These are the chronicles of a group of adventurers that have come aboard Rediscovery, one of 35 vessels that have made a charter for the land of Arcadia. It is a continent thousands of miles away from the Inner Sea, your motherland. You are one of 97 passengers that have spent the last 5 month on route to what people call a new world. In truth, colonization has been going on for the last 5 years, and several civilizations and tribes have been discovered. Some friendly, some not.

You have come along on this ship to this untamed landscape for some reason. Perhaps to run away from your past; perhaps to be a colonist and become a contributing factor to history in the making, perhaps you know a potentially lucrative deal when you see one, and are here solely for profit and swindle a native out of his hard earned possessions. It doesn't matter much anymore, you will forge your way through. You've talked to the majority of the crew and have befriended a few of the other passengers. They are:

Oret, an Oreadian Monk
Skivven, a Ratfolk Paladin
Cassa, an Assimaric Oracle
Endry, a Halfling Summoner
Joss,a Fetchling Magi

The Ship is currently headed for the small coastal hamlet of World's Edge, next to Fort Stillwater.

The colonists don't talk much of it, but the few adventurers like yourself aboard have heard there might be work from the Pathfinder Society, the highest adventuring guild in all of the Inner Sea. Epics and Tales of the most valorous adventurers to the most despicable villains are written in their records. The land is still very much unknown, and the Pathfinder Society is willing to pay for someone to seek out these unknowns, explore them, and map them out if possible.

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