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    William Havoc Human/M/Stkr/Fighter/5
    Description:William is a tall, stocky human male in his early 20s. He has shoulder length dark brown hair, green eyes, a square, jutting jaw and a sharp nose. His leftmost incisor tooth is missing and an angry reddish scar runs from the center of his chest over his left shoulder. He generally dresses simply ...
    Details:Align: C/G STR 19/15 +3 +7 DEX 13/62 +0 +1 +1 CON 13/73 +1 INT 6/72 WIS 10/70 CHA 12/80 COM 7/72 HON 22/2 HP: 65 AC: 5, 1 against front and flank (shield) WEAPONS Bastard Sword (2 slots) speed: 1h:1/2h:3 d6/d8/d12 (+1 magic) +5 +10 attacks: 3/2 Great Sword (2 slots) ...
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    Seped Human/M/Thief/6
    "Stab N' Loot"
    Description:A balding male of average height with a sardonic grin.
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    Eek Pixie-Fairy/Ldr/Alteration Specialist (Modifier)/5
    "Stand back, this is gonna be AWESOME."
    Description:Eek would look rather elvish if elves were actually just two feet tall - and, for that matter, if they sported proportional sets of dragonfly wings. This pixie-fairy's skin is fair and tinged slightly orange, its hair is straight, neck-length and a light brown shade, and slightly-curved, tapered ...
    Background:A permanent tan, warm clothing, and a funny accent place this pixie as a native of Kuristan, though that's more an indication of personal preference than lineage given the species' reputation for migration and diversity. The Ast-Thlay family is large and unusually close-knit, for pixies, and whil...
    Details:Alignment: L/G STR 4/74 -2 -5 DEX 17/78 -3 +3 +4 CON 10/59 0 70% 75% 2/day INT 13/75 0% mishap WIS 13/34 5% improve skill CHA 12/09 Max 5 henchmen COM 17/64 Automatically Fascinate females w/ WIS <= 8.5, +17% react adj. HON 44.75 (updated following session 15) HP: 25/25 (d4, divided...
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    Ez Veranesti (High Elf)/M/Bounty Hunter/4
    Description:Name: Ezrae Emmaten Nickname: Ez Race: High-Elf (Vernesti) Class: Bounty Hunter (Fighter-type) (Flavortext to come soon)
    Background:(Actually flavortext to come soon) Age: 121 Hand Right Height/Weight: 64 in / 105 lb Social Class: Middle Lower Class Birth Circumstance: Legitimate Status of Parents: Mother Living, Indifferent. Father, Ill-equipped Family Heritage: Honorable Number of Siblings: 2 Living. ...
    Details:STR: 14 / 13% +1 to hit, +2 to Damage, Weight of 76 lbs, DEX: 16 / 80% - 3 to AC, +3 to reaction, missile CON: 13 / 42% INT: 13 / 02% Learning ability: 50%; WIS: 12 / 03% Chance of spell fail: 5% CHA: 10 / 41% Max Hench: 4 COM: 10 / 54% I'm pretty average! Saving throws:...
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    Voras Human/M/Cleric/2
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    Gardenia Granitecutter Dwarf/M/Berserker/3
    "Grab your pick and stab and split!"
    Description:Align: CG STR: 18/08 DEX: 11/38 CON: 16/9 INT: 4/66 WIS: 5/50 CHA: 4/95 COM: 13/12 HON: 2/0 Weapons: Footman's Pick Talents: Pick Bonus Pick Proficiency Dirk Proficiency Skills: Mining
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    Kyla Human/F/Druid/4
    Description:Kyla is a tall stick-like human woman in her early twenties with dark brown hair and amber eyes. She always seems rather well kept for a druid, and arranges her straight hair in a small knot in the back of her head. Her leather armor fails to hide her extremely thin form and would look quite co...
    Background:Kyla is from a lower upper class family of great honor in Suvarion. Her family was always loving and supportive, but it was still clear that she didn't really fit in here. Awkward and gangly she didn't resemble anything of the strong athletic types that were desired. She always wanted to be ou...
    Details:Alignment: N Height: 6'5" Weight: 140lb Handedness: R Age: 22 STR 9/88 39lb, open doors 6, bend bars 1% DEX 8/24 0 AC, -1 reaction, -1 missile CON 13/28 +1 HP, 85% SS, 90% res, -35% dis/alc, 1hp/day INT 10/57 2 lang, learning ability 40% WIS 15/78 +1 magical def, 7% imp. skill chance ...
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    Marten Gnomeling/M

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