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Log #23 - Mission II - Chapter 2 - May 6th 2014
04/17/10 AF


Bubbles grabs some food before heading to the barracks to catch some sleep.
Viktor talks to Lafeyette and recommends he uses his security credentials to do some reading of files concerning incidents from the first expedition. Laf has Bubbles plug him in at the lab (in the computer section).

8mins research

Finds a bunch of files (8-10) concerning incidents from previous expedition. Mainly reports of civilians or low ranking military cracking under the stresses. Some were restrained, sent to rehab, a few were reported AWOL but most of them were found again in the facility or having snuck back onto the aerostat.

Laf logs out, and attempts a standard hack to get Admin access. He gets an excellent success so has Admin privs and Hidden status.
Does a search for the keywords "incident, TITAN". Finds files on a nuclear demolition charge, more info about the Funhouse, fractals, and Richardson's shaft recording.
Does a search for keywords about machines that do "cognitive architecture, evidence of hardware performing computations" - Nothing found yet, but they sent more TITAN scientists to find out stuff.
Search for Exsurgent virus activity - Nothing concrete, but some of the folks sent back while isolated are still under study.
Laf does think that they can study corpses to find Exsurgent infection, but Dr. Haart hasn't uploaded any reports from the autopsy yet. He goes dormant after this.


time skip ahead 7 hours to 12:30am while Bubbles sleeps

Laf and Bubbles meet up again and then go to find Viktor. Laf wants to "interrogate" the scientists to see if they know of any specific areas where they can plug in and interface with the TITAN facility. They all line up to get some food, and check to see if any other Jovians are in the cafeteria.
Viktor's idea - cycle through all the staff run Cloud Memory, do some psychotherapy mumbo-jumbo, have them walk through their day while using Thoughtbrowse for keywords: "TITAN, Exsurgent, access point, weird/unexpected". Start with low-level grunts who have had field experience in the facility, and move up from there.
Decided to narrow it down to 5 key people. Techs who would be interfacing with equipment or TITAN tech, but not the lead scientists.
List: Dr. Haart, Dr. Thexall, Dr. Geiss, Dr. Ngyalla, Private Nof
At this hour only Private Nof responds personally, but he's on patrol.

Laf/Bubbles decide to walk to Dome 4 (passing by the Scar) to explore. 2.5mile walk, at 20min/mile.


They break off to study Dome 3 a bit (Bubbles fails perception horribly) but find nothing.
At the Scar they see a fiber mesh stretched over the scar as it passes through the dome. Bubbles cuts out a chunk of it that Laf reaches in and touches around a bit (finding no connections).
They make it to Dome 4, and find an almost fully completed missile. Laf is able to interface with it and study it for a while. Obviously TITAN in origin, covered in shielding material to ward off radar and ECM, and has on-board AI that is more intelligent than some people making it a very self-contained weapon. Has a standard heat/fragmentation load on it, no radioactive material. They leave the missile and continue to explore.
In 34A they find an umbilicus tube that could connect to Dome 6 (to ship missiles?).
They trek to Dome 1 and see the bunker dug out for the demolition charge in one of the hills in the large large stretching landscape.
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Log #22 - Mission II - Chapter 2 - April 8th 2014
04/17/10 AF


Bubbles & Lafeyette go to the Funhouse as it isn't that far of a walk and Bubbles won't get overexerted from the high gravity. After arriving at the maze, Bubbles plans to use grip tape to make X's and arrows as low-tech navigation, and is additionally going to tie some tape between the two of them. They explore for several hours with Lafeyette using thermographic vision to more easily navigate and do not find anything of interest.


Bubbles sees some figures off in the distance in his peripheral vision, but can't determine what they are. Lafeyette determines that their path in the maze seems to want to lead them backwards, as if the maze was self contained with no exit on the other side. They opt to travel for another hour at the most before retracing their steps out of the maze. A little time passes and then Bubbles notices a putrid stench in the air. It smells like something rotting but neither of them have enhanced smell to be able to directly track the source. They start to carefully investigate all paths leading out from the place where the smell originally came from.


They are able to find the source of the stench, it's a mundane Jovian body with some tools and a small side arm. The gloved hands are bloody and when the body is rolled over there is a large hole torn in the front and the name tag is missing. They immediately backtrack out of the maze with Lafeyette dragging the body behind them.


The pair exit the maze and are able to contact base camp again on wireless. They send a message to Viktor and he is busy eating...but eventually comes out to meet them. He does a brief examination on the body, but can't figure out anything more interesting.

They radio ahead to the camp directly to the main medical doctor on staff, Dr. Haart, concerning the body. They request a pickup from some of the soldiers since Bubbles is still pretty weak due to the gravity and she dispatches a pair of MPs. They arrive a few minutes later with a gurney that they strap the body to, and request that Bubbles follow them back to camp for a brief interview with Dr. Haart.

She interviews Bubbles (John) briefly on the body, and then excuses him if he doesn't want to watch a full autopsy. He requests a look at the spacesuit (with Lafeyette's hardware skills) to see if they can recover anything. Some simplified log files exist on the suit and it looks like a large breach in the suit was detected in the chest area near the end of the log. A countdown shows the suit quickly losing air pressure, more breach alerts appear for the glove areas, and then the log ceases at what they assume was the death of the wearer.

Dr. Haart proceeds with the autopsy during this. She determines the likely cause of death to be asphyxiation as the body has lungs filled primarily with hydrogen, and there are no other wounds on the body that would have led to death. Pattern matching on the face of the corpse has an 87% chance of matching a civilian engineer from the first expedition named Miguel Hernandez. Viktor arrives in the lab later (to avoid rousing suspicions) and has a brief conversation about the corpse with Dr. Haart. She lets on in whispers that their was some conflicts with the first expedition which led to some people abandoning their posts and going missing. Viktor decides to research personnel files and other documents further.

Bubbles leaves the laboratory to go get some food with Lafeyette accompanying him.


