2051, UCAS, Seattle.
The brights lights.
The desolate barrens
The Renraku Archology
Mt St Hellens
The never ending noise of drones in the sky, watching.
The meta races, once human. Now something...

Welcome to Seattle, a nexus for the sixth world. Close to Tir Tairngire and the Salish-Shidhe. A trade zone, a border town, a place where you can be all you want to be, and lose it in a deal with a dragon. A place with money to be made and those hungry for it. A place with shadows and people who will frequent them.

Come join me as I weave together some threads that were broken with some that are new and bump a few old heads on the way.

Dice testing optional or more than likely, improvised.
Themes: Sins of the father; Excess vs Poverty; Nationhood vs Independence; Greed.

Inspiration: Homer; Shakespeare; Das Boot; 1984; Wall Street; The Running Man; Neuromancer; Mad Max; Frank Miller; Materials/Mech Engineering (...cause it's fun).

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