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What have I gotten myself into?
After a tiring journey I've finally arrived at the town of Raven…something. I didn’t pay too much attention to the town banner as I slugged into the small hamlet mid-morning. After checking my watch I knew I had to make haste to make the funeral in time. I really wanted nothing more than to take a break and rest a bit, the auto-mail’s stabilizer on the left leg isn’t as well calibrated as I wanted and is making walking a bit harder than it needs to be. I’ll look at it tonight at the inn.

After following the directions of a local I made my way to the graveyard and ran into what appeared to be a small funeral contingent. Odd bunch of folk to be honest and not really what I expected for a wake. There was a young woman with golden brown skin that seemed to be carrying an unseen burden. Her cloak and staff gives me an uneasy feeling…perhaps a magic user? Dorgrym always told me to be weary of magicks, and trust nothing that you couldn’t build with your own hands. Then there was a man in the armor and uniform of some sort of cleric…his steps seemed more uneven than mine…perhaps drunk? There was surprisingly another half-orc. I haven’t seen another one of my kind since I left with Dorgrym those many years ago, and if memory serves right, we are a crude and callous bunch. I’ll keep my distance, lest I be pulled into some odd “brotherly bond” or other such nonsense. Lastly on the road was some mysterious man wrapped in a cloak and mask. I couldn’t tell what race he was, but looked human by what I could tell. Not sure if it was just my limited vision from the slits in my helmet or something else, but he seemed to meld with the shadows of the trees along the path very strangely. I’ll keep half an eye on him.

At the funeral itself we met with Kendra, daughter of the late professor and after a short procession and some words the funeral was all over. The pain of burying loved ones is all but too fresh in my mind as it has hardly been two months since my master was sealed in his tomb. I would have attempted to comfort the sulking woman, if it wasn’t for the sudden appearance of some sort of mob of townsfolk. They attempted to stop the funeral from making it to the gravesite, claiming that the professor was some sort of necromancer! I’ve read about them and their terrible deeds, and now suddenly I may be carrying one on my shoulders with nothing but a cedar wood crate between me and a dead raiser?

Fortunately the situation resolved himself as the other half-orc barred some teeth and muscle and we carried on with the funeral. After all was said and done we followed Kendra to her home, a sizeable mansion, on the south side of town for the reading of the will. Everything seemed to be in order, until the sudden appearance of a chest filled with “evil tombs” that the professor had on hand! Gods below, this is turning out to be a terrible day! Though…oddly enough the chest came with a request, we are to stay and help the grieving daughter get settled for a month then escort the chest to some university for safe keeping. If we fulfill our end, we are then to receive a sum of 100 platinum! With that sort of coin I can reopen the shop! Not to mention Dorgrym appeared to have made an impression on the late professor, and I intend to carry on his debts until they are paid.

After the whole funeral and will troubles I settled down in a room provided by our hostess and slept lightly…too much talk of magic and cultists for my taste. The next morning the others seemed to form some sort of ‘party’ and apparently ran around town causing all sorts of trouble for the local clergy…even raiding a tomb! Glad I stayed out of that mess…though my project was to build and install some form of working plumbing in the kitchen, but given the lack of materials and infrastructure of the home…the results were less than becoming such a lovely residence. Well I have a month to refine the design. I feel like it’s going to be a long month…
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