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Log #17 - Mission II - Prologue - Jan 14th, 2014
Harold apologizes that he doesn't have much information for the group to go on, but he is able to give them the location and details on the floating aerostat station that is being used as a staging point by the Jovians. So if the team had to they could directly infiltrate the station and sneak aboard along with the crew. Harold advises them to try and get at least one of the group in with the Jovian crew however as it would make moving around on the hidden station a lot easier. Viktor would be the only one with any sort of viable cover story in his current morph, but Lafeyette or Bubbles could rent other morphs if they wanted to as well.

Lafeyette begins by researching everything he can about security measures in place for Jovian military installations. He determines that the military for secretive missions will often ignore identity scans for members of the crew as long as they have served previously underneath some of the commanding officers. All civilians are subject to scans as is all of the equipment they bring on board. These scans involve looking at your ego ID, a personal scan of your morph looking for illegal contraband, and x-ray scans of all cargo looking for the same.
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Log #10 - Prologue (finale!)
June 4th, 2013

The aftermath of the battle has left the apartment in shambles.
  • Viktor Ivanov finishes his grisly task of harvesting the cortical stack from the remains of Fulton. He immediately uploads a copy of the ego using the emergency farcaster they were given, and the device burns itself out afterwards.
  • Bubbles investigates the robot toy that Fulton took with him to the doorway. Lightly shaking it causes an audio recording that Fulton left behind to start playing. He briefly taunts them even after their success in killing him, and mentions that he may have alerted some of his friends outside of the fort. Disassembling the toy reveals a small radio transmitter inside that indicates it has recently sent a message to a nearby neutrino tower, so the message could have been bounced to virtually anywhere outside of the fort by now.
  • Glancing at his watch and realizing how close it is to the top of the hour Remy Baudouin grabs the small body and drags it out to their car waiting by the curb. He motions for everyone to follow him as they don't have much time.

Using the car they travel quickly towards the gate leading outside to freedom.
  • Fade rolls his eyes at the efforts the rest of the team is putting forth. He reluctantly followed them to the car, but gets impatient after too long and starts to maneuver his sniper rifle around in the back seat. He finally announces to everyone, "Pardon the mess", before pulling the trigger and ending his life. Everyone else grits their teeth as they want to try and rescue their bodies still from the simulation.
  • Between Fade committing suicide, driving, and trying to navigate a fast route back to the gate while avoiding janitor drones Remy Baudouin finds himself overwhelmed as he takes a wrong turn into a dead end alley. Unable to stop in time he smashes the car into a corner behind some road barriers and the engine stalls out. He can't get it started again.

Several janitor synths follow the team into the alley and prevent them from escaping.
  • Viktor Ivanov lazily starts shooting and taking out a few of the drones from inside of the car.
  • Bubbles tries to toss a grenade at their opponents, but his throw is way off the mark and simply scorches the side of a building. Getting out of the car earns him a few more bullet wounds so he retreats back inside.
  • Remy Baudouin makes the mistake of getting out of the car to get a better shot and ends up passing out from the pain of a burn from a laser shot.
  • Viktor Ivanov and Bubbles finish off the rest of the janitors and then they pull Remy Baudouin back into the car. Viktor grabs the slightly stained toolkit that Fade lifted earlier and is able to get the car running again. They take off towards the gate with Viktor driving.

The land beyond the gate is scorched and full of strange footprints.
  • Viktor Ivanov edges the car slowly forward out of the gate and on to the dirt road leading away from the fort. Once the car is completely clear of the gate and beginning to drive around the crater that used to be a downed helicopter everyone can hear a loud metallic screeching noise coming from above and behind them.
  • A huge multi-limbed synth that is over twice as tall as a man jumps down to the ground with so much force that it causes everyone's teeth to rattle. Every arm is bristling with weapons as it starts to plod towards the car.
  • Viktor Ivanov floors it and starts to race away from the gate. He makes a few shots out the window but is having trouble driving and shooting at the same time.
  • Remy Baudouin is able to connect with a few shots from his shredder with an enormous amount of concentration and hit the war machine in the ankle which slows it down. Eventually the pain from his wounds is too great and he slumps into the backseat exhausted.
  • Bubbles masks their escape using another smoke grenade to obscure and protect the car for a few moments. He then pulls the last two offensive grenades from his belt and is able to time a perfect throw that hits the warbot directly in the torso. A fragmentation grenade strips off a layer of armor and then his second grenade full of scrappers gel hits and start to burn away the remaining plating.
  • Slowed down and wounded by explosives the war machine is unable to do any more significant damage to the car and the team is able to escape.

They make it back to the space elevator and eventually to their ship which allows them to exit the simulspace.
  • After a brief recuperation period the team is taken to meet with their proxy Harold Dently again.
  • Harold congratulates them on succeeding on their mission and accomplishing basically all of the goals he had set forth. He also emphasizes that they did a good job in not revealing their true employer as Firewall, and says they all worked well together as a team.

