The Mayan calendar ends 12-21-2012, will the world end then as well? Grab your rifle and find out!

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Log Entry 4

My finger nail fell off today. I didn't feel it but saw it sticking to the keyboard, thankfully before my helpers noticed. I glued it back on, figured what the hell, could not feel it anyway. So I can't feel my hand or feet but they still work. It is strange because I can type and walk fine just not feel it. No one seems to notice how pale I am either. So much for the intelligence gathering capacity of the CIA! Working longer to increase my time on cure research. Don't seem to need as much sleep either. I am sure that is bad but nothing I can do about it.

So brain testing. Unless I cause physical damage to the brain I can't find a way to stop it. I completely dehydrated subject #7's brain and it stopped, that is until I added water again. Then we were right back to gnashing and biting. Electricity tests were fun but only temporarily inhibited the subjects. I have tested 77 compounds of subject brains with no significant results. Stalling now while I search for a cure.

Close examination of the virus strain reveals that it's replication is startlingly quick. It overwhelms the host tissue and invades everywhere. Radiation makes that process quicker and the strain mutates almost every time. Most toxins that seem to kill it are lethal to the host. A genetic construct could work but the constant mutation will be a problem. The virus has an unknown shelf life, I have yet to discover a period of time where it cannot become active again. It is a true super bug. At this point only immediate amputation has stopped the disease with the host left alive. With what time I have left I will work on a targeted genetic construct and see if I can find something that works. God help me.

Now more problems in the hole, what I call the bottom of the missile silo. The missile was long gone when I got here but we still have rocket fuel which is a corrosive and now leaking in the basement. Echelon says he has it under control but when I am down below I can smell it near the trap door to the mechanical level. Awesome!

Wearing long sleeves now as I noticed my elbow has turned black. I estimate I have about a week left. Best get to work.
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Log Entry 3

Had to discontinue injections. Was passing blood, threw up stomach lining, and had numbness in fingers and toes. Would not have survived continued treatment. Looking for other options. Checking strains for weaknesses to bacteria.

Got 6 new test subjects today. Had to house these on the lower level. The child was the creepiest! Subject #9 is missing her lower right arm. Disection found the limb full of fluid yet none of it leaked from the wound. I removed the other arm at the shoulder. The wound bleed only briefly then stopped of its own accord. I attempted to activate the muscles in the detached arm with variable electrical stimuli with negative results. Testing has shown the brain controls the infected but it does not seem to use the central nervous system. I can't seem to find a control method! Oh to have a CT scanner!

The lights flickered today. That led me to inquire as to our power supply. Eschelon slipped up and revealed we were on a network with a nuclear reactor. In my excitement I blurted out too many questions and he shut up. But the network was too intriguing to me though so I poked around in the computer. There are other sites but I can't see them. But I did find the seizmology array. It is massive. I don't know why they have it but it is neat! We also have a 6000 gallon tank of NTO. Exploring the site is more fun than my current search for a cure but I should not let myself get distracted.

Starting tests on the brains of infected subjects. Perhaps there is a way to interrupt the function of the infected other than trauma. Strange, my other injection symtoms have subsided but my hands are still numb.

Session: A New Wrinkle....Or Two... - Wednesday, Nov 07 2012 from 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM
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Log Entry 2.

Started the injections today. Played hell with my stomach but I got through it. No noticeable effects of the treatment or disease as of yet. Began dissection of Specimen #2 today. Durability of specimen is remarkable. Wounds swell and prevent significant blood loss. On a microscopic level tissue appears to have fibroid characteristics and binds damage to a limited extent. Blood remains but does not circulate and is cold, black, and putrid. Cells must operate on a whole new mechanism that is not yet obvious. I am able to remove specimen #2's entire body leaving only the head and the head is still “alive.” It functions without a body!

Today our guards mowed down some hungry civilians that rushed the compound. Apparently that has been happening more lately. They leave the bodies where they lay as a warning to others. The outside smell is quite horrible. How I wish for my quiet apartment again! Echelon was gone 3 hours today checking on something he would not share. I did see a map when I glanced over his shoulder before. It was of Poland and Germany and had half a dozen red marks on it. Locations for something...

Talked with my counterpart in Virginia on the Red Phone as well. Beforehand I jokingly asked Echelon if we could call the President on it and he said yes and scolded me for asking. Henry, my old partner, told me outbreaks have tripled in the past week. They can't find a common carrier and are investigating other possibilities of spread. Origin points seem random and not related to normal travel routes, air or water patterns, or migratory paths. A planned random attack perhaps? No evidence of that either though Hopefully we figure it out soon.

