Vampire: Political wars between the covenants, the discovery of the occult and the desire to hold onto humanity, while being the monster you are. It's a constant struggle to survive in the mortal world.

Werewolf: Spirits exist in the world and some don't respect the boundaries of the spirit wall. It's time to protect the world from the evil spirits, and The Pure: Werewolves who refused to fight against father wolf during the fall of Pangaea

Mage: Awakened beings who often have to deal with the struggle of corrupt magic in the world, as well as paradox: the force that prevents reality from "breaking" from magic being used.

Changeling: Mortals who were kidnapped by the fae and taken into the hedge (the realm of the fae) and treated as slaves for their fae, until they managed to somehow escape and return to the mortal world.

Geist: Mortals who have had a close experience with death, and while dying were approached by a shadow which gave them a second chance back at life providing they serve their shadow.

Hunter: All those guys up there? They are bizarre and don't belong, they either belong dead or on my wall.

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Dear diary,
tday I saw the neetest gal with big sharp teeth an green skin eetin a pig in the barn
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