Rez point rewards
  • Participation = 1 Rez
  • Achieved Goals = 1 Rez
  • Contributed in a signification way = 1 Rez
  • Good Roleplaying = 1 Rez
  • Humor/Drama/Fun = 1 Rez
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Log #9 - Prologue
May 14th, 2013

The car chase ends with them speeding off ahead of the remaining cleaners.
  • Remy Baudouin is able to figure out where they are and map out a roundabout way for them to drive back to Eleanor's apartment. They avoid any more confrontations with janitor drones by just driving around them as they don't want any extra trouble when they approach the building.
  • The building looks the same as it did before and the lack of windows makes it hard to determine if anyone is inside. Viktor Ivanov gets out of the car and tries to focus his mind to sense any sentient beings from within, but something distracts him and he falls to the ground with a splitting headache and a bit of a nosebleed.
  • Remy Baudouin convinces everyone else to hang back while he goes up to the apartment alone and knocks hoping to catch Eleanor alone.

After a brief delay the door to the apartment slides open a tiny crack.
  • Eleanor speaks from behind the doorway demanding to know who the visitor is. Remy Baudouin is able to soothe her suspicions with some fast talking, and eventually is convinced to let him alone inside to discuss some concerns he had about her daughter.
  • Fade and Bubbles used this opportunity to scout the area around the apartment block. Eleanor's place is fortunately on the bottom floor directly on the street, but several other apartments are behind it and above it as the building is a few stories tall. There are no obvious weak points as they walk around and look so they figure they can only get in from the front or by going in through the ceiling of the apartment above it. They opt to sit in the car and wait instead.
  • Remy Baudouin starts broadcasting a feed of what he sees and hears from the interior directly to Viktor Ivanov (to keep Fade/Bubbles from jumping the gun). Inside he sees a small child that looks exactly like the corpse they came across earlier sitting on the couch coloring. He catches a glimpse of the girl reaching between the cushions for something, but she doesn't pull anything out. He is able to convince Eleanor to have a discussion in the other room after he submits to giving up his sidearm.
  • Sequestered in a bedroom Remy Baudouin turns on a white noise generator to stop any eavesdropping and

Eleanor listens skeptically as Remy Baudouin starts to spin his story.
  • Sequestered in the bedroom Remy Baudouin turns on a white noise generator to stop any eavesdropping and starts to slowly explain the truth about Hope to Eleanor. First he shows her a picture of the book they found in the lab (but forgot to bring with!) and she doesn't declare it a forgery, but is still a bit unbelieving.
  • While having this conversation a speck drone is set to watching Hope who doesn't seem to be doing much more than coloring on the couch.
  • Forced to play his trump card Remy Baudouin shows Hope a full picture of the murder scene from inside of the lavatory. She points her gun angrily at him while she examines the picture, but then slumps a bit when she can't find any flaw revealing it as a fake. She numbly starts to stumble towards the bedroom door leading to the other room.
  • Viktor Ivanov makes a split second decision to go and knock on the door to distract everyone inside. Fade and Bubbles follow closely behind him still unsure of what exactly is happening.

A series of loud knocks echoes through the apartment.
  • Remy Baudouin convinces Eleanor to call out to "Hope" and ask her to answer the door. Eleanor shakily complies with his request, then shuts the door again and slumps against the wall and down to the floor.
  • "Hope" puts aside her coloring book with an irritated look on her face. She digs in the sofa and pulls out a toy robot and walks towards the vestibule and the main doorway. On her way over she drags a milk crate with to boost herself up high enough to peek out the mail slot at who is knocking.
  • Viktor Ivanov stands poised outside of the door way waiting for the opportunity to touch Hope on the hand or arm. Just as she starts to open the mail slot he is able to poke her lightly on the wrist and will forth a subliminal command to her. He lightly suggests that she stop what she is doing and tie herself up. Hope seems conflicted for a moment but then quickly jumps down from the milk crate and crudely ties herself up using a pair of winter scarves.
  • Viktor Ivanov beams a message to Remy Baudouin to have him quickly come and open the front door. Remy Baudouin politely excuses himself to Eleanor and hurries to the front room where Hope is struggling to get loose from the scarves. He unlocks the door to let the others inside while at the same time having his muse give Fade and Bubbles a quick summary of what just happened so they aren't confused.

A male voice with a funny accent starts up behind them from within the vestibule.
  • "Hope" reveals himself to be Fulton in the disguise of a small girl. He starts ranting about almost figuring out a way to cure himself of his infection, but the Firewall agents just couldn't let him go. He smirks and makes a comment about being a better hacker than any of them and says that he recruited some military drones as bodyguards.
  • Everyone hears a series of loud impacts and crunches behind them from the street as four large synthmorphs in the shapes of feline predators jump down from what must have been the roof of the building.
  • Bullets start to fly as everyone pulls out guns and starts firing.

