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This forum was created for the M.E.S. Sanctioned Garou Chronicle.

The setting - Brevard County, Modern Nights Werewolf:The Apocalypse.

Location: Windover Archaeological Dig

In ancient times, when this land was younger, more primal - Men would come to this bog to bury their dead, beliving that the gas pockets released from the mire were the souls of the dead, passing from this real into the next and guided by the spirits of the land to the realm of their ancestors. This powerful belief saturated this area, and it became protected, holy to all but the most cynical minds. Spirits of the Shadow congregated here to assure that the men who left their dead in the bog were not believing in vein. Werewolves - Garou - watched this land and protected it from the Wyrm.

That is ancient history. Time moves on, and has a habit of repeating itself...

Now this land is covered in a lattice work of streets, lamp posts, houses, and power lines. The Weaver's web has stretched it's subtle tendrils across the area in recent history, trapping the raw power and wonder that the bog holds under the weight of the banality of logic and reason, when none should be seen. This has began stripping this once holy site of the last of it's power. The spirits are dying, and with them, the land itself has began to fade.

Will you be brave enough to venture in and face what could be there? Is your thirst for Glory or Wisdom strong enough to fortify you against what could be waiting? Or do you want to do the honorable thing, and free this land of whatever has tainted it? Steel yourselves, ready your weapons, and ask yourself this:

When will you Rage?

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