Angel/M/Ldr/Healer
    "Don't wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect."
    Description:Character Information Leader: In this context means the member of the party which stays back and fills in the cracks of their party. A leader can boost morale, tend to the wounds, make the enemies lose the will to fight or rally the members of party together. Appearance: Zanithar, for the mos...
    Background: Zanithar's Backstory The River Kingdoms have a history of independence and freedom. The people see no one to rule them all... no one to be a King. In the far-distant past, when forests covered much of Avistan and elves were the dominant race, the land now known as the River Kingdoms was v...
    Details:Theme song: Zed's Fate from Kiba OST. [youtube][/youtube] The 100 Questions Part 1: The Basics 1. What is your full name? Zanithar Margretor Rose 2. Where and when were you born? Zanithar was born in the capital of Razmiran, Thronestep on...
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    Beltin (Kyle) Aasimar/M/Shaman/9
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    Zirul Half-elf/M/Stkr/sorcerer/4
    "burn it all"
    Background:born in outsea, zirul live a simple life with his parents going up. his father die when he was 15, and his mother became ill some years later, and past away when he was 18. Zirul made his living by tutoring the young as his elf mother did. He study magic texts left by his human father. and grow i...
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    Ikiryo, the Lifegiver Aasimar/M/Def/Healer / Spellcaster/1
    "The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?"
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    Duran Nurad Halfling/M/Bard/4
    "Always time for a song"
    Description:Always willing to play a song, sing or talk. Duran wears padded armor, and carries around a guitar.. but in a pinch can always summon his epic guitar.
    Background:Duran's parents were both very political, representing Halflings across the kingdom. After Duran was born, his parents had hopes of Duran following in their footsteps and becoming a great orator and politician. Duran's passion for music over took him, much to his parent's dismay. Duran now...
    Details:Duran prefers others to fight, as he sits back and plays music. His music is his magic, bolstering the efforts of team mates. Str: 7 (-2) Dex: 15 (+2) Con: 12 (+1) Int: 11 Wis: 11 Cha: 17 (+3) AC: 14 / Fort:+2 / Reflex: +6 / Will: +4 HP: 21 Knowledge: (all)+5 / Local: +7 Perfor...
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    "Whom i challenge shall not be touched by anyone but me."
    Description:Trained under the Mivon Swordlord for some years now, his quest still remains evident to restore the world to its former glory of peace.
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    Ruulk Half Orc/M/Inquisitor/Zen Archer/4/3
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    Basil Aasimar/F/Cleric/Fighter/7
    "Honor, duty, and valor are the pillars of righteousness"
    Description:She stands as a holy beacon of Andoletta, her wavy blonde hair flowing in the gentle breeze, and armor shining in the pale light.
    Background:Raised by foster parents, Basil has always thirsted for her one true purpose. She was lost in the woods as a young girl by her birth parents and saved by an elderly couple, while they did not have much they did give her all that they could. When she reached adolescents, her parents decided to s...
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    Artemis (Mike Higgs) Aasimar/M/Def/War Priest/6
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    Carian Ettian Human/M/Stkr/Monk/4
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    william human/M/wizard/4
    Description:Standard wizard look, you know the one. That guy that just doesn't dress right. Clothes are not matching he's wearing a bathrobe? He even kind of smells strange.
    Background:William grew up in an upper middle class family. Got his schooling payed for by his parents. Wanted to go somewhere in life, so he became an adventurer. I mean what else was he going to do with a PHD in arcane spellcasting. Bag groceries?