Viktor - Level 3 w/G-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 4/20/10 AF) to get a black market scan for infection, Level 3 w/I-Rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 4/20/10 AF) to get info on Jovian personnel, Level 4 w/@-rep to get High Gravity Adaptation (returns 5/13/10 AF)
Bubbles - Level 2, 3 w/@-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 4/20/10 AF and 4/21/10 AF) to sell stuff, Level 4 w/@-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 5/13/10 AF) to score a Gravy blueprint
Lafeyette - Level 4 w/C-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 5/13/10 AF)
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Log #21 - Mission II - Chapter 1 & 2 - April 1st, 2014
04/17/10 AF

Before the gathered crowd the Commander Officer of the Jovians gives a speech explaining their mission here. They are all tasked with being the 2nd group of Jovians to lower themselves down to investigate a TITAN facility that was discovered hovering in Jupiter atmosphere. To maintain base morale the Jovian Navy decided it would work out best to rotate groups on and off of the facility due to the stressful alien environment. She goes on to explain that the way down is rather hazardous for traditional shuttles and other vessels, and instead they have to use a large elevator suspended on a tether cable between the facility and the aerostat Jovonavich.

Gas miners originally discovered the facility on accident and were quick to cover it up and report it directly to the Republic Navy. The Navy quickly set up a blanket of total secrecy and security surrounding the base to keep other groups from finding it and trying to exploit it. With the first mission complete they have a better idea of what to expect down below so the personnel for this mission are more focused and specialized in other areas. In very general terms they believe the facility is used as a very large scale fabrication plant, and was originally created by the TITANs. It appears to be utterly dormant now and there is ample evidence of work being done on the inside that was abruptly stopped and left incomplete.

No living beings have been discovered (alien or human in nature) and they haven't found any signs of previous explorers such as footprints/trash or other debris. For security reasons communications back to the Jovonavich are done through a hard wire that runs through the elevator tether. In cases of extreme emergency there are some neutrino communications devices on the base, but they avoid long distance wireless communication to avoid detection. She forwards a data packet of information to everyone on the crew that contains reams of information about current findings on the base, safety procedures and many warnings of things and places to avoid. Given the large size of the facility (over 10km across) there are large areas still unmapped or explored but extreme caution is advised when moving to unknown areas due to the hazardous and random nature of the base layout.

The information packets contain descriptions of the base exterior, interior, the dome buildings and hallways that connect them, and specifically named landmarks inside of the facility. The inner atmophere is largely composed of hydrogen so exploration will require spacesuits at all times. Their base camp consists of blown up bubble habitats in an "eastern" dome section of the base. Viktor's document includes some additional information concerning psychological stresses that team members will likely be facing and some of the countermeasures (drugs and other things) available to him and the other doctors on staff. Bubbles' packet has a more detailed explanation of the many hazards to be found in the base (high gravity, high interior temperature, electromagnetic interference and concentrations, holes in the habitat that can lead to falls, etc) as he will be expected to navigate these to help the team map them out.

After the speech the CO retires to look out one of the windows on the Jovonavich overlooking where the space elevator will climb. It arrives shortly afterwards (coated in sheets of ice) and slowly docks with the aerostat. The current crew makes space for the other team to disembark from the elevator and head up into the aerostat. They all look very tired, dirty and worn out from their long stint on the base. With the elevator unloaded the new team moves all of their gear on board and straps themselves in to seats along the edge of the elevator. The trip down is a bit harrowing with hurricane force winds buffeting the elevator and occasional lightning strikes. They make it down to the base in one piece though and dock at the man made entrance that the original crew had to open up with explosives.

The first day of the expedition is spent moving all of their gear into "Home Dome" and setting up their new bubble habs. These are all distributed at the edge of "Home Dome" to minimize risk of falls through the floor mesh as the only real dangers of this in this medium sized dome are right in the center. Bubbles and Lafeyette start to discuss plans of attempting to interface with the facility directly by finding some isolated areas in the base, or by creating them with distractions or false warnings. Lafeyette has a lot of interest in TITAN technology and he knows it will be a race between him and the other likely TITAN focused scientists on the mission to see who can fully communicate first. Viktor is tasked with smoozing among the crew to get them to trust him, and to perhaps start to get in the good graces of the other officers. He begins to plan out ways of increasing the mental stresses of the crew by instigating cabin fever or stir crazyness in case they need to cause trouble to get the Jovians to abandon the facility entirely.

Synthmorphs start with a baseline 2G for their high gravity tolerance.


Viktor - Level 3 w/G-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 4/20/10 AF) to get a black market scan for infection, Level 3 w/I-Rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 4/20/10 AF) to get info on Jovian personnel, Level 4 w/@-rep to get High Gravity Adaptation (returns 5/13/10 AF)
Bubbles - Level 2, 3 w/@-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 4/20/10 AF and 4/21/10 AF) to sell stuff, Level 4 w/@-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 5/13/10 AF) to score a Gravy blueprint
Lafeyette - Level 4 w/C-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 5/13/10 AF)
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Log #20 - Mission II - Chapter 1 - March 11th, 2014
04/15/10 AF

The team boards onto a ship and arrives on 04/16/10 AF at the aerostat in Jupiter atmosphere (named the Jovonavich). Lafeyette's false transfer documents from the random high up committee works easily and there are no questions when they dock. Rasputin's rank is Captain and John is a Tech. Sergeant.

The guys meet with a private who brings them to their quarters first, a small bunk bedded room, and then on to meet the officers. At the officer's lounge they recognize one of the Lieutenants they investigated, Vegard, who is sitting at a table talking to a civilian. Viktor quickly approaches him, slaps him on the back, and plants a subliminal suggestion in his mind.

Subliminal = It's me Romanov, we haven't seen each other in 3 years when I drank you under the table, good times!

The subliminal message went over well (amazing success) with Vegard and he accepts having met Romanov years ago. He introduces them around to several other high level officers, including the lead scientist, a high level bureaucrat, some other scientists, and the command officer of the mission; and then they go on their way. Laf uses some spare time and hacks the research computers, but only finds some scrubbed data. Everyone goes to sleep and they get up the next day.

04/17/10 AF

The team presents at morning muster with the rest of the military and the commander officer, Jo, begins to give a detailed speech concerning the real mission.

Synthmorphs start with a baseline 2G for their high gravity tolerance.


