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I haven't touched this journal in months. I kept thinking I'd get around to it soon. I was just reminded that I won't necessarily have that luxury. I feel that I should leave behind a record of events to enlighten any adventurers that happen upon me. My party has certainly benefited from the writings of the unfortunate souls we've come across.

We've been extremely successful in our travels. We put a ghost to rest, prevented otherworldly entities from invading a city, and fulfilled the wishes of a powerful dead warlock's patron. The challenges always felt surmountable. Hell, I've already beat dead once. I write this from a low point in my carrier.

I'm laying on the bench of a desecrated church trying to sleep. I'm missing chucks of skin, covered in bloody bite marks. and there are piles of mutilated corpses twenty feet away from me. Wilkas had a break down a few minutes ago; seems our human does have the most humanity of our group. I'm just tired. The emotions might hit later, but my mind is refusing them for now.

We were sent to investigate a town that went dark a couple weeks ago. I was expecting some magical event, maybe a shield keeping people in or entities holding the town hostage. I did not expect a massacre on this scale.

The town is overrun by ghouls. Its not a normal outbreak. They've covered the location in bone power, some sick imitation of the White Kingdom. What happened here was intentional. That means there is an entity capable of these out there both in terms of power and evil. If we can do anything to harm that being, maybe I can try to justify he town's fate to myself as a kind of martyrdom.

On our approach, we found a family trapped in a farm house. Going to the house attracted the creatures which resulted in the quick death of the oldest member of the family. If we hadn't come they would all have died, I'm sure the grandfather would forgive us.

The best way we could think of to get the family out was to run a diversion. We split up in field and did everything we could think of to look more desirable that the fleeing family.

I had a plan. I was going to let a strong one have at me for a while then teleport away and paralyze him with a dread star evocation. I never had the chance. It leaped on me and started to eat me alive. I could barely move or speak, I lost control in less than half a minute.

I briefly entertained the idea of letting it happen, doing as much as I could to keep their attention so the family get away. Something about the way it swallowed after ripping a piece of my shoulder snapped me out of it. I used all my potions. Every move and every invocation was a feeble effort at self preservation.

I did everything I knew until I was spent. My vision faded. I went numb and could only feel the pressure of its bite as I blacked out. I was too busy thinking of any last ditch trick I could do to even acknowledge I was dying.

I'm not sure how they did it, but they got it off me and brought me back from the brink. The scars from this will be gruesome. Once I was up, we decided that finding a safe place in town was the best option. Leaving would attract just as much attention and we'd need to come back anyway.

We found the church quickly, but there is nothing living in here. Just half eaten bodies of the refugees. No sign of how the attackers left. Maybe I won't wake up when I finally get to sleep. I could take some precautions, but I'm too tired and hurt to care. If you find this and there is the body of a gnome nearby, you are in danger. Good Luck.
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My Fourth Life
I spent a decade as an astronomer's daughter, two decades as an outcast and two more as a cleric's pupil in a small town. Three very different lives. Now I'm ready to start my fourth one.

I was invited to join the Duris and I accepted. I will accompany my companions from this last excursion on more adventures. Maryam approves; I can do more good in the world at large than I ever could in this town.

For our first assignment we traveled for weeks to get to a swamp and investigate an apparent haunting of a tower in an old noble manor. When we arrived, we found the main section blocked by a strange fog.

We've spent the last few days solving strange puzzles the eccentric nobles decided to place in their tomb to get past it. At one point I spent several minutes yelling curses at statues as I tried to break them. We'll be venturing past the fog shortly; I wonder what we'll find.
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