A hectic battle ensues with gunfire and explosions everywhere.
  • The cougar-bots move forward and engage Fade/Bubbles/Viktor Ivanov with metallic claw and tooth.
  • Everyone slowly retreats inside of the apartment, and Remy Baudouin sprints back to the bedroom to retrieve his gun.
  • Bubbles throws a grenade to confuse the cougar-bots, singing his own fur in the process, but Viktor Ivanov escapes unscathed despite being only a few meters from the explosion.
  • Viktor Ivanov is the last into the apartment as he shuts and locks the door behind him.
  • In the scuffle Fade grabbed the emergency farcaster device from Bubbles as he walks over to Fulton tied up on the ground. He levels his machine gun directly against Fulton's chest and holds down the trigger until Fulton is knocked unconscious. He tosses the farcaster to Viktor Ivanov and tells him to start digging out Fulton's stack so they can complete their mission.
  • As the cougar-bots start to bash against the door Bubbles tosses another grenade out the mail slot at them. This time nobody on the team is injured, but the door and the cougars take the full brunt of the impact from the fragmentation grenade.
  • Fade begins to take pot shots out the mail slot with his sniper rifle, and Remy Baudouin finally arrives back in the living room with his sidearm.
  • The door eventually gives way under the combined weight of four heavy synthmorphs and the cougar-bots rush in and start to attack the team again. Bubbles and Fade are the main targets of their aggression so the monkey is forced to pull out a pistol and start shooting. They, with help from Remy Baudouin and his shredder, eventually take down all of the synths but everyone is bleeding from a few wounds at this point.
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Log #8 - Prologue
May 7th, 2013

The team spends some time poking around Sewage Processing.
  • Remy Baudouin examines the sewer pipe containing the mass of corpses and determines he could probably backtrack to where it came from. No one else wants to go with him to investigate it so he sends his speck robot along to see where it leads.
  • Fade lays out his smart dust at all of the paths leading out of the area as it seems to be a hub with a lot of exits.
  • Remy Baudouin is able to spot another corpse buried under what looks like loose rubble a ways off from the Treatment area, so everyone follows him in that direction.

Coming upon a cave-in the group isn't sure what to do.
  • Unable to get to the corpse underneath the stones directly Remy Baudouin studies it for a while and believes it's been dead for at least several years.
  • There are no obvious ways around the cave-in and no one can determine if it occurred recently or if it has been here for a while.
  • They all decide to head back to Sewage Processing to check on the smart dust.

The group is getting annoyed with walking back and forth in the septic stink of the underground.
  • Fade checks his smart dust analysis and determines that DNA evidence of Fulton was most concentrated at the same exit they took to go investigate the cave-in.
  • The speck that Remy Baudouin sent out reports back to him its location and some video of the pipe it was backtracking on. A large rupture in the pipe looks to have been caused by instabilities from the cave-in which is right next to the rupture. He deduces that it is possible the corpses were all present before the rubble fell and got sucked in to the pipe when it ruptured if it was holding a vacuum somehow.
  • Everyone travels again towards the cave-in.

The sequel to the cave-in looks pretty similar to the original.
  • Bubbles sits down and does some calculations to figure out the best spot to plant a grenade to blow through the rubble. He isn't 100% confident it will work but this is the quickest option they have for getting past as they didn't see any other useful tools along the way here.
  • The rest of the team retreats to a safe distance away while he works.
  • The explosive grenade charge ends up not going awry and opens a gap large enough to see an armored door further down the hallway.

In front of the locked door to a lab with a sign that says EX. Studies.
  • Fade considers using his covert ops tool to get past the locked door, but lets Bubbles hack into it instead so they can avoid any alarms.
  • Beyond the doorway are 7 or 8 large connected rooms with lots of lab equipment, hazmat suits and documents scattered around.
  • Bubbles taps into one of the terminals on a nearby desks and find that this area was used for studying subjects infected with the Exsurgent virus.
  • Remy Baudouin and Viktor Ivanov snoop around for a while looking for signs of Fulton, but don't find any living occupants. Instead they find the strangled body of a young girl in the lavatory along with some of her belongings and a discarded jumpsuit that looks to be for an adult. The toilet near the body has traces of blood and other bio-material in it.
  • They determine the child is probably named Hope, but cannot find any information from the lab terminal concerning her specifically. The name listed inside of a picture book though, Eleanor, is found on an employee manifest for the base listed as a jeep technician. Remy Baudouin uncomfortably realizes this Eleanor is very likely the same one who kicked them out of her apartment.
  • The team struggles to figure out where Fulton could have gone in his now child sized form and are able to find an emergency evacuation pod underneath the floor in one of the rooms. The pod is missing but the tunnel looks to have been designed to be climbed through manually so they all pile in and crawl out of the lab.

Back above ground in an abandoned bus terminal.
  • The team takes stock of their location but can't spot enough landmarks to accurate place where they are. A few blocks of travel should hopefully be enough to triangulate their new position so Fade suggests they hijack a car since they only have a few minutes until a cleaner patrol goes by.
  • Using the toolkit he lifted from the bus garage Fade is able to get a car working that had stalled out after running into a fire hydrant. The team piles in and starts driving just as a few cleaner drones show up in the distance.