Going to get a nap in now while I wait on the 7th set of test results to develop. End log.
Session: A New Wrinkle....Or Two... - Wednesday, Nov 07 2012 from 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM
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Log Entry 1

My Name is Venkaman Ramastan and this is the journal of the last days of my life. I am a biological weapons specialist for the CDC. I was sent here by CivGov to try and determine the nature of the the threat of the Viral-X virus and determine if there are differences in the strains now being found in the US as opposed to those here in Europe. Unfortunately I will not be successful so my plan is to catalog my last few days which will hopefully be useful to someone else in future work. You see I have been bitten by one of the test subjects and now have Viral-X.

So some context would help. Three months ago, I am in the West Virginia CDC facility and before I know it I am on a nuclear sub bound for Poland. The crew of the USS Mississippi was vary accommodating even with the specimens I brought with me. They were almost as eager to get me off the sub as I was to get out in the air again. Two whole SEAL teams moved me up the river on a tug boat of all things. Then came a terrifying hummer ride on a wrecked highway to a little town that should not have anything like the facility we got to use, but it did. Imagine my surprise when I get a nuclear missile silo turned over to me for my use! And so I set up shop and waited for the specimens Had I only have know how wrong that would go.

My handler/supplier is code named Echelon and I am pretty sure works for the CIA. No complaints though as he somehow finds me whatever I want. I have an electron microscope here which the CDC in Virginia said was too expensive to maintain for me there! When the first local specimens arrive I was surprised as well. I got 3 all in lion cages from a Polish circus! So I started my work with 2 local scientists that Echelon “found” and a state of the art lab. We are protected well by several soldiers. They wear Polish uniforms and speak Polish but if they are true locals I'll eat the specimen's shorts!

Preliminary findings on the local specimens find they are indeed infected by Viral-X but not a familiar strain. The samples show unusual mutation of the strain possible by radiation exposure. This strain seems even more resistant to treatment. This strain also shows an increased ability to adapt. Preliminary tests show increased resistance to 2,4-D and similar compounds. Troubling as I had made some progress across the sea with this application Each finding is more dismal than the last. I think that may have led me to get sloppy. I was stripping a section of epidermis from specimen #2's torso and it lunged and got my elbow! It was just a nick, but that is all it took. I tested positive for the virus 3 days later. If I tell Echelon that is a bullet in the head for sure. I am going to make the best use of what time I have left to look for a cure. Tomorrow I plan to test a new idea that just may be the answer we so desperately need. God help me I hope this works. End log.

d100 => [97] = 97

Dice Rolls => Results = Total
d100 => [97] = 97
Session: A New Wrinkle....Or Two... - Wednesday, Nov 07 2012 from 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM
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December 2012
December 2012

China, incensed the Japan has purchased 3 of the Senkaku islands it considers theirs, moves warships into the area surrounding the islands and declares its intention to build an outpost there. Japan responds with warnings of military action if China invades the islands which they consider Japanese territory

The US moves additional warships into the Persian Gulf and begins to mirror the Chinese navy. Oil prices soar as tensions rise.

Russian increases arms shipments to Syria, namely advanced anti-aircraft weaponry. Hilary Clinton speaks before the United Nations Security Council demanding action against Russia but the global community balks at any proposal beyond a warning.

Chinese delegates to Iran attempt to force dedicated oil shipments to China effectively angling to take of the shipments to Japan & South Korea. Iran reacts to the intimidation aggressively confident in the support of the Russians. The Chinese begin boarding ships bound for Japan & S. Korea claiming to be searching for weapons & contraband. Those countries appeal to the US for help and the President triples the US naval presence there and begins escorting that shipping.

A CIA mole in the Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS), sends a coded message that they have developed an unknown weapon of mass destruction using a Russian Scientist code named Sergov. The Asset advises that he is attempting to ascertain the threat but is never heard from again. It is now believed this weapon was the biological agent that will become known later as Vial-X.

January 2013

Iran launches an ICBM on a test flight and the missile crashes in the Gulf of Mexico. The world is stunned as no intelligence agency provides any warning and this missile is well beyond what Iran was know to have in it's arsenal. The US navy recovers the wreckage much to the chagrin of Iran and discovers that the missile is of Russian design. The US begins an effort to sanction Russia and initiates operation SLAM, moving early warning and shoot down assets into European military bases.

The Chinese seize the opportunity and seize several islands in the E. China sea. Japan responds by by sinking a Chines frigate Dongguan with the Oyashio class submarine Setoshio (SS-599). 121 Chinese sailor perish. China goes to a war footing and orders all Chinese ships to defend all Chinese holdings. They stop short of a declaration of war but give their ship Captains a shoot first ask questions later set of engagement orders. Japan pulls ships back to defend the home island. The US moves quickly to try and diffuse the conflict with numerous diplomatic envoys.

