Retired Characters

  • Fire_genasi_half_orc_by_xeorsos_thumb
    Blaze (Retired) Genasi (fire)/M/Contr/Favoried Sha'ir/11
    "Everything burns. Everything. "
    Description:A sharply dressed genasi with orange skin and yellow hair. He carries himself with an air of superiority and elitism, traits not uncommon of favored Sha'ir. His companion, Seizo, is a fiery efreetkin.
    Background:In another life, I would have become a great wizard. As a young boy, my affinity for the arcane was widely recognized and I was sought after by the most well-known wizards. My parents were merchants seeking a way to increase their status. They saw in me a way to make a lot of money and recog...
  • Kaos_by_thysane_thumb
    Albrek (Retired) Human/M/Stkr/Monk/11
    Description:Albrek is a soft spoken man, who moves in the same manner. A hood hangs behind his thick collar, part of a set of robes, that are detailed with swirls and orbs, of various colors. An observer may glance back, wondering if an orb did actually, 'blink'? A thick metal band sits above his ears, de...
    Background:Albrek spent most of his childhood in and around The Ninth Bastion. The fortress city served as inspiration to him, intriguing him at an early age. His father served in the militia when called, otherwise earning a living under the employment of an Azer, in the Charhouse. Coming into his own ...

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