The stolen car starts to pick up speed as they drive towards 3 cleaners.
  • Everyone leans out windows of the vehicle to start shooting at the drones knocking a few of them over and even disabling one of them.
  • Fade stomps on the accelerator and levels his machine gun out the window. His first volley of shots floors one of the drones completely, but his second volley penetrates the armor of a different drones and must have breached its ammo storage as it explodes in a shower of metal and gore.
  • The group tries to hold on as Fade swerves to hit another drone advancing on them. The car and cleaner meet with a loud crash leaving some damage to the front of the vehicle, but the drone suffers much worse damage as it is knocked aside and doesn't get up again.
  • Bubbles throws a smoke grenade out the back window to give them additional cover as the car gets up enough speed to leave the drones far behind.
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Log #7 - Prologue
April 16th, 2013

Down the stairs to the subway entrance they lie in wait.
  • Viktor Ivanov can soon sense the presence of the cleaning pods again above ground. They loiter for 10 minutes as is their normal routine, and then quickly depart.
  • Satisfied that nothing lies in wait for them the group emerges from the tunnel and continues on to the hospital.

At the hospital they run into steel blast doors, window shielding, and armored glass.
  • Unable to determine the hardness of the armored glass on the upper levels of the hospital Fade decides to take a quick shot at it using his sniper rifle. Unfortunately his shot passes through it so easily he's not sure if the glass is just reinforced or laced with steel.
  • Deciding not to climb to the roof as the walls look difficult to navigate Bubbles approaches the emergency door console instead. The console proposes a medical riddle to the group that their provided answer, mercury, ends up not being correct. Bubbles hacks into the console anyway and through a stroke of luck is able to secure administrator access. He writes himself a backdoor into the system with the same privileges and they hustle into the building with a few minutes to spare before the cleaner pods show up again.
  • Lights and power to a few systems seem to come on in reaction to their presence and a nearby video feed from the security kiosk near the door shows the pods outside cleaning again.

Finally inside the well defended hospital the team begins to search for evidence of Fulton.
  • Bubbles logs into the hospital computers again and starts to do some research. He checks the entrance logs and finds a video of a shrouded person entering through the roof entrance earlier using the correct passphrase.
  • The hacker studies the hospital power grid and determines that if he routes power away from the external defenses, electric shock charges along the armored walls, that he can provide light to the entire building and get the elevators working again. He downloads a detailed map of the hospital interior and they head up the elevator to the top level.
  • Stairs leading down from roof access have bloody foot and handprints that are easy to track. However they lose the trail at a nurses station where their target must have found a first aid kit and stopped his bleeding.
  • Suggestions fly about from the group to either search the entire building inch by inch, to look for emergency hand radios that Fulton may be trying to use, and then Fade says they should check the equipment logs to see if anyone has used any of the heavier medical supplies since Fulton looks rather injured. Bubbles is able to find a record of a recent x-ray performed in an exam room on the fourth floor in the children's wing. They all head that way.

Hot on the trail of Fulton the party still seems to be a few steps behind him.
  • The exam room is deserted except for a broken radio (lacking batteries), and a pamphlet map with various scribbling on it. Most of the buildings on it are scratched out but the hospital has a large circle around it.
  • Remy Baudouin uses his enhanced senses to pick up a very faint trail of Fulton leading down a nearby stairwell. They aren't sure if he went up or down until Remy Baudouin comes to the obvious conclusion that with the mesh network down Fulton would need access to a physical map of the hospital to be able to effectively navigate it. They all head downstairs to the first floor.
  • Fade and Viktor Ivanov head one direction while Remy Baudouin and Bubbles head the other way. In front of a visitor's map Remy Baudouin catches the scent of Fulton again and discovered several cigarette butts laying on the ground. The map has been scribbled on as well with the only area not crossed off being the sub-basement that houses the morgue.
  • Bubbles relays the information to the other pair and they all head down to the morgue using different routes of the stairs and the elevator.

Down near the morgue the lack of bodies is starting to become very suspicious.
  • The group examines the visitation room, the embalming room and the autopsy lab and finds no signs of Fulton. They also find no bodies or even parts of bodies other than bloodstains on sheets and bandages.
  • Fade pulls up the mesh that Bubbles has brought back online and does a lookup for any information concerning strange events down in the morgue area. He discovers that the last logs created 8 or 9 years ago mentioned some sort of geothermic event coming from the sub-basement, and then no more human entered logs occur.
  • With a bit of trepidation the team finally enters the morgue. Inside all of the freezers that would normally contain bodies are a mess with the doors wide open or blown off. Shredded pieces of body bags lie everywhere. In the far corner of the room a large jagged hole has been cut into the floor leading down in to the dark.
  • The hole looks to be years old but Remy Baudouin is able to track a pair of military boots leaving footprints up to it, and then never walk away. Assuming Fulton must have gone underground they all grit their teeth and start to slowly descend after him.

The team emerges from the ceiling of what looks like a maintenance break room for utility workers.
  • Old styrofoam cups, lunchboxes and hard hats indicate this area was used by maintenance crews.
  • A desiccated corpse lies on one of the walkways posed with its arms folded over the chest. Fade cautiously approaches it and pokes it with his machine gun, but closer examination of the body leaves him to think that the build is much too small to be the muscled Olympian morph that Fulton was in. He leaves it alone without disturbing it further.
  • Several metal walkways painted different colors lead to tunnels elsewhere but they can't pick up a definite trail of Fulton.
  • Remy Baudouin gets lucky and notices a torn piece of map corner pinned to a bulletin board and another cigarette butt laying on the ground. The map legend says "Sewage Processing" so they look around for signs that indicate which direction they have to go. Written in large yellow letters over a tunnel painted solid green the find the correct walkway to follow and head that direction.

