This is a campaign set in the Nentir Vale spanning the Heroic and Paragon tier. The page is still a work in progress, but check the journals for the introduction!

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Episode 1.2: The Slaying Stone of Kiris Dahn
As the PC's finish searching the library, they hear a slight rumbling in the distance. As the sound gets closer and closer, they realize that the sound is familiar, and the sound of a march rings in their ears. Albrek hops up on Lo-Mak's shoulders to look out a nearby stained glass window to see what is happening. He sees a Goblin riding a Drake, and flanking him on all sides, he sees that the goblin is surrounded by orcs. One orc dressed in robes has a spectral wolf walking by his side, and on the other side of the mounted goblin, he sees another orc, but this one dressed in armor and wearing an Eye patch over his right eye. As the horde grows closer, Albrek also spots about 10 goblins marching in formation behind the mounted goblin, and as they pass by, all the smaller goblins standing around cheer them on. They march past the library, stopping at a nearby kobold camp, and then the PC's hear the high pitched screams of kobolds in the distance. It seems that the goblins have no remorse using the kobolds as their scapegoats for everything, and Lo-Mak stands up in his toe just in time to see an orc stab what seems to be a poker into the eyes of one of the kobolds.

The PCs decide to use this ruckus to their advantage, and sneak out the doors of the library to head toward the crumbling temple that lies to the north. Most of the nearby goblins have moved toward the kobold section, which allowed the PC's to easily sneak by to their destination, and as the PC's sneak in the see a portcullis ahead of them and behind the portcullis they see a human standing by a fountain. Kurai tries to sneak into a nearby hallway, but the rubble on the floor makes it nearly impossible, and he draws the attention of the humanoid.

"Who goes there?" the humanoid asks.

Mouse the bard walks nearer the portcullis, coming into view and tries to use his diplomacy to gain information. He claims to be the brother of Alkirk, and claims that Treona and Alkirk left him here as part of a power play, thinking he would die once the goblin horde invaded. Treona and Alkirk fled the city and since then he has holed himself up here, barricading himself from the goblins, sneaking out under cover of night for food.

As Mouse is questioning him and getting info, Kurai tries once again to sneak through the nearby hallway, and Lo-Mak walks forward, trying to make enough sound in the rubble that Kurai can sneak down the hallway. The ruse is successful, and Kurai makes it down the hallway to a door that leads into the room with the human, and Kurai stands prepared to ambush the human at the first threat. As Mouse and the human continue their conversation, Lo-Mak hears footsteps outside, and all of a sudden goblins burst through the door. Screaming "KILL THE RAT MANS!" and after seeing the party then scream out "KILL ALL THE RAT MANS!"

The human snaps to attention at the same time as Lo-Mak, and they both turn just in time to see five goblins burst through the door to the south. After alerting his comrades, Lo-Mak, Albrek and Kurai jump into action. Albrek spins around to see four smaller goblins to the south and fires of a volley of bolts, each one hitting their mark and killing The goblins before they ever get the chance to attack. Lo-Mak moves near the fifth goblin, defending his nearby allies, and Kurai throws a nearby door open to run in on the human, but as he moves in for the attack, the human easily dodges the blow that surely would have been life threatening if it landed. Then the Pc's look on in horror as the man starts to change. His face elongates, and hairs grow out from his skin. His eyes begin to glow red as this is happening, three goblin kick down a door to the north, rushing out attacking the nearest enemy, and Kurai unfortunately has stranded and left alone. 3 goblins rush out for attack, swatting him with swords, while three others fling off a volley of arrows, Most attacks hit, and to Kurai's surprise, his plan was a bust, and he found himself being turned into a goblin pincushion. After a couple rounds of battle, the PC's and the rat deal with most of the goblins, and when one was left, he threw down his arms screaming out "NO MORE! NO MORE!" Lo- Mak growled at him, and then the Rat-Man smelling blood went after Kurai, Biting him and leaving him bleeding, Kurai falls unconscious. The PC's grow angry that their comrade had fallen, and push the rat into a corner. During this time, Lo-Mak gets bitten, and the fighter Harbek moved in to flank, pinning the rat in the corner with no way to escape. Seeing the nearby fighter, the rat moves to bite him, nut Lo-Mak grabs the Duergar next to him flinging him out of the way and becoming the target of the attack. Harbek, seeing the sacrifice of his ally, uses this momentum to throw out a blow, and the blow lands in time to knock out the rat.