Viktor - Level 3 w/G-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 4/20/10 AF) to get a black market scan for infection, Level 3 w/I-Rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 4/20/10 AF) to get info on Jovian personnel, Level 4 w/@-rep to get High Gravity Adaptation (returns 5/13/10 AF)
Bubbles - Level 2, 3 w/@-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 4/20/10 AF and 4/21/10 AF) to sell stuff, Level 4 w/@-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 5/13/10 AF) to score a Gravy blueprint
Lafeyette - Level 4 w/C-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 5/13/10 AF)
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Log #19 - Mission II - Chapter 1 - March 4th, 2014
04/13/10 AF

Bubbles asks around a bit and is able to nab a second-hand bouncer morph that has a strange weakness (Zero-G Nausea) that makes it less desirable for it's normal uses, but perfectly fine for this mission. His cover story is going to be military drone operator (of Lafeyette). Lafeyette will be a sensor suite drone and a sample taking mechanism for dangerous situations. Viktor will be a psychoanalyst specializing in high tension military deployments.

Viktor calls in a favor (@-rep) to score High Gravity Adapation implant for himself (24 hours + 40% extra time = 33.6 hours for the favor, and then 12 hours surgery/recovery time). He gets stuck in a healing vat for a while.

Lafeyette does some online research and finds a really juicy Jovian recruitment portal used by less technically savvy members of their HR departments. Determines that the source site is encrypted, and decides to start sniffing for Admin level users, and finds one logging in from offsite. He hacks into there directly, and amazingly went in at Hidden status (amazing rolls). Programmed a Backdoor to give him direct access to the recruitment portal at will as an Administrator. Plans to take any IDs they get (fake or real) and insert them directly into the database using the admin account later. (1:15 passes for this)

Lafeyette uses a c-rep favor, with 60% extra time taken, 38.4 hours to look for a single Fake ID.
Success was so good it only took 24 hours
Lafeyette uses a g-rep favor, with 60% extra time taken, 38.4 hours to look for a single Fake ID
Success was so good it only took 21.6 hours

Fake ID for Bubbles = John Goodall
Before the war he was a safari leader in the congo
Fake ID for Viktor = Rasputin Romanov
St. Petersburg trained psychoanalyst

Items to leave behind:
Bubbles: Nanobandage, Fabber

Lafeyette does some research to determine what to put into the fake backgrounds for Viktor and Bubbles.
Bubbles = hostile research protector operator guy
Viktor = military attache psychoanalyst who specializes in helping groups survive in high stress environments and not kill each other
Laf's naiveté leads him to think that using Fruedian psychology and sexual deviancy to help a unit bond better is a good thing to put into Viktor's background.

Lafeyette drops the IDs into the Jovian database.

Bubbles spends a favor (G-rep rank 4), and after 36 hours and is able to score a Blueprint for the Gravy drug (albeit DRM ridden).

Viktor discusses with Lafeyette that he is going to need some sort of background or angle to go at a member of the military to jedi mind trick them into thinking that they know each other. Lafeyette does some research into both of the Lieutenants on the mission as possible targets for Viktor to push suggestions on.

Lafeyette in his downtime wants to work on a blueprint for a new strain of Petals to allow people to network together mentally and enter a euphoric state. In the backend of the Petal he wants to have the Petal do brainscans on all involved and download the contents to a shadow database.
(33.6 days in the background base Task time)
(Success = 16.8 days)

04/15/10 AF (max of 5 days left until the Jovian team leaves)


Viktor - Level 3 w/G-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 4/20/10 AF) to get a black market scan for infection, Level 3 w/I-Rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 4/20/10 AF) to get info on Jovian personnel, Level 4 w/@-rep to get High Gravity Adaptation (returns 5/13/10 AF)
Bubbles - Level 2, 3 w/@-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 4/20/10 AF and 4/21/10 AF) to sell stuff, Level 4 w/@-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 5/13/10 AF) to score a Gravy blueprint
Lafeyette - Level 4 w/C-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 5/13/10 AF)


Viktor - High Gravity Adaptation implant
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Log #18 - Mission II - Chapter 1 - Feb 26th, 2014
04/13/10 AF

The team leaves their meeting with Harold and start to toss ideas back and forth about how to best infiltrate the aerostat station. Harold informed them they have about 7 days (at the most) before the next group of Jovians is sent down to the hidden site so they need to move quickly whatever they decide to do. Some ideas included finding an "in" with someone in the Jovian military to avoid scans, Viktor posing as a military psychotherapist, Lafeyette serving as a mobile repair drone that would be remote controlled by another party member, and even Bubbles acting as a unique vanity pet for one of the team (to avoid having to resleeve).

Lafeyette runs some online research to look into possible covers he could use for his morph while working with a highly militarized Jovian operation. Some ideas he discovered: mobile repair bot/drone, military sensor drone/suite, mobile laboratory device for taking samples or exploring dangerous areas, defense drone.

Viktor calls in a favor with his Firewall contacts to attempt to get a list of names of the next shift changeover for the Jovians, and the timeline for their arrival on the aerostat. He gets lucky and finds that they've already gotten there a few days ago, and gets a rather detailed list of the higher ranking military involved and many of the civilian personnel. The group looks to be about 60 individuals, with at least 35 of them being rank and file military grunts. The other half are a split between higher ranked military officers and scientists/engineers.

A plan starts to form in everyones mind but they all are starting to think that they will be forced to resleeve Bubbles into something more humanoid. They want freedom of movement for everyone involved while infiltrated as Bubbles is not very stealthy, and any sort of cover story they could pull off with him would leave him naked and without any of his gear. Bubbles starts to shop around to see what body he can lease for the mission.


Viktor - Level 3 w/G-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 4/20/10 AF) to get a black market scan for infection, Level 3 w/I-Rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 4/20/10 AF) to get info on Jovian personnel
Bubbles - Level 2, 3 w/@-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 4/20/10 AF and 4/21/10 AF) to sell stuff
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Log #17 - Mission II - Prologue - Jan 14th, 2014
Harold apologizes that he doesn't have much information for the group to go on, but he is able to give them the location and details on the floating aerostat station that is being used as a staging point by the Jovians. So if the team had to they could directly infiltrate the station and sneak aboard along with the crew. Harold advises them to try and get at least one of the group in with the Jovian crew however as it would make moving around on the hidden station a lot easier. Viktor would be the only one with any sort of viable cover story in his current morph, but Lafeyette or Bubbles could rent other morphs if they wanted to as well.