The metal walkway takes them to a large room below them filled with pipes and vats full of waste material.
  • Some of the pipes have portions of the metal replaced with clear plastic to allow workers to examine the contents. Inside a very large pipe several old corpses are pinned up against a large grate used to filter out non-degrading material. The bodies look to have been crushed by blunt trauma and are held in place by a slow flow of fluid from up the pipe.
  • Several of the vats are open or have grating on the top of them which gives the whole area a septic reek. Another corpse floats in one of the vats clothed in a hazmat suit.
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Log #6 - Prologue
March 26th, 2013

The team is standing in front of the large church.
  • Moments away from knocking on the door everyone starts to feel time slow down around them. Their limbs feel heavy as if they were moving through molasses until they find they can't move at all. A voice begins speaking in their minds.
  • "Apologies for the interruption. It seems a few members of this group failed some last minute background checks and need to be replaced for the time being. So as to not disrupt the simulation too badly we are going to insert an additional two agents in with you immediately. We've given them a quick briefing on your activities up to this point and you've worked with them in the past so this change should not be too jarring. We will give you 1 minute of reprieve time before the simulation fully resumes."
  • Nicoli Alset and Frank Bishop start to melt away into pixilated images of themselves. Within a few moments they've completely dissolved. In their place two new forms begin to coalesce: a blond man with a well manicured look to him, and a portly fellow with heavy armor on. The group exchanged a few quick greetings and then resumes trying to get in to the church.

A man looks down at them from a slot high on the church door, and then quickly opens the door and ushers them inside.
  • The interior of the church is very large as the building does not really have upper floors and instead uses vaulted ceilings. Balconies flank the center of the church with stairs leading up to them. The main floor is mostly absent of pew seating and instead is dominated by a tent city full of small shanties that a crush of bodies live in.
  • A large fat man sits on a short pew up where the altar of the church used to be. A skinny man wearing spectacles stands next to him and they are in deep conversation. Behind them are a few doors leading elsewhere in the church and both are guarded by a pair of muscled guards.
  • The team tries to force their way up to speak to the fat man but find their progress hindered by so many people crowding to gawk at them. Some are obviously hungry by the emaciated looks on them, and others are covered in makeup as it seems the world's oldest profession still lives on.
  • Fade is able to make a path for them as he bribes some of the crowd with rations.

The party makes it up to the fat man who appears to be the leader of this ragtag group of humanity.
  • The fat man introduces himself as the Father and invites the group to stay and enjoy some refreshment if they are hungry or thirsty. They all decline and instead ask him if he knows anything about Sgt. Fulton and show him a picture over the mesh. He gives a non-committal answer and Viktor Ivanov covertly scans his mind using his Psi powers. He catches glimpses of a hospital and another image of the fat man around a table planning something with a pile of maps and several other members of his entourage.
  • The group decides not to trust him and make a polite exit to go stand near the entrance to the church. Viktor Ivanov briefly corners the man with glasses and implants a suggestion in his mind to fetch the map that the fat man was thinking of. He mistakenly tells him to meet them all outside so they need to figure out a way to leave as quickly as possible.
  • The door guards mention that the janitors like to stick around longer in areas if one of them gets killed so they're going to have to wait a bit yet.

Not wanting to start a fight in such an enclosed space the team starts to covertly move some plans to leave the church.
  • Remy Baudouin orders his speck drone to spy on the fat man's conversation, but he seems to have become pre-occupied with a woman. He sends the tiny drone to fly underneath one of the doors and see what lies beyond. Down some stairs is another room with a table in it that has some decks of cards on it. Elsewhere is a hallway leading to a few bedrooms, one of which has a makeshift rack full of some small arms. The speck eventually finds an office where the spectacled man is digging through a pile of documents. A few more minutes pass and he finds a large map which he folds up and sticks in a cardboard tube. He grabs a jacket and quickly leaves the building through a hidden basement door.
  • Viktor Ivanov uses his Psi abilities again to suggest that the outside is safe and that the guards can open the door now. Their minds are no match for his so they comply without argument. Luckily the janitors have left the area already so the group is able to leave without trouble.
  • Quickly they make their way around to the back of the church where the skinny man emerges from a pile of garbage used to hide the basement door. He marches up to Viktor Ivanov and hands him the map, then wanders back to the front of the church with a confused look on his face.

Everyone starts the long trek to the hospital which is going to take a few hours.
  • Remy Baudouin studies the map that they just got and finds that it is a hand drawn blueprint to the interior of the hospital. Annotations all over the map seem to indicate that the Father and his men planned to raid the building for supplies, but they couldn't get past the locked doors. The notes indicate that the side door or the roof access would be the easiest ways to get inside but both are going to require bypassing of locks.
  • Bubbles starts to research some more of the video footage that he harvested from the janitor morphs. He determines that it is going to take at least two stops to hide from the janitors before they can make it to the hospital so he sets about searching for safe locations to hide. He first finds an empty bus garage that looks deserted, and a subway entrance that has been closed down for maintenance.