President Obama goes before a troubled crowd for his Inaugural speech to begin his second term. Utilizing a modified Russian Fagot wire guide missile, al-Qaeda terrorists infiltrate the Old Post Office Pavilion posing as construction workers for the Trump Industries renovation. The warhead is successfully fired and detonates over the stage of the Inaugural address. No one is killed but radioactive material is scattered over the area. Secret service agents engage the al-Qaeda terrorists and kill them all seconds after launch but it is too late. The president is among 458 who will ultimately die of radiation poisoning. The Secret Service is at a loss to determine how the al-Qaeda got around sensors and counter measure and begin an exhaustive investigation. Having lost 8 of the designated leaders of the US appoints the Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, as President Pro-Term. He will move the capitol to Des Moines Iowa till such time as DC is safe to be habitable

February 2013

Vilsack orders additional troops to reinforce all European bases as the Secret Service finds indicators that Russian tech is involved in the Inaugural attack. He also increase funding to build up National guard units swelling troop sizes to cover the gaps caused by the deployments.

Iran cuts off Chinese oil exports. No reason is given as the Chinese economy reels and prices soar. The nations of the world scramble to protect oil supplies in foreign countries. Troop movements reach an all time high.

17 Engagements occur between the Chinese and Japanese Navies, several smaller vessels are sunk and Japanese conservatives push the government into a declaration of war. The Navies of the 2 nations clash with the the Chinese seeming to loose more ships to advanced Japanese subs. The Chinese are stunned and embarrassed, sacking several prominent naval officers whose executions are televised.

The Turkish government begins construction of a Kurdish pipeline, alienating Baghdad in the process by excluding them.

The US army steps up attacks on suspected al-Qaeda strongholds in Afghanistan and Pakistan, ignoring borders altogether. Civilian casualties are high and the military sets aside many of the political policies that had complicated operations in the region. Supply lines suffer as world conflicts and oil prices complicate resupply.

March 2013

At refineries in the US, UK, France, Spain, & Turkey al-Qaeda terrorists detonate multiple home-made bombs and steal tanker trucks set up for delivery to local gas stations. These are driven into various “soft” targets at 23 sites in the countries. This overwhelms to local emergency services and causes widespread panic across the worlds. Over 2000 casualties are reported. Law enforcement shuts down shipping and hurries to develop strategies to secure tanker deliveries and defend against the attacks. Many guard troops are deployed to protect the sites. Oil prices reach $16.00 a gallon and many stations run out of fuel. Shipping of everything from groceries to medical supplies is effected. A black market for many goods is created almost overnight.

Global oil supplies shrink as reserves are tapped. With the loss of so many refineries gas production cannot keep up with most domestic demand.

China left hurting after their naval debacle, and unable to use ground forces after loosing the sea, launches repeated missile attacks against Japan. The strikes devastate the island and casualties are high. Japan retaliates but has limited missile capacity and the Chinese get a turn to sit on top.

April 2013

Russia invades Poland and floods the diplomatic channels with old grudges and weak justifications for the actions. Russian President Putin gives a lengthy speech on the injustices of the West and vows to save the people of the Capitalist nations. The US comes to the aid of the Polish people and strikes from Germany collapsing the Russian flank. The effect is temporary as supplies run short right away. German units stiffen the line and repulse the Russian counter-attacks easily.

The global economy collapses utterly. Shipping becomes to domain of the militarizes of the world. Domestic supplies of non-local goods stop, local alternatives have to be found.

The first cruise missile containing Viral-X is used in an attack on Japan. The disease mortality rate is 2% and 2.5 million Japanese citizens die in the following months. The airborne attack goes undetected as a biological agent and the hybrid virus overwhelms the medical capacity of Japan in 2 weeks. Us sailors in the region also contract the virus with similar results. Outbreaks are also reported in China but media is quickly stifled so thew extent is unknown at the time.

May 2013

A second wave of Russian troops enters the Polish front and a third strikes South through Turkey Into Iraq. Turkey allows the movements and secures a hefty supply f oil and supplies for the cooperation.

As the ability of the US to project power worsens Iran strikes. Supreme Leader Khomeini fires 3 Russian made ICBM's at the Continental US. One is destroyed by operation SLAM troops but the other 2 strike the continental US. The first missile hits 1.3 miles South of New York city and the second hits Jacksonville Florida. The US counter strikes Iran using 13 ICBM's, all strike their targets and Iran effectively ceases to exist. The Russians react to the US strikes as an attack on their troops and fire a limited strike of their own. The US retaliates. In 24 hours the governments of both nations are wiped out.

As the lone superpower still standing, China turns towards stabilizing it's domestic situation. The dense population of China suffers as Viral-X runs through the country. No effort by the Chinese government has any effect. The virus spreads outside China at an alarming rate and the virus appears on every continent by the end of the month.

With the collapse of the superpowers foreign troops are left stranded all over the globe, effectively told “good luck, you are on your own.”
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