Lafeyette begins by researching everything he can about security measures in place for Jovian military installations. He determines that the military for secretive missions will often ignore identity scans for members of the crew as long as they have served previously underneath some of the commanding officers. All civilians are subject to scans as is all of the equipment they bring on board. These scans involve looking at your ego ID, a personal scan of your morph looking for illegal contraband, and x-ray scans of all cargo looking for the same.
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Log #16 - Mission I - Epilogue - Dec 3rd, 2013
04/06/10 AF

The team retreats back to Bai'ells ship. Remy sends a quick message Patrona explaining that they ran into the White Khanhs, and left it up to her to get back to him.
Team opts to fly back to TAU (which takes a week), but makes a layover quick to Casa Arturo on the way to return the Kesyrah to the rental agency (who are relieved to get their ship back, and reward the group with the security deposit).

04/13/10 AF

They meet with Professor Ming.
Ming immediately asks that they all submit to exsurgent screening, but Viktor uses Subliminal to avoid the scan (successfully). After this Ming spends a decent amount of time grilling them on the details of their mission, and then ships them off to segregated labs for testing for exsurgent infection (minus Viktor). Everyone checks out fine. Ming says he will contact them when he has any followup information to give them from studying the stacks they brought in, and the results of a cleanup crew sent out to the Flower.

With some downtime Bubbles gets help from Remy to find buyers for some of the equipment they scavenged from the ship. He is able to offload a rifle, all of the utilitools and the rocket packs.
Remy meets briefly with Patrona and gives her a glossed overview of their experiences on the ship. He can't identify any of the pictures of people she shows him, and after she presses him for more detailed information he is able to negotiate his way out of it without her detecting his subtle lies.

Five days later Ming contacts the group with some new information. They were able to safely examine the cortical stacks given to them and determined that Tara Yu's was not among them. Unfortunately the gang stole her morph, removed her stack and spaced it, and then used an Ego Bridge to transfer her consciousness to another body and torture it to death. This evidence was enough to get her backup immediately reinstated however so he is grateful for that.
The hardware recovered from the ship were the remains of a satellite that came from near Earth orbit. It has fragments of military code on it that they believe are pieces of Myrmidon, but much further study will be required to fully recover anything from the damaged data.
The Flower was infiltrated by an erasure squad and was determined to be too dangerous for any physical salvage. The team recovered security footage, some data stores and other miscellaneous information before destroying the ship entirely.

Mission completed the team books a summary meeting with their proxy, Harold, to see what their next assignment will be. Remy uses this as an opportunity to break it to the group that he's decided to leave to return to Venusian politics. He decided that the hands on work required of Firewall sentinels was just too much for him, but he had a recommendation for a some additional help that he left with Harold.
Harold is impressed with their success in their first official mission, but says there will not be any chance for down time as a new time sensitive task has come up. Details are sparse he says, but it seems that an alien facility has been discovered by the Jovian government floating inside of Jupiter atmosphere (hidden from anything but very close up view). Spies with the Jovians revealed that a relief squad of a mixture between military personnel, scientists, and technicians are being sent to the aerostat balloon that acts as a staging point to this facility in the next few days. It's imperative that the team infiltrate this group through whatever means necessary and get themselves in to that facility to try and determine who created it (TITANs, the Factors, other aliens?).
Harold isn't sending the team in empty handed though as he requested transfer from the erasure section for an infiltration expert they'd all worked with previously, Fade. However he regretfully informs the group that Bai'ell is ill suited for this mission and has been transferred to other duties within Firewall for the time being. A recommendation from Remy though gives them another computer expert that they can utilize on this mission, and Harold introduces them to Lafeyette.

Mission Resolution:
Kesyrah returned +5 @-rep to all
Talked Tara Yu, didn't reveal to much information +1 @-rep to all
Myrmidon pieces recovered 1 rez point, +2 i-rep to all
Participation 1 rez point for all
1 rez point - Viktor, for motivational goal by resisting the brain scan
1 rez point - Remy, for sticking to his guns for being Zero-G nauseated
1 rez point - Bubbles, for the gratuitous violence of burning people to death to harvest cortical stacks


Viktor - Level 3 w/G-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 4/20/10 AF) to get a black market scan for infection
Bubbles - Level 2, 3 w/@-rep on 4/13/10 AF (returns 4/20/10 AF and 4/21/10 AF) to sell stuff
Remy - Level 4 w/G-rep on 04/05/10 AF (returns 5/05/10 AF)


1x Automatic Rifle - Moderate
3x Utilitool - Low
2x Rocket Pack - Low

4x Plasma Gun - High
1x Rocket Pack
2x Liquid Thermite
4x Scrapper's Gel - from Remy's level 3 @-rep favor (bought)
1847 credits (from Kesyrah security deposit) - Split between party
625 credits for low items - split between Remy/Bubbles
500 credits for moderate item - split between Remy/Bubbles
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Log #15 - Mission I - Chapter 2 - Oct 22nd, 2013
04/06/10 AF

Bubbles and Viktor approach the airlock door into the Machine Shop and try to manually bypass the airlock. Bubbles can't figure it out even with Bai'ell and his muse helping, so instead they opt to use the looted thermite to burn a tunnel through the hull in the airlock passage before Operations. The thermite completely melts away the hardened armor of the hull leaving a much easier to cut through layer of material, but they run out of shots on their looted plasma guns and have only gotten about half way through it. Not wanting to shoot the hull with bullets Bubbles is reduced to digging slowly through it using his digging claws.

Unfortunately this takes too long and Viktor senses egos approaching as they must have gotten impatient. Viktor and Bubbles take up defensive positions in the airlock door alcove and prepare for battle. A single exsurgent humanoid leads a group of 5 other more normal looking morphs in an attempt to ambush the duo.


Shots are quickly traded back and forth leaving Bubbles rather sorely wounded, and the exsurgent on the ground unconscious. A thrown grenade from Bubbles softens them up even more and repeated fire from the sentinels cuts down more of the gang members (including Dexter Vo who they recognize), and after that it is a rather one sided fight as they cannot pierce Viktor's armor very easily.