The group stops first to hide inside of a garage, and later in the entrance to the subway.
  • Fade easily opens the lock to the garage using one of his covert tools. Inside he discovers a toolkit for working on ground vehicles and takes it in case they need to hijack a car. Afterwards they all duck out of sight and wait for the janitor patrol to pass.
  • On their way towards the subway Fade sneaks in to a broken down sporting goods store and finds a pair of densiplast gloves that he steals with glee.
  • The group finally arrives at the subway entrance and starts to walk down the stairs.
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Log #5 - Prologue
March 5th, 2013

The team lies in wait as another wave of janitor synths patrols the streets.
  • Waiting until the last possible moment Bubbles detonates his pair of grenades. The explosion hits 4 of the synths, knocking out two of them immediately, and covers them all in Scrapper's Gel which begins to eat through their armor.
  • Frank Bishop and Fade eliminate the rest of them with combined rifle and pistol fire.
  • Bubbles hacks into the cyberbrain of the less damaged flying synth and tries to lock out the ego so he can take control of the body, but fails. He spends the rest of his time obtaining as much information as he can about pass codes or secured locations and then logs off.
  • Fade and Bubbles confer using the map information gleaned from the flying synth and are able to map a route to the woman's apartment using various named landmarks. They believe it will take them about 20 to 30 minutes to get there so they have to hurry as they've already spent almost half of an hour poking around this new pile of bodies.
  • Nicoli Alset tunes out the outside world and begins browsing the video data that Bubbles retrieved earlier. He lets his muse guide his body as he speed up his cognitive abilities to make researching the video feeds faster.

Next the group travels across many city blocks to find themselves at the doorstep of a common looking apartment off a main street.
  • The woman they met before ushers them inside quickly before they get caught outside by another batch of janitors. She introduces herself as Eleanor and asks the group when they came here from off planet as they look so obviously new to the area that they couldn't be refugees.
  • Fade takes charge and start spinning a short tale that they're looking for a man who stole something from them. He shows her a picture of Fulton but doesn't give any real details on the group or who they work for. Eleanor seems skeptical and tries to push for more information but Fade gets indignant and responds in a curt manner. They go back and forth arguing for a little bit, and finally Eleanor gets fed up and orders everyone out of her apartment. Fade casually mentions throwing a grenade into her apartment and she shows them a makeshift explosive made from a barrel, wire and bits of jagged scrap metal. The party decides to leave without raising too much of a fuss.

Back out on the street they need to make a decision on what to do next with movement off on the horizon.
  • Nicoli Alset is awoken from his studying by his muse who informs him that they've just been kicked back out into the city. He berates the rest of the group briefly for putting them into this situation, and then consults his research to see if anything useful could help them. He remembers catching a glimpse of a couple being interrupted mid-coitus in a car by a pack of the janitor synths, and the both tried to run towards a nearby church. One of them made it inside and the other was locked out and captured by the janitors. Fortunately this church is only a few blocks from where they are currently.
  • Everyone starts jogging in the direction of the church but Nicoli Alset and Bubbles are quickly outpaced by Frank Bishop and Fade. The group breaks up to hopefully confound any pursuers, but Nicoli Alset and Bubbles get cornered by a single synth. A brief firefight ensues as Nicoli Alset and the janitor trade some laser fire, and Bubbles gets close enough to zap the synth with his Shock Gloves. This incapacitates the bot enough that Nicoli is able to burn a hole straight through its torso causing it to collapse. They rush to meet Fade and Frank Bishop by the church.
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Log #4 - Prologue
February 19th, 2013

A short firefight breaks out between the team and half of a dozen janitors inside of novacrab synths.
  • All of the janitors are armed with some close range weaponry and a laser, but they are such bad shots that the group is never even threatened.
  • Frank Bishop maneuvers and makes uses of his gyro mounted pistols to hit with many shots.
  • Nicoli Alset uses his disassembler nanoswarm to begin eating away at the armor on one of the synths, but things are over so quickly that he doesn't get many opportunities to shoot himself.
  • Bubbles tosses a grenade that is slightly off the mark and lands in front of a janitor. It blasts the exterior of the synth a bit and mostly blows up the car that was nearby.
  • Fade annihilates many of the janitors by standing still and shooting carefully with his sniper rifle. The superior range and armor penetration makes it the ideal weapon for this battle.

In the aftermath of the conflict several of the janitors have been knocked unconscious and the streets are otherwise deserted.
  • The party mercilessly cuts off the legs of the remaining synths and destroys all of their weapons just in case.
  • Taking his time Bubbles is able to hack into the cyberbrain of a knocked out janitor and download all of its memories related to traveling (sights/sounds/smells) in the past 2 weeks.
  • Fade occupies himself while Bubbles works by scrounging inside some of the abandoned cars parked in the street. He catches a glimpse of something moving out of the corner of his eye and sees a woman pounding on security glass inside of a highly fortified building on an eastern street.

