In the year 2260 Earth fell under a one world government originally called the "Last Hope Project" that carefully micromanaged people's lives to keep the species alive and well enough to research extra-solar travel capabilities after having thoroughly exploited the solar system.

FTL drives were finally invented in 2420, by this time the population had dropped from 19 billion to 6 billion. Little other progress was made in this time, most of humanity spent the time in cryo with brief awakenings to work on assigned projects.

LHP immediantly sent out swarms of colony ships to every promising looking planet. During this time, LHP remained in control of society. People have controlled lives where they are assigned jobs without any choice; however, relatively few people are upset by the situation.

Many goods can be manifactored by nano-factories. Everyone in the galaxy can get any food they want at any time and have it be nutritious. Further, Videos games have advanced to the stage that the majority of the population is satisfied working their assigned jobs and spending he rest of their time playing VR games.

Since the beginning of the expansion, several alien species have been discovered. Many are very advanced; however, humans appears to be the first to have achieved FTL. LHP sends aid to these planets in exchange for members to enter their "assigned work system". Aliens tend to be less pleased with this system as it is essentially just a particularly pleasurable slavery.

Of the alien life forms discovered, the most interesting are reality worms. R.worms have evolved to manipulate reality in ways that are not yet understood. They live on a garden planet that is very similar to Earth in terms of atmosphere, composition, temperature, star type, and solar distance. Unlike Earth, it only has two other planets in its system, both are massive gas giants.

These worm can be integrated to the human nervous system to form a symbiotic relationship in which the human give nutrients to the worm in exchange for controlling its powers. The level to which one can control a worm relies on some innate ability that is also poorly understood. People who use worms in this way are formally called "Transcendent Hosts", but most people call them names that invoke fantasy magic users. such as "mage" or "psion". Common knowledge says the worms are mindless, but their behavior seems eerily intelligent at times. Being assigned an R.worm is quickly becoming common for important citizens.

Thus, humanity expands and advances at the direction of the LHP. Toward what it advances remains to be seen.

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