Bubbles resumes digging through the hull while Viktor checks what their opponents were carrying (Rocket Pack, 2x Plasma Gun, Liquid Thermite). Also Viktor takes time to harvest the cortical stack from a still living Dexter Vo (who dies from blood loss). Afterwards he realizes the rest of the gang is still alive so he quietly dispatches them. He goes to the Machine Shop afterwards and decontaminates himself as much as he can in a sink.

Bubbles finishes piercing the rest of the way through the hull, and they both kick off and float towards the ship that Bai'ell had moved in closer.


Viktor - Level 3 w/G-rep on 04/05/10 AF (returns 04/12/10)
Bubbles - Level 3 w/@-rep on 04/05/10 AF (returns 04/12/10)
Remy - Level 4 w/G-rep on 04/05/10 AF (returns 05/05/10), Level 3 w/@-rep on 04/06/10 AF (returns 04/13/10)


2x Liquid Thermite
4x Plasma Gun
1x Automatic Rifle
3x Utilitool
3x Rocket Pack
Cortical Stack - Dexter Vo's
4x Scrapper's Gel - from Remy's level 3 @-rep favor (bought)
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Log #14 - Mission I - Chapter 2 - Oct 15th, 2013
04/06/10 AF

Bubbles and Viktor stand in the hallway arguing about what to do. Viktor thinks they should explore the "scary" room (operations) some more, but Bubbles is really nervous about going in there without burning or blowing up everything inside there. With a bit of common sense Remy points out to Bubbles that they could fiddle with the Life Support area to pump extra O2 into operations, then light it on fire.

The pair head back towards Life Support, running into the drugged gang member still laying in the utility bay (about 20 minutes have passed since his dose of Flight). Bubbles takes a few minutes to drop off the satellite parts in the stealth ship. Remy is still going to be sick for another ~6.5 hours.

Bai'ell bypasses the ship's firewall, and is able to attain Hidden Status by how well he avoided the monitor of the system. The group opts to lock the door and pump out all of the O2 first, then they can burn it afterwards. On the way to secure the door Viktor ties up the drugged ganger with some grip tape. Viktor tries to scrounge up some cover outside of the door, but fails. A few minutes after Bai'ell pumps all the atmosphere out of ops Viktor senses several egos approaching his position. He signals Bubbles who uses some fancy footwork to rush through the microgravity to get to Viktor's position and help defend it.


A striking asian female Ghost morph leads a pair of the exsurgent humanoids on assaulting the door. The exsurgents are wielding plasma weapons and the Ghost has an assault rifle, but a very well timed grenade throw from Bubbles wounds a pair of them terribly. Viktor and Bubbles make short work of the three of them after this. Bubbles loots the bodies, and Viktor tries to ascertain if the Ghost (which the team identifies as Tara Yu's morph) morph had its cortical stack harvested recently, but he can't find anything to say for sure. Unsure what to do and not wanting to risk a possible exsurgent infection they decide to toss all three of the unconscious bodies into operations and burn them all.

The group waits a solid 30 minutes on the bodies to burn, and then they have Bai'ell vent the room one more time to extinguish the fire before restoring normal atmosphere. Entering the room again and exploring the burnt carnage they can only find a single cortical stack to retrieve from the Ghost morph. The monstrous humanoids and the huge pile of flesh had to discernable cortical stack that they could find.

The duo decide to head back to the ship now as they think between the harvested stack and the satellite parts they have accomplished their mission. Unfortunately as they approach the machine shop Viktor's senses detect at least 5 egos inside spread out in a fan from the door. He waits a little bit to see if they move but they all seem to be waiting patiently. The two of them find themselves trapped as after examining exterior pictures of the ship Bai'ell says that there are no airlocks available to get outside accessable to them without having to go through the people in the shop.


Viktor - Level 3 w/G-rep on 04/05/10 AF (returns 04/12/10)
Bubbles - Level 3 w/@-rep on 04/05/10 AF (returns 04/12/10)
Remy - Level 4 w/G-rep on 04/05/10 AF (returns 05/05/10), Level 3 w/@-rep on 04/06/10 AF (returns 04/13/10)


2x Liquid Thermite
2x Plasma Gun
1x Automatic Rifle
3x Utilitool
2x Rocket Pack
4x Scrapper's Gel - from Remy's level 3 @-rep favor (bought)
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Log #13 - Mission I - Chapter 2 - Sept 17th, 2013
04/05/10 AF - 04/06/10 AF

The team thinks up a few last minute preparations before disembarking for Casa Arturo and then on to the gang ship.
  • Remy tries to track down some disassembly equipment to bring with in case they need to cut into any external doors, but after a day spent he fails to find anyone on the corporate grapevine at such short notice.
  • Bubbles however is able to find a grimy anarchist mechanic who will part with some extra scrapper's gel they can bring along which Remy exchanges a favor for.

With all their prep complete they set out for the Flower.
  • A short distance from the ship, out of normal viewing and sensor range, they discover a smaller shuttle anchored to an ice asteroid. Normally it would be hard to see but they got lucky that the trajectory of the Flower hadn't changed much and their heading took them immediately past it.
  • Bubbles and Viktor suit up to evac over to the shuttle. One of the side doors has been removed completely with a cutting torch so they can easily slip inside. The innards have been ransacked and equipment floats around everywhere.
  • In the cockpit the remains of a Flexbot have been riddled with bullet holes and the cortical stack is missing. A cursory look over some of the materials inside make it pretty obvious this was the shuttle that Yu rented.
  • Documents and other identification attached to the interior of the ship indicates it was rented from Casa Arturo. The ship seems pretty valuable (and the party considers trying to sell it) but they decide to return it later instead to avoid any risk of the autonomist friendly Arturo people finding out and negging their rep at all.
  • Bai'ell says it would be pretty simple to fly this ship in close and dock with the Flower given its stealthy paint job and profile. Everyone agrees so they help him weld some replacement sheet metal to the doorway to allow it to pressurize again and they fly it in close to the Flower.

The stealth shuttle docks without raising any alarm.
  • The external airlock door isn't unlocked but Bai'ell is able to hack into it and open it with user level access. He doesn't bother wasting time erasing the entrance logs as the team has agreed that they are going to try and bluff their way in as a group hired by Dexter Vo to interrogate any prisoners present.
  • Remy has to do a bit of fancy maneuvering to get on to the ship since he doesn't have a vac suit, but he is able to get on board. He sets up a micro bug in the entry airlock to monitor for any intruders, and instructs his muse to scan through the ship walls when able using a terahertz scanner for any movement.
  • The next room looks to be a small utility area with one humanoid figure working at a bench. The group forgoes bypassing the airlock cycle and lets it open normally which will surely alert the person in the next room.