Unable to hear anything through the thick glass the woman begins scribbling messages to communicate.
  • Fade relays messages back and forth as he quickly communicates with the refugee. She reminds him that the janitors patrol every hour, as does Nicoli Alset, and he checks with the party to note that they only have about 5 minutes left. She is able to draw him a rough map with some landmarks that he records and posts to the muses of everyone else in the party. She mentions that they may need to find a larger map to orient themselves on some landmarks that she named.
  • Bubbles finishes his hacking work and starts to drag a few of the novacrab bodies into the intersection with some help from Nicoli Alset. He wires a spray grenade filled with Scrapper's Gel and a High-Explosive grenade up for remote detonation and then clambers onto the rooftops with the rest of the group.
  • The party briefly discusses hiding inside of cars but discard that idea as being caught that way would be too dangerous. Instead they spread out among the roof tops and drop prone to wait for another janitor patrol to see how they will react to the dead synths lying around.
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Log #3 - Prologue
February 5th, 2013

Fade & Nicoli Alset begin searching the Airfield.
  • They find the military documents inside of a broken down jeep but cannot decipher what they mean.
  • Frank Bishop is able to study them and puzzle out that these are shipping manifests indicating a large amount of files and documents intended to get to the Space Elevator with higher priority than civilians being shipped off world. There are no sign of any documents in this vehicle however.

Frank Bishop & Nicoli Alset decide to go back to the Space Elevator to search more, while Bubbles and Fade stay to keep searching the Airfield.
  • Inside of a passenger spacecraft Fade finds a partially preserved body locked tight in a restroom cubicle. What's left of his identification says he worked at the fort as a doctor, but he doesn't have a keycard or anything on him. Fade takes a sample of the rotting material so that Nicoli Alset can try to put together something to fool the locked gate.
  • Searching through some of the aircraft next Fade hears a very faint voice speaking from the front of a large military plane. In the cockpit he finds a still operating radio underneath the dash, and tunes it to get better reception. He listens to a repeated recording that asks people to take refuge at the outer barracks because the gates into Fort Dashel have been sealed. It repeats over and over and he doesn't hear any live chatter.

At this point Nicoli Alset and Frank Bishop have arrived back at the space elevator.
  • Nicoli Alset examines the munitions boxes and other supplies. He doesn't find anything really interesting inside of them, but pasted on the side of one of the boxes is a label saying this box was destined to be delivered at the outer barracks. It's rather faded with age and the weather, but he stuffs it in his pocket just in case.
  • Frank Bishop has no luck finding anything on the remains of the bodies outside the door, but he gets lucky a sees a glint of light shining off something stuck in the lock. Apparently someone left their keycard sticking out of the lock unused so he grabs it and radios back to the others. The team decides now is the time to attempt to bypass the gate.

Nicoli Alset and Frank Bishop travel back to the Airfield, and then they all walk back to the gates.
  • Fade collects his Smart Dust but is disappointed to learn that it discovered nothing of value (or organic) from the remains of the helicopter.
  • Bubbles gets to work hacking in to the gate while at the same time Nicoli Alset separates some blood from the tissue sample that Fade got for him. After quite a bit of effort Bubbles is able to bypass one of the three locks, and they quickly use the keycard and the blood to get past the other two. The gate swings open and they walk through.

Beyond the gate is a large open area with a few odds and ends that intrigue the group.
  • A video monitor has a small note affixed to it that says "Can you find me?" Bubbles sits down and tries to reassemble the monitor as the back panel was removed and all of the wires were pulled out. He is not successful though and just ends up getting buried in a pile of cords.
  • Fade and Nicoli Alset try to get a digital sign working again that looks like it is trying to print a message. They are not successful either.
  • A bit frustrated now Bubbles picks up a pamphlet from a pile that fell on the ground and starts reading about a Visitor's Center nearby.
  • Nicoli Alset begins trying to track the footprints left by Fulton by looking for blood on the ground. He starts following them and Bubbles mentions that this is the same direction that the Visitor's Center should be so they all start walking that way.

They arrive at the Visitor's Center and still haven't seen a living soul.
  • Inside of the center is various military memorabilia, holograms discussing things about the Fort (including one that seems to be damaged), and a robot on display that keeps using its laser on the wall to wash over it. Documents are flooding over every surface so badly that they have fallen to the floor in some places.
  • They are able to get the hologram in front of the robot display working again and listen as it explains these robots are set to clean the exterior of buildings in the Fort every hour due to a mold infestation.
  • Nicoli Alset picks up some of the documents lying around and tries to make heads or tails of the medical jargon. He finally pieces together that these are all triage reports separating out incoming wounded people and whether they should be routed to a St. Christopher's hospital or if they should be marked as lower priority.
  • Nicoli Alset is able to reprogram the broken hologram and make it reboot itself to work again. Immediately they notice something odd about it as it has the head of a scraggly bearded man and starts talking directly to them. He introduces himself as King Phillip and asks that they come to his "court" to swear fealty to him. After a quick conversation the team agrees to come meet him and he describes how to get to his court.

