The planets stopped moving. Everything has been thrown into chaos, and there are opportunities everywhere for a crafty adventurer.

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So, when my disguise wore off, apparently someone from the party spotted me (probably Tinueth or Haroun). That would have been all right, except that then that big oaf sundered the building with his stupid hammer. He could have killed me! Thankfully I jumped out of the way (I should thank my mother for my early training and Adept Satosh for the skills I refined at the Guild), but I still ended up bruising something.

Anyway, we left the rebels down there. As long as you get away, right? I've a sneaking suspicion that we won't be getting off so easily, because we were set upon once we left the sewers. That doesn't bode well for those who live under the palace. Of course I'm going to end up being tarred with the same brush, but I don't even know why yet, seeing as we haven't had a chance for me to be told by the others what happened upstairs in the palace.

I got hit by a few crossbow bolts. Nothing too serious, however. Lost some blood, but that's expected once in a while. Also, something strange happened. When Haroun cast daylight (that appears to be his favorite spell), Cari changed. I don't know how or why, but that worries me. I wonder how many times I've missed seeing it, or if this was the first time it happened. The best line of action is going to be to watch. I'm good at keeping things to myself.
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So, today...
was very interesting. I got to use my new ring. I'm not usually a big fan of jewelry, but I'm a fan of this one. We fought that Gnor the Worm guy and I got a ring that allows me to disguise myself. That is certainly a help in the work I do.

Cari and most of the group headed up to visit Tyrone. Useless, in my opinion. He's a politician, and politicians are definitely not my cup of yummy liquid. Anyway, I'm not entirely sure how that little escapade turned out, but I do know that it ended up with the Tyrone's throne room mostly in darkness and obscuring mist (which is why I knew they were there and had been threatened) and the rest of the group (minus Tinueth and myself) hoofing it out of the room. I wonder what Cari did this time.

But before that, I (and some others) followed the woman and girl from the market. They disappeared down into the palace sewers, and I followed. Turned out that no one else did (that's when Cari went to see the Tyrone), but that made it easier to sneak down into the sewers. It definitely stunk down there. Left, right, right.

Apparently these people live underneath the Tyrone's palace, in ramshackle wooden huts with a relatively moderate-sized fire in one end of the cavern. I disguised myself as a kid and talked to the girl I'd followed from the market. Turns out the Claw is still around, and he seems to have set up his own little kingdom here in the sewers. (If that's not an apt metaphor for how the governments of Zwischen seem to be working, I don't know what would be apt.)

See, the woman had been selling magical items in the market and left after we defeated Gnor. Granted, Kandor had made it pretty messy there, so I don't blame her. But I overheard her talking with the Claw, who ended up slapping her. (If I hadn't been disguised as a little kid, I probably would have done something stupid.) They were talking about the fact that she had to sell the items wherever he wanted her to.

You know, my studies have shown that people who act like that can't be trusted with leadership, but somehow end up with it anyway. I don't like the Claw, and I've never liked the Tyrone. He's shifty and the Claw's mean. They are rebels against the Tyrone--someone had better give me a good reason to go along. I want to find out why the worlds have stopped moving, not be stuck here with some dead-end job in Gareth Fjord (I mean, Tyrone). I have no desire to be part of a city's government. Dad would just point out that we've got to scrape along best we can, that governments are there to get in a person's way.

Anyway, the rest of the group burst into the cavern where I was. I was still disguised, so I asked Haroun what they were doing there and how they'd escaped from Tyrone. I was hoping that they'd figure out it was me, but it doesn't seem as if they did. They've set up camp.

Hmm. I don't like the sound of what they're planning. Hmm.
Session: Foment away - Sunday, Feb 03 2013 from 7:45 AM to 9:45 AM
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Well, with all that's going on. . .
I haven't written much. We got something out of the spider fight, though. I got to crack into a case and split up the goods. Nothing too expensive.

Then there was a guardian near the mouth of the fissure. Cari tried to turn it off with magic and it colorsprayed everything within a certain area, knocking Tinueth out. (I don't think she's overly fond of Cari.)

We ended up fighting some bats; they didn't attack light, so I could use my ioun stone to see. Much better. Until we saw the creepy stone hands holding onto our feet. The levitating boots Cari had claimed from the chest sent her rocketing into the air and down the shaft. If it hadn't been perilous, it would have been hilarious. Fortunately, the boots stopped misbehaving.

Cari went after Kandor, who'd jumped into the fissure like he hadn't a care in the world. After that, we met a talking bat on the edge of the fissure. I had my suspicions about her, but everyone wanted to go down, and she offered a way.

Turned out she was a drow who owed some minotaurs a debt, and we were her payment. They flew us into a clearing and left us there. Apparently the minotaurs have a female prisoner from Zwischen and they wanted her to make an object that would provide them further cover on raids.

Of course, they usually raid Zwischen, raid places like Father's holding and what's left of the villages and farms around it. So I can understand her reticence, but we were in a bit of a sticky situation. We went back out to the minotaurs, not having accomplished what they wanted us to do. I was sure that we were going to end up fighting--and dying--but we didn't. Pleasantly surprised about that.

We didn't end up dying because apparently Kandor belongs to this particular group of minotaurs. Like in, we met his father. He seemed a bit ill at ease to have us there, and that makes me wonder why. His actions have been nothing like what would be expected from a minotaur from a raiding family. So I wonder.

Anyway, we got the prisoner to make the object and the minotaurs to raid the orcs with the object. That doesn't necessarily mean they'll keep that promise, but we're not dead.

The best part of the adventure so far, though, has been seeing the light--the actual light of DerAlteste--filtering through the mushrooms. Almost like I had imagined it, growing up in Father's holding. Granted, I've seen a glimpse when Father and Mother took me to the Edge several years ago, but no words can truly describe how beautiful it was, with the steam hanging around the mushrooms.

It stunk of death and decay, however, because DerNacht isn't supposed to have light, which withers and burns the fungi, among other things. (Though part of me wonders why DerAlteste made a realm of darkness. Why couldn't we all have light? Or alternating light and darkness? It certainly isn't fair to have one realm of light, one of darkness, and one which alternates.)

And who would benefit the most from having Zwischen plunged into darkness? DerHoch, not DerNacht. But I cannot make conclusions until I have the facts. Facts first, then conclusions. That's the Guild's way.
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