An Asian man in dirty overalls is leaning against a bench wiping his greasy hands on a rag as they enter the utility room
  • Remy immediately starts badgering the man talking about interrogations, take us to the cortical stacks, and name dropping Dexter Vo several times. The man seems to either be slow witted or under the effects of drugs as he doesn't immediately respond to the rapid fire questions.
  • Remy gets close enough to the man to scratch him slightly and inject some Flight into his body. He must have a very low tolerance for mind altering substances though as he immediately breaks down into a cold sweat and starts to mutter something about taking them all to the machine shop.
  • All this activity must have gone to Remy's stomach however as his body tries to acclimate to the low gravity and fails. He starts to vomit uncontrollably and has to be dragged back to the shuttle to sleep it off. Viktor and Bubbles are forced to explore on their own with Remy only in contact periodically through wireless.

Viktor and Bubbles choose to move to the machine shop since that is all the gangster was talking about.
  • Lots of heavy equipment is scattered about this room, but nothing obviously jumps out at them such as a loose cortical stack laying around.
  • Viktor scrounges a bit and turns up some burnt fuselage from what looks to be a military satellite. He can't make much sense of it though and lets Bubbles try to examine it instead.
  • Bubbles fumbles about for a little bit and must have touched a short in the electronics as it scrambles his AR optics with a bunch of static for several minutes. After the static clears he asks his muse to examine the pieces, but he comes up empty as well.
  • Remy dryly comments over the wireless that the Myrmidon software was supposed to be military created, so they should grab anything military related that they find on the ship. Bubbles ties a rope to the pieces and floats them along behind him in the microgravity.

The duo move on towards the ops center on the far end of the ship.
  • Bubbles takes one step into the room in front of Viktor, looks around briefly, then briskly turns on his heel and marches right back out of it with a firm "NOPE".
  • Inside covering all of the various control panels and available seating is a pulsing and undulating mass of quivering pink flesh. A human face sticks up from a mound near the center of the mass surrounded by 6 or 7 toothy maws that look like distended mouths. They seem to be crooning some sort of lullaby but it isn't totally clear.
  • One of the humanoids similar to what they saw in the assault video on Bey's habitat appears to be copulating with an orifice on the mass of flesh. It seems to be too preoccupied to notice anyone coming in to the room.
  • Viktor closes the door and follows Bubbles away from the room.
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Log #12 - Mission I - Chapter 1 - July 30th, 2013
04/05/10 AF

Mason Wang agrees to meet with the team at a coffee shop on Locus.
  • Remy left a message on one of Mason's social circles to set up the meeting which he responded quickly to, but he wouldn't agree to a private meeting place.
  • Viktor quickly changes his mind when he shakes his hand at the meeting place with a bit of subliminal forcefulness. They all retreat back to the ship to talk in private.
  • Mason says the main reason he was contracted was to create a sort of "helper" robot to follow along with a human operator on a stealthy mission. The AI controlling the robot itself was rather basic, but it carried a ghostrider module that contained a smarter AI that would be adept at studying software and hardware for Exsurgent infections and attempt to quarantine itself if exposed.
  • Viktor quietly scans Mason's surface thoughts and he keeps thinking of the White Khanhs and once or twice about Myrmidon. He notifies Remy of this privately and Remy eventually confronts Mason that he is hiding something from the group while strategically using Bubbles as a bit of intimidating muscle.
  • Mason spills the rest of the details he has about Tara's plan. Apparently she was going to infiltrate the White Khanhs' ship as she believed the hardware containing Myrmidon was hidden there somewhere. She commissioned the robot and custom AI to act as a buffer between her and the Myrmidon to avoid exposure to any possible Exsurgent viruses. Other than that he doesn't know anything else about her plans, and the last time he heard from her was on Casa Arturo.
  • Remy tells him to send a message if he can think of any other information, and sends him off.

A meeting is next set up to talk to Antoin Saul, which leads to some other leads the team investigates.
  • Antoin seems to be a busy person so he is only able to meet briefly in a simulspace. He doesn't have much to say about Tara, but says that the last time he spoke to her she was asking about hacker references and he sent her to speak with Morteza Bey. He says he can send Morteza a message to speak to them if they wanted which the group agrees to. He mentions that Bey is having a lot of trouble recently since the attack on his hab since his morph was singled out for some pretty gruesome mutilation and his stack was harvested.
  • Bey seems highly paranoid after the attack on his habitat and will only meet in a secured simulspace hosted right out of the Greenhouse. The team reluctantly agrees to this.
  • Before the meeting Bubbles asks around with some autonomist friends to see if he can track down any security footage of the attack on Xiu's Greenhouse. He gets into contact with the local defense outfit and they give him access to the security feeds. They show 3 dirty humanoid individuals (unidentified) and 2 monstrously deformed creatures attacking the habitat.
  • Victor asks some underground contacts if anyone recognizes pictures of people from the attack as being members of the White Khanhs. He quickly determines that yes they are members of the gang, but their appearance and demeanor has changed greatly in the past few months from what people remember. They seem to be a lot more dirty and poorly dressed than before.

The team speaks to Morteza Bey.
  • Bey is very forthcoming with his involvement in Tara Yu's work. He was brought on as infosec support for her covert mission to boarding the Song Cai Flower ship. The plan was for him to send a beta fork of himself housed in a synthmorph that would wait aboard a shuttle that Tara had rented. He would coordinate infosec strategy from there, and maneuver the ship as necessary to escape.
  • He is not sure how well the mission fared and guesses that the White Khanhs must have at least found the shuttle since they knew enough to seek him out on his home habitat and steal the stack from his morph. Since he was restored from a backup that is a bit older he is fuzzy on the details in the final days before the mission.
  • He can offer the team a pair of video recordings that he forwarded back to the habitat from the shuttle though. The first one shows a dirty man eating noodles in what looks to be the kitchen area of a freighter ship. The video pans out after a bit and finishes with a positive identification of the face as being Dexter Vo (suspected leader of the Khanhs).
  • The next video tracks along with Tara Yu and her robot (Achilles) as they sneak into a utility area. They had just closed a door behind them and then were forced to hide up against a wall using chameleon suits as a gang member wandered into the room. He seemed to sniff their air for a bit but left not too soon after.