Retired Characters

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    Ariana Leonriel of Kyonin (Retired) Half Elf/F/Ldr/Paladin
    "Stay true to the Light"
    Description:Family History Born to Elijah Leonriel of Andoran and Tessara Iada of Kyonin in the capital Iadara, Ariana Leonriel soon became the light of life between the newly parents. With love only being at a moment’s time, Ariana’s father was sent back to Andoran to complete a small task giv...
  • Halfling_male_bard_thumb
    Azlant the Magnificent (Retired) Halfling/M
    "I am Azlant the Magnificent. Short in stature, tall in power, narrow of purpose and wide of vision."
    Description:Hair: Red Eyes: Brown Clothes: wide brimmed hat, multi-colored cloak, leather craftsman vest, knee high boots, mithril shirt. Affectations: Ornate Pipe
    Background:A native son of Glorious Golden Katheer, capital city of Qadira, with its canyon-like harbor, Azlant is part of the freeborn halfling diaspora of that vast port city. The moment he came into the world, every mirror in the house broke dispelling any doubt he would be a jinx--which is why Azlant ...
    Details: Ru Mar Suliman Moxzonal (Hobgoblin Ranger; Adventured @ Nogortha Necropolis /Ocasional Enforcer for the Aspis Consortium )
  • Hellknight_thumb
    Cohen the Barbarian (Retired) M
    "A good death is its own reward"
    Background:Born in the savage wilds of Numeria to a human mother, in the way typical of Orcs and half-Orcs, she was captured and taken against her will. Cohen's mother perished shortly after the birth after displeasing the warlord of the Orcish band. Cohen was raised in the manner of the tribe, taught the ...
  • Annahk_thumb
    Neji Saxton (Retired) Gnome/F/Sorcerer/5
    "It is not sufficient that I suceed - all others must fail."
    Description:Neji is a 3 foot 32 pound gnome that more commonly resembles a human child. Flawless tan skin with short dark red hair and green eyes. In most cases Neji presents herself as a small red robed hooded childlike human. Symbol of the Swordlord of Avendale draped loosely around her neck. With ...
    Background: I am Neji Saxton Loyal Diplomat of the SwordLord of Avendale. Ive been sent as an Envoy from form the Swordlord to find out what was takeing Armon so long to escort everybody to Avendale. Ive met with Phaedrus at the Festival of the Burning Blades. He told me he would bring me to the group and ...
  • Harsk-dwarficonic_thumb
    Bijaz the Merchant (Retired) M
  • Malius_thumb
    Malius Lightbringer (Retired) Half-elf/M/Def/Cleric/6
    "I will not be merciful to those who do wrong."
  • Tamarie_thumb
    Tamarie (Retired) half elf/F/Def/Ranger/5
    "got to love the arrow in the head"
    Description:Distription: Tamarie is a 26 year old beautiful half elf with long wavy fiery red hair and deep green eyes. She stands about 5’8” and weight 130lbs. She is neutral good and worships the deity Ketephys.
    Background:Tamarie was born in the town of Maashinelle. Her mother’s name is Tessara Jathal she is the daughter of Amrunelara Jathal one of the high elves. As a young child Tessara was always off in the woods of Kyonin searching for new adventures and animals to tame. As she got older her adventures sta...
  • 1387395600225_thumb
    Gorram Stonespur (Retired) Dwarf/M/Samurai/5
    "nanakorobi yaoki "stumbling seven times but recovering eight.""
    Description:Standing only four foot even, Blonde of hair, blue of eye and pale of skin, and dressed in Tatami-do armor, he sits astride his pony reserved in motion and appearance. Katana at his side, his shield at his back, he surveys the battlefield. Gorram's banner in unfurled, all his allies can clear...
    Background:He's a guild member, and the guild of justice, having heard rumors of the sworn order making a return have sent Gorram to find them, become a part of the order, and to help and protect the group.
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    Briyo Hungelar (Retired) Human (1/2 Varisian)/M/Professional Gambler
    "I havent lived this long by being stupid"
    Description:A man of mystery, Briyo avoids combat as much as possible preferring wit and diplomacy to the blade. If it is unavoidable he does his best to bolster his allies, and keeps an eye out for a quick exit. An inveterate gambler, and by all appearances a layabout he keeps his cards close to his vest ...
    Background:I am known as Briyo Hungilar, “Witty Juggler”. Half Varisian, I am Espada—part of the Varisian diaspora found throughout Golarian. I was born Alfonse Iobar in the City of Magnnimar, and I can trace my family’s travels back nearly 300 years to Iobaria and the founding of Brevoy. Spending much o...
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    Xen'drak Nightshadow (Retired) Human/M/6
    "Savior, Murderer, Hero, Villain. I am nothing more than a shadow of all these things… "
    Description: Description: Xen'drak Nightshadow stands at 6'5" wearing Sith armor with a long black hooded cloak and a female Mandalorian mask, hand painted to look more intimidating.
    Background: "I'm not doing this for the Republic. I'm not doing it for you. I'm not even doing it for me. I'm doing it for our child. And our child's children. We might never live to see the horrors that are coming, but they will. We have to protect the Republic for them. We have to risk our chance at ha...

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