The PC's tie up the man and question him, finding out more information about Treona and Alkirk, and also learning that a few years ago, the man had a running in with a group of halflings. These halflings had been cursed with lycanthropy, and after the man crossed them, they beat him within an inch of his life, biting and scratching, and giving the man their disease. Once Alkirk learned that his brother was a rat he stayed beside him, but when Alkirk learned that he was also in a relationship with Dreus, he could no longer stand beside his brother and left him here to die. Since then, The man sneaks out under cover of night hoping to find a stray goblin or kobold, and the beast within him feeds, allowing him to survive.

After this, the party realizes what has happened, and a sickness creeps over Lo-Mak and Kurai, sapping them of healing surges. Knowing that the sounds of battle would attract goblins, the party decides to high tail it out of the temple as fast as possible, and sneak toward another nearby building, this one standing near the kennels. Kurai leads the party on, but waiting for a nearby patrol to pass, Lo-Mak leans against a wall, and the wall wasn't strong enough to support his weight. Albrek and Harbek see this in time, and manage to support the wall before it falls over and attracts the attention of the nearby patrol. The PC's decide to Run to the nearby building, after some dirty looks at Lo-Mak for his ignorance.

Inside they see an Orc standing on a platform, and a runic circle inscribed on the floor. The orc sees the party and pulling out a great axe screams,. "Prepare to meet the Severed Eyes! Come fight and your deaths will be quick!" The party had other Ideas. Albrek lands a shot knocking the Orc over, and though the orc landed some great blows on the party, she was no match for the 5 PC's. While close to death the orc screams out "THE SEVERED EYES WILL AVENGE ME, YOU HEADS WILL HANG FROM THE WALLS!" and with that falls dead. The PC's Confiscate he great axe, and kick hear down a nearby hole, hearing her body land with a thud at the bottom.

This is where the PC's ended for the night. Who are these Severed Eyes? They must be the Orc party sent here to find the stone. Their actions have now been seen firsthand by the PC's and it seems they will do just about anything to find the stone. Will the PC's finally clash with their orc counterparts? Find out next time in 1.3 The Slaying Stone of Kiris Dahn!
Session: Episode 1.2: The Slaying Stone of Kiris Dahn - Friday, Aug 24 2012 from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM
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Episode 1.1: The Slaying Stone of Kiris Dahn
Lord Warden Faren Markelhay looks up from his map at the new recruits, "We have some trouble brewing, cultists have been rumored to have taken up a keep north of Winterhaven, and farmers are turning up missing from the local farms. I have sent a couple groups to investigate the disappearances, and am arranging for a squad to travel to Winterhaven to investigate this new cultist activity. Your mission is not one of these, instead I leave you to Valthrun the Prescient." Nearby, an elderly sage rises and approaches the PC's. "I have dire news from Treona, a ritualist from an abandoned city north of Winterhaven. It regards an old artifact, and this artifact is of utmost importance. You will meet with Treona and finish whatever task she gives you."

North of Winterhaven lies the abandoned city of Kiris Dahn. Members of the Kiris line have been running the city for years, using the demonic Slaying Stones to drive away and destroy any would be invaders of the city. There were originally 8 Slaying Stones, and during the years of the cities prime, the Stones were used to drive off would be invaders from the north. 8 years ago, the city was left to the young man Kiris Alkirk. Alkirk was much too young to defend a city, and the stones were all used up. An invading horde of goblins and kobolds easily sacked the city, and the remaining townsfolk retreated across the Vale seeking out a safe haven with decent leadership.

The PC's left Fallcrest with Valthrun, and travelled with a few other guardsmen and a group of militia. After spending a relatively quiet night in Winterhaven, they woke up the next morning to the aproach of an oncoming storm.

The PC's left Winterhaven, and as they travelled the storm grew worse. As the PC's came over the final hill, approaching Treona's tower, a group of wolves ambushed the party. Albrek, the young Shadar-Kai, hefted his crossbow, and with a sly grin quipped "Allow me to demonstrate proper crossbow technique." Kurai could do nothing but laugh. The wolves proved quite a foe, with one latching onto the bard Mouse, while two others flanked the goliath warrior Lo-Mak. One wolf ripped at Lo-Mak's ankle, knocking him to the ground, as the other tore at his neck. After a near fatal blow, Mouse managed to escape and heal his ally just in time. Lo-Mak Called forth a great bolt of lightning that crushed his enemies, and shouted "HAHAHA, feel the lightning lick at your bones!!!"

After dealing with the wolves, the PC's headed into Treona's tower, where they found the middle aged ritualist happy to provide them with food and shelter. After feeding the party from her delicious pot of stew, she beckoned the party upstairs. After the party followed, Treona began explaining the situation. It seems that there were not originally 8 stones but 9. The ninth stone was hidden and forgot about, but recent studies of old texts have shown that the ninth stone was not a rumor. Although this information is new, there is a problem. It seems that a rival ritualist named Dreus has also gotten word of it's existence and has hired a group of orcs to search for it within the city. The parties task is to sneak into the city full of goblins and kobolds, and find the stone before the orcs can locate it and take it to Dreus. Treona gave the group 2 healing potions, 3 flash powders, and 3 ritualist scrolls that when used, would glow if the stone was nearby.

