Verbobonc Dark
605 CY
The King Failed to Return....

  • Verbobonc fell in 600 CY with the destruction of the last defense (Lanced Battalion) and the death of Kennus.
  • Verbobonc is ruled by the evil tyrant Podrick.
  • No weapon is allowed to be carried within the city (punishable by death).
  • A strict curfew is in place.
  • A organized resistance called "The Brass Rings" has been operating within the city walls in open rebellion against the tyrant rule. The faction is formed of: acolytes of St. Cuthbert, followers of Olidammara, members of the Scarlet Guild (local thieves/assassins guild), and Rangers of the Gnarly Wood (Rangers of the South). Safe houses and ambushes are marked by an "O". Members use a brass ring (of a sort) as the primary identifier.
(The following is:
From The Fellowship and the Crow)

Return of the King
604 CY
Sunsebb 15
Oerth is in chaos.
Verbobonc has fallen.
The Cathedral of St. Cuthbert has been destroyed.
The tyrant Podrick has declared himself King.
A huge blue dragon raids the surrounding lands.

A small band of Rangers, mercenaries, and the remains of the Lance Battalion (led by the aging Tormand) have banned together in open rebellion to protect the lands to the south.

The world waits for a savior to unite the good world against evil...

Who will save the world?

As the group heads to the moat house outside of Hommlet, a sinister fog surrounds them and transports them to the haunted land of Sourange. They fight their way back to the known world 15 years later. What to do now?

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Dwarves love dragons- when properly tenderized.
Bitch. Where would the Spider Queen get a Blue Dragon to try and ruin our rebellion? Flying over our city, like it had a right to be there instead of skewered on some Cavalier’s lance. Isn’t that some sort of invitation to kill her minions?

Hmmmm. Dwarves hate dragons. Maybe we could find some to help us get rid of the dragon. A plan is hatched....
Session: Episode 16 - Wednesday, Nov 07 2018 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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Tags: dragon , dwarfs
Escaping the Cairn
Fireseek 22
The group finds its way out of the cairn.
Chiz breaks his arm
Monk goes to the cloister

Fireseek 28
They arrive at Verbobonc
Return to The Players Inn
Greeted by Folliero
Elwita cares for Chiz
The thief and Magic-user leave to train

One Week Later
Readying 7
The Monk returns
They decide to leave Verbobonc to head back to the Cairn
Session: Episode 16 - Wednesday, Nov 07 2018 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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Tags: Recap
3 Days
Fireseek 20 - 22
The group enter the Fighter Guardian Room
Macross finds out he loves his new dagger.
Enter Chiz Linstone the friend of the elven cleric.
The group almost gets annihilated by skeletons.
All party members are unconscious except Macross who does not know what to do.
Session: Episode 15 - Wednesday, Oct 17 2018 from 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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Death by Bearhug
Fireseek 20
The group exists the Wizard Guardian room carrying The Moose' body.
An elf falls through the cairn entrance.
Enter <insert name> the elf.

The group finds another secret door under the 2nd throne.
They head to the "Thief Guardian" room.
They battle a black sheet monster.

The group rests for 8 hours in the main chamber.

They find another secret room.
The "Cleric Guardian" Room
All hell breaks loose as Gaznak is killed by a bear rug that turns out to be a monster.

More magic is found in the room.
Some good / Some bad.
Session: Episode 14 - Wednesday, Oct 10 2018 from 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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Tags: Recap
The Valley of the Kings and the fall of The Moose
Fireseek 19

The adventurers solve the riddle to enter the cairn.
"I Command you in the name of the King"

They enter the cairn which is 30 feet below down a shaft which opens into a 40-foot room of the four kings.

The Moose decides to take some armor from one of the kings.

Macross finds a secret passage under one of the throwns by pushing on the throne.

It opens to a passage below carved out of solid stone.

The passage narrows into a 3 x 3-foot crawlspace with a small door.

One the door is inscribed "The Wizard Guardian"

Orlen triggers a trap and fries everyone.

They open the door.

Enter into a room that looks like a study (Bookshelf with scrolls and volumes, potions, desk, closet).

Out of the closet bursts and abomination. He attacks without warning.

The Moose is killed and Orlen/Macross are wounded severely.

Orlen saves everyone and destroys the creature with the wand he finds on the table.

Session: Episode 13 - Wednesday, Oct 03 2018 from 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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Tags: Recap
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