They start to finalize their plans to approach the gang ship, but get an unexpected call out of the blue.
  • Bai'ell does some background checking on Casa Arturo and guesses that Tara probably staged her operation off this habitat given the reasonably short distance it was from the last location of the Flower (provided by Bey). He thinks she may have rented the shuttle here but can't find any records on it until they get there.
  • As everyone starts to pack up to fly to Arturo they all receive identical pings to one of their social networks with a message from someone named Vasquez. It seems like a generic form letter that they start to discard, but the word Myrmidon randomly thrown in to the text catches their eye. Grudgingly they respond back to Vasquez and agree to meet and exchange information.
  • Remy arranges a simulspace with Nimbus, and Vasquez agrees as she can't fly out to them quickly enough (being on Extropia currently). She apologizes for being so forward with her message but is urgently looking for anything concerning the White Khanhs and tagged several of their recent searches into the gang as suspicious. She works for an AI out of Extropia and was on a mission in the Mars area with a small team of people trying to collect some goods that the Khanhs did not deliver. A brief and violent struggle ensued with ended with 3 of her team being kidnapped and the Khanhs all either escaped or killed. She has been looking for any signs of them since then and would gladly assist in any way she can. She gives them the names Dexter Vo and Sammy Li as definite members of the gang, but most everything else she knows is just confirmation for information they already have.
  • As a measure of good faith the team explains that they were hired to track down the Khanhs after several programmers in the local area have been attacked by them. They are specifically trying to retrieve the cortical stack of Morteza Bey, but if they run into any signs of her team members they will quickly communicate this back to her. They also reveal that the gang now houses at least 2 exhumans and that there may possibly be more of them.
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Log #11 - Mission I - Chapter 1 - July 9th, 2013
03/05/10 - 04/05/10 AF

The team hustles back to meet with Harold for their first assignment.
  • Before heading back Remy Baudouin asks around on the @-list and is able to find a sympathetic doctor to inject some nanophages into his morph. Viktor Ivanov speaks to an autonomist courier service back on Fresh Kills and has them send a care package, and check up on, his friends back there.
  • Harold approves of their choice of recruitment in Bai'ell as he doesn't see anything amiss in his credentials.
  • Next, Harold quickly gave them the details of their next assignment. A colleague of his in Firewall, Professor Ming, has a missing employee he's concerned about. Ming works at TAU for his public facing persona, but for Firewall he operates as a proxy similar to Harold. One of his protégés named Tara Yu is a crow within Firewall and has been missing for over a month. She was investigating a piece of military technology that housed an AI named Myrmidon and was last seen around the Locus station habitat.
  • Harold sends them on their way and says they should report directly to Ming but if they have any other questions or favors to ask they can contact him if needed.

The group heads over to Titan Autonomous University (TAU) to have a face to face meeting with Professor Ming.
  • Ming explains that he assigned Tara to search for the Myrmidon hardware as an object of possible history on the TITANs. He warns them that it is possible the AI contained within the computer parts, or the parts themselves, may have been infected with the Exsurgent virus and that they need to be sure to protect themselves adequately.
  • Ming does not know any of the people Tara was working with, and her residence on Titan has not been occupied in a while since she has been on assignment. He investigated her backup insurance and found that she opted for a 6-month waiting clause that requires her to be missing for 6-months before her backup can be instantiated. If proof of her death or a damaged cortical stack could be recovered the insurance company will being her backup out of storage however.
  • He says that their ultimate goals are to locate Tara Yu if alive and assist her as required in the rest of the mission to discover Myrmidon. Otherwise if she is dead try to recover her cortical stack and complete the rest of her remaining work as they are able.

Next the team starts to investigate Tara Yu's activities on Titan.
  • Viktor and Bai'ell do some research and discover a couple of people that Yu was in contact with recently: Mason Wang and Morteza Bey. Additionally they find out that she sent a few forks to Vishnukam station in Earth orbit to interview some people there, and as Ming said she egocast to Locus over a month ago.
  • Viktor calls in some favors to find out what he can about Mason. He's a anarchist hacker who has his own private hab a few days from Locus. He did graduate work at TAU and was briefly a student of both Ming and Yu. He's a member of Blue Pod--a Locus-based group interested in art and AI/AGI research. He disappeared for about a month when he sequestered himself on his private hab right about the time that Yu disappeared, but the reason he gave for it seemed rather thin and Viktor suspects the timing was no coincidence.
  • Bai'ell is tasked to investigate Morteza. He's another hacker who lives on an anarchist hydroponics hab near Locus. The hab was recently assaulted by a small group of assailants who slaughtered most of the inhabitants apparently as some sort of warning. Digging into some of his private information showed that he was recently involved romantically with Antoin Saul, a resident of Locus who is a Variegationist (group of reclaimers who study TITAN relics hoping to learn defenses against their remaining tech still active on Earth).
  • Remy sets up a few conference calls with officials out on Vishnukam. He finds that Tara was very interested in a local crime outfit called the White Khanhs there. They give some basic details on the gang, and that they had recently gone more violent/cultish and then basically dropped off the map. They couldn't give Tara any clues as to their current whereabouts.

Having exhausted most avenues of information gathering the team heads off to Locus, which takes about a month.
  • Before leaving Remy does visit a backup center to get updated.
  • Remy uses some of his underworld contacts to try and dig up any secrets about the White Khanhs. He gets lucky and discovers that they're all holed up on a ship named the Song Cai Flower. It's a pretty typical freighter ship that has a rotating toroid ring on it for habitation.
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Log #11 - Mission I (prelude) June 20th, 2013
03/05/10 AF

The team finishes their sit down meeting with Harold.
  • He explains that Fade was reassigned to a "clean-up" crew as his methods seemed to mesh more with that environment. He expects the rest of them to mix subterfuge with brute-force tactics when applicable.
  • Then he goes over some of the deficiencies the group has that could be improved upon. They had several issues during the mission where having a more competent computer hacker would have helped, and just having any sort of a mechanically inclined person to bypass security measures or even to repair things would be helpful. Harold himself could ask some of his Firewall contacts if they knew of anyone worth recruiting for this position, but he says that he has had trouble in the past finding anyone decent at cracking. He thinks the team might be able to try their own hand at finding someone, but that they only have 7 or 8 hours before he has to send them off on their first mission.