After many twists and turns walking through streets and around buildings the group arrives at the King's court.
  • Phillip again requests that they all pay homage to him as King in the area. Bubbles immediately breaks into an interpretive dance as best as his neo-hominid body will allow, but ends up making a fool of him. Phillip is amused though and claps out of pity.
  • Nicoli Alset volunteers to re-sculpt the mannequin that Phillip uses as a proxy for himself to look more muscled and manly. Phillip is quite pleased with the results.
  • Fade asks Bubbles to put a can on his head and he walks across the room to prepare to shoot it off. He effortlessly blows away the can without even disturbing any hair on the top of Bubbles' head.
  • Frank Bishop presents an object as a gift to King Phillip: a Dazzler device which he places on the table in front of Phil. Phillip is delighted and thanks him, but Fade gets a dark look on his face as he realizes that his own Dazzler is missing.

Phillip and the party start to talk about the surrounding area now and whether he has seen Sergeant Fulton.
  • Phillip consults his library of video recordings that he has been able to glean from the area. He cannot find any that contain images of Fulton coming through at all, but he shows them several feeds of the janitor robots and how they operate. He suspects that if Fulton left any sign behind it is likely that the janitors picked it up as they clean up every foreign object in the Fort, even sometimes catching people and dismembering them.
  • The party believes this is probably the best plan they have right now, and at Phil's urging they walk a few blocks away from his court to wait for the cleaners.

They mill around an intersection between some buildings filled with derelict (but clean) vehicles.
  • After a while Frank Bishop gets bored and happens to spit on the ground. Off in the distance the team begins the see light gleaming off the metal surfaces of several robots converging on their location.
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Log #2 - Prologue
January 22nd, 2013

The team takes the space elevator down to Earth without much incident.
  • The doors into the Earth level building open automatically, but the inside of the building is rather dark.
  • They quickly go to the nearest security terminal. They can't figure out how to power it up unfortunately.

Fade tried to hack the simulspace once...but failed terribly.

They pop the door to the building open.
  • They don't really investigate the exterior of the building, and head directly to the Airfield.

They arrive at the Airfield without much incident.
  • Immediately they spot the lifeboat, but don't see much of interest on it.
  • They break in to the ship easily, and Bubbles encodes the ship with a new passkey to log in to it. Afterwards he wires a Frag grenade to the console that will go off if someone logs in with any incorrect passkey.
  • Nicoli Alset does some Research on the ship computer and finds that Fulton did some information lookups for the nearest fortified area given the current rotation of Earth compared to the asteroid hub, and came up with Fort Dashel. The ship gave a directional indicator of which way he left.

The team makes the trek to the gates of Fort Dashel.
  • Rather than go up to the gates, they decide to have Bubbles climb up the wall. He sees that it has a thick roof. Fade opts to go up top with him and explore, while Bubbles/Nicoli Alset walk the perimeter.
  • They walk, and walk, and walk...and end up going back to the door after they walk for like a mile.

Team gets closer to the door and starts to investigate.
  • They discover the rent hole in the door caused by the helicopter rotor. Close examination shows that someone may have crawled through it as the hole is covered in blood flecks and flesh. Nicoli Alset believes it would be difficult but possible to design a morph to be able to squeeze into such a space...or an Exsurgent infected morph could change its body to do the same.
  • Next Bubbles approaches the gate lock and attempts to hack in. The lock is a secure system requiring 3 keys to get in: keycard, code, biometric sample. He hacks in with a simple user account and determines he would only have enough time to hack and bypass 1 lock at a time due to the way they are separately firewalled.
  • So the team will still need 2 keys to be able to get in. He notices a system flaw though that he could trick it into thinking that 3 different keys all come from the same person, so they at least have that going for them. He also notes the history log shows no one has accessed this system since the blast doors were locked down.

The team decides to backtrack and check out the Airfield and Space Elevator in more detail.
  • Fade leaves some Smart Dust to cover and examine the helicopter for them to check on their way back.
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Log #1 - Prologue
January 15th, 2013

The team meets with Harold Dently, their first proxy from Firewall as an active group of Sentinels.
  • He explains that their first assignment underneath him will be to participate in an artificial scenario as infomorphs. The scenario is based on real events that occurred on an asteroid habitat orbiting Earth.
  • After his explanation Fade is able to convince him to part with an extra tidbit of information to help them. He says they should look up the phrase "Space Elevator" on the ship library of their simulation vessel.

Group settles in to the simulation and find themselves on the ship "Daedalus".
  • Bubbles and Nicoli Alset study the onboard ship computer for information concerning "Space Elevator" and find a wealth of information.
  • Nicoli Alset is also able to study video footage and calculate the approximate area that Sgt. Fulton landed on Earth. It is near a Fort Dashel military base in what used to be Arizona in the United States. A Space Elevator is not far from the Fort incidentally.

Next the team flies to the orbiting space station of the nearby Space Elevator.
  • After docking Bubbles is able to bypass the keypad console and gain entry to the station.
  • A search of the station reveals a security closet full of some riot gear such as pistols and ammo, shields, armor, and stun batons.
  • Bubbles is forced to hack into the central security console in order to unlock the doors leading to the elevator cars. He runs a diagnostic on the umbilicus leading to Earth and determines is should be safe to travel down it.
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