The PC's accepted the mission and decided to leave at nightfall the following day. They found their way through the forests south of Kiris Dahn and managed to cross the river, where Lo-Mak's careful planning allowed Mouse to cross the river without getting drug to the bottom. Once across the river, the party spotted a kobold enter a nearby building with 2 metallic guards standing watch near the door, and located 2 roving patrols of goblins. Kurai and Albrek came up with a plan, and Albrek used his alchemical expertise to create an alchemists fire, which drew the attention of the two patrols. The goblins threw some nearby water of the flames, making the fire worse than it was before, and the party snuck into the nearby library.

Inside, the party heard a group of goblins through a set of double doors. After setting up a trap on another door to their west, the party burst in gaining surprise on the goblins inside, and massacred their opponent. Though a particularly crafty goblin tried to summon some oozes to help, the parties speed quickly over took him. Searching the bodies the party hit their first payday, finding 60 gold and a +1 magic wand, which they were happy to hand to their friend Mouse. After some more searching, The party also found a bookcase that had been shoved to the side, and a panel torn off the wall. Along the outside of the alcove, deep markings from some claws stated that something large was here, much larger then a bear. Searching further, the party managed to locate two texts Treona wanted to get her hands on, and took them for the future.

This is where the party left off. Will the party be able to sneak through the city without being caught? What other challenges await them in the future as they travel through Kiris Dahn? Find out next week in episode 1.2!
Session: Game Session - Friday, Aug 17 2012 from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM
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Tags: Battle , Recap , Summary
It's been 2 years since you joined the guard of Fallcrest located in the heart of the Nentir Vale, and the training has been rigorous. Training with your mentor did not always go to plan. The bumps and bruises you took mastering your skills have made you stronger then then an ordinary man, but at a cost. You haven't seen your family in months, and it seems that you will never get a chance to leave the city, or even the keep to head toward the local pub.

When you awoke this morning, the feeling in the air is one of excitement. The recruits that joined with you are mumbling amongst each other as you head to the mess hall.

You grab yourself some food from the cook, a portly man with scars on his hands, the haste of feeding some 60 guard plus new recruits obviously leaving no time for care with his knife.

"What's going on?" you ask.

"The Lord Warden will address the recruits today." The cook replies. With a grunt, he returns to his duties.

A few hours later, a call comes from outside. "ALL RECRUITS REPORT AT ONCE TO THE YARD!" There is a sudden rush as your fellow recruits hop up around you and rush to the doors to head outside. Following closely, you see at least 20 other recruits that you recognize from your first days here, but your training has made it impossible to strike a relationship with even one of them.

Soon after, there is a ringing of bells, and you know that only to mean one thing. Get to your spot in line, or pay the consequences. Standing at attention, you see a bald, middle aged man dressed in a royal gown walk up the steps of a stage to your right. You recognise him instantly, Lord Warden Faren Markelhay himself.

"My fellow recruits, your training has been rigorous and difficult. I have selected you because you all have shown talents when you were youngsters, and for that reason I sent for you. You have been dislocated from your families, and survived your training- I can't say that this has been true for all.

Today, I have a grand announcement, in 5 days time, you will finally be promoted to the guard. All of you have made boundless effort in your training and the day has finally come for you to be rewarded. Speak to the provisioner for your gear, and may the armor and weapon you choose keep your head in it place. All recruits are hereby granted 4 days of leave, and if not here by call on the 5th, you will be hunted down as a deserter and hung from the gallows"

With that the Lord Warden nods at leaves, followed by his royal entourage. As he disappears into the keep, the crowd bursts into excitement around you. Everyone runs for their domiciles frantically packing so they can take their leave at once.

You arrive back at the keep on the night of the fourth day, and have trouble falling asleep. What adventures will await you? Will you travel the countryside or be stationed at the keep? Your mind is a blur as it drifts off to silent slumber.

The morning after you awake to a knock on the door, and a letter is handed to you. You recognize the mark on the letter instantly as the mark of the Lord Warden. The letter is a summons. You gather your items which were delivered the previous evening, get dressed, and head to his chambers.

Once inside, you are standing in the Lord Wardens tactics room with 4 other individuals, and the Lord Warden seems entranced in silent contemplation overlooking a giant map of the Nentir Vale.

This is where the campaign begins...
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