The group scrambles to find suitable candidates for a fourth team member.
  • Viktor Ivanov has some pull on the "The Eye" social network, so he sets out making some inquiries. He finds 3 worthy candidates local to Titan as they don't have time to search out further than that: A gear head engineer/technician, a smuggler of goods & people that is an expert of avoiding the Jovian Republic, and an eccentric doctor who specializes in morphs of all kinds. Each of them sound like the offer different skills to bring to the table, but they all have some aptitude in breaking into computers.
  • Remy Baudouin and Bubbles make contact with the smuggler and agree to meet him inside of a neutral 3rd party simulspace. His name is Bai'ell and he gives them a rundown of his various exploits as a smuggler for several years now in the area around Jupiter. He owns and maintains his own ship, is an expert pilot & navigator, and is good at bypassing security systems remotely or in person to allow his illicit activities to continue. He's been put in jail several times before but has never betrayed Firewall or the people he's helped.
  • Next the pair schedules a meeting with the doctor using the same simulspace provider. His name is Zaleer and even in the simulated environment he appears to be very strange. His morph is highly modified to appear as a brain inside of a floating jar with mechanical eyes on the front of it and a bed of flexible tentacles at the bottom. He dismisses their concerns that he couldn't operate on a computer much less do field work on an injured person by showing them the array of cyber enhancements that he can modularly attach to himself at a whim. Extra arms, legs and many other gadgets are at his disposal.
  • The pair discuss briefly after their meetings which candidate to go with and they decide to not even bother calling up the engineer. Remy seems intrigued by the doctor but Bubbles is firm in his dislike of him and points out that having a ship would be much more useful in the long run. They bring this information to Viktor Ivanov and he agrees that Bai'ell would be the more wise choice.
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Log #10 - Prologue (finale!)
June 4th, 2013

The aftermath of the battle has left the apartment in shambles.
  • Viktor Ivanov finishes his grisly task of harvesting the cortical stack from the remains of Fulton. He immediately uploads a copy of the ego using the emergency farcaster they were given, and the device burns itself out afterwards.
  • Bubbles investigates the robot toy that Fulton took with him to the doorway. Lightly shaking it causes an audio recording that Fulton left behind to start playing. He briefly taunts them even after their success in killing him, and mentions that he may have alerted some of his friends outside of the fort. Disassembling the toy reveals a small radio transmitter inside that indicates it has recently sent a message to a nearby neutrino tower, so the message could have been bounced to virtually anywhere outside of the fort by now.
  • Glancing at his watch and realizing how close it is to the top of the hour Remy Baudouin grabs the small body and drags it out to their car waiting by the curb. He motions for everyone to follow him as they don't have much time.

Using the car they travel quickly towards the gate leading outside to freedom.
  • Fade rolls his eyes at the efforts the rest of the team is putting forth. He reluctantly followed them to the car, but gets impatient after too long and starts to maneuver his sniper rifle around in the back seat. He finally announces to everyone, "Pardon the mess", before pulling the trigger and ending his life. Everyone else grits their teeth as they want to try and rescue their bodies still from the simulation.
  • Between Fade committing suicide, driving, and trying to navigate a fast route back to the gate while avoiding janitor drones Remy Baudouin finds himself overwhelmed as he takes a wrong turn into a dead end alley. Unable to stop in time he smashes the car into a corner behind some road barriers and the engine stalls out. He can't get it started again.

Several janitor synths follow the team into the alley and prevent them from escaping.
  • Viktor Ivanov lazily starts shooting and taking out a few of the drones from inside of the car.
  • Bubbles tries to toss a grenade at their opponents, but his throw is way off the mark and simply scorches the side of a building. Getting out of the car earns him a few more bullet wounds so he retreats back inside.
  • Remy Baudouin makes the mistake of getting out of the car to get a better shot and ends up passing out from the pain of a burn from a laser shot.
  • Viktor Ivanov and Bubbles finish off the rest of the janitors and then they pull Remy Baudouin back into the car. Viktor grabs the slightly stained toolkit that Fade lifted earlier and is able to get the car running again. They take off towards the gate with Viktor driving.

The land beyond the gate is scorched and full of strange footprints.
  • Viktor Ivanov edges the car slowly forward out of the gate and on to the dirt road leading away from the fort. Once the car is completely clear of the gate and beginning to drive around the crater that used to be a downed helicopter everyone can hear a loud metallic screeching noise coming from above and behind them.
  • A huge multi-limbed synth that is over twice as tall as a man jumps down to the ground with so much force that it causes everyone's teeth to rattle. Every arm is bristling with weapons as it starts to plod towards the car.
  • Viktor Ivanov floors it and starts to race away from the gate. He makes a few shots out the window but is having trouble driving and shooting at the same time.
  • Remy Baudouin is able to connect with a few shots from his shredder with an enormous amount of concentration and hit the war machine in the ankle which slows it down. Eventually the pain from his wounds is too great and he slumps into the backseat exhausted.
  • Bubbles masks their escape using another smoke grenade to obscure and protect the car for a few moments. He then pulls the last two offensive grenades from his belt and is able to time a perfect throw that hits the warbot directly in the torso. A fragmentation grenade strips off a layer of armor and then his second grenade full of scrappers gel hits and start to burn away the remaining plating.
  • Slowed down and wounded by explosives the war machine is unable to do any more significant damage to the car and the team is able to escape.

They make it back to the space elevator and eventually to their ship which allows them to exit the simulspace.
  • After a brief recuperation period the team is taken to meet with their proxy Harold Dently again.
  • Harold congratulates them on succeeding on their mission and accomplishing basically all of the goals he had set forth. He also emphasizes that they did a good job in not revealing their true employer as Firewall, and says they all worked well together as a team.

Rez point rewards
  • Participation = 1 Rez
  • Achieved Goals = 1 Rez
  • Contributed in a signification way = 1 Rez
  • Good Roleplaying = 1 Rez
  • Humor/Drama/Fun = 1 Rez
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