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At Etterboek
Readying 11
Late afternoon

The group arrives at Etterboek to find the village destroyed by dragon breath.
They search for survivors.
Some dangers and treasures are found.

From the sky comes an evil demon on a fire breathing stallion animating the dead of Ettenboek.

Session: Episode 22 - Wednesday, Jan 09 2019 from 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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The Village of Hommlet
Readying 12
A new group of young adventurers sets out from Hommlet to the nearby, abandoned moat house.
Magic-User, OAK
Fighter, SPIKE
Cleric of Hieroneous

Readying 13
Two new companions join the group

Rumors of groups from far off lands are gathering in Hommlet.
A storm is brewing.
Session: Episode 21 (Hommlet Group) - Thursday, Dec 27 2018 from 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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The Jewels of St. Cuthbert
Where do I begin?
What a game.

Readying 9
Explore the Well at the Cloister
The group finds the stashed treasures of Cuthbert which were saved during the sack of Verbobonc.

Readying 10
Wait for Healing
Strider comes to the cloister with news of a gathering at Hommlet.
A huge Blue Dragon is seen speeding off south and then returning north.

Readying 11
Kilkennard returns in the form of "The Crow"
Orlen converts to St. Cuthbert
The group leaves for Hommlet

Many things are on the horizon.
Session: Episode 20 - Wednesday, Dec 19 2018 from 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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Journey to the Cloister
Readying 8
The group succumbs to exhaustion and sleeps during the day under cover of the Gnarley Wood.

Readying 9
They set out after dusk to travel to the cloister.
Attacked on the road by a scimitar-wielding werewolf and his henchmen wolves.
The group finds a dispatch with the seak of the spider queen:
Patrol the East
<Spider Queen Symbol>

The group arrives at the cloister and is greeted by a squad of URAK Orcs.
They find another dispatch:

Hold the cloister
Reinforcements will be arriving on Readying 12
<Spider Queen Symbol>

What to do with this information?
Session: Episode 19 - Wednesday, Dec 12 2018 from 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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Valley of the Hill Giant
Readying 8

After walking along the south road all night the group welcomes morning. They decide to keep moving south, heading towards the cloister.
They run into a group of goblin scouts mounted on dire wolves.
Orlen saves the day with several sleep spells.
Later in the morning, they are confronted by a hill giant blocking the road and demanding a toll.
Session: Episode 18 - Wednesday, Dec 05 2018 from 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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DOOM! DOOM! Marches the Army North!!!!
Readying 7

Riot the Cleric of Cuthbert joins the group at Folliero's request.
The ground shakes!!
An army marches north towards Verbobonc lead by a black rider.
The army bears the standard of the spider queen.
DOOM! DOOM for Verbobonc!!!

A Drider scout is encountered.
He flees!!!

Several Warg Riders attack the party!
They question one of the goblins! Nothing!

Heading south the group finds a platoon of orcs slaughtered!
White Arrows sticking out of their backs.

Searching the bodies they find a map written in ORC!
The map shows twp points:
1. Verbobonc
2. The village of Sundown surrounded by a 8 pointed star!
Session: Episode 17 - Wednesday, Nov 14 2018 from 9:00 PM to 12:30 AM
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Escaping the Cairn
Fireseek 22
The group finds its way out of the cairn.
Chiz breaks his arm
Monk goes to the cloister

Fireseek 28
They arrive at Verbobonc
Return to The Players Inn
Greeted by Folliero
Elwita cares for Chiz
The thief and Magic-user leave to train

One Week Later
Readying 7
The Monk returns
They decide to leave Verbobonc to head back to the Cairn
Session: Episode 16 - Wednesday, Nov 07 2018 from 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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Death by Bearhug
Fireseek 20
The group exists the Wizard Guardian room carrying The Moose' body.
An elf falls through the cairn entrance.
Enter <insert name> the elf.

The group finds another secret door under the 2nd throne.
They head to the "Thief Guardian" room.
They battle a black sheet monster.

The group rests for 8 hours in the main chamber.

They find another secret room.
The "Cleric Guardian" Room
All hell breaks loose as Gaznak is killed by a bear rug that turns out to be a monster.

More magic is found in the room.
Some good / Some bad.
Session: Episode 14 - Wednesday, Oct 10 2018 from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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The Valley of the Kings and the fall of The Moose
Fireseek 19

The adventurers solve the riddle to enter the cairn.
"I Command you in the name of the King"

They enter the cairn which is 30 feet below down a shaft which opens into a 40-foot room of the four kings.

The Moose decides to take some armor from one of the kings.

Macross finds a secret passage under one of the throwns by pushing on the throne.

It opens to a passage below carved out of solid stone.

The passage narrows into a 3 x 3-foot crawlspace with a small door.

One the door is inscribed "The Wizard Guardian"

Orlen triggers a trap and fries everyone.

They open the door.

Enter into a room that looks like a study (Bookshelf with scrolls and volumes, potions, desk, closet).

Out of the closet bursts and abomination. He attacks without warning.

The Moose is killed and Orlen/Macross are wounded severely.

Orlen saves everyone and destroys the creature with the wand he finds on the table.

Session: Episode 13 - Wednesday, Oct 03 2018 from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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A chance encounter...
Fireseek 22
You all join up after Baldomero's battle with the Orc Sargent. Slipping through the corridors. To the left, in a corner between two houses, Macross spots an abnormal mass of thick spider webs. He looks closer and it appears that it is swarming with black widow spiders. Pointing this out to the group, everyone continues forward, carefully avoiding the find.

You turn the corner into a narrow alley after leaving the peculiar webs and see a lonely man leaning on a crooked staff. He wears a crumbled brimmed hat.
"My friends. I beg of you to leave this city. This is a bad time and will only get deadlier as the night approaches."
He peers at you, tilting his head.
"Seek the 6th Cairn." He hands you a crumbled piece of paper.
You turn your head to the paper, and like that he is gone...
Above where he stood, on a rooftop, is a filthy raven, watching you, tilting his head back and forth.

The adventurers make it to Orlen's hovel with some trouble.
It is more evident that bad things are happening in Verbobonc.
They grab Orlen's spell book and make it over the wall and camp in the woods overnight.

Fireseek 18
The adventurers head down the south road and run into Roglathon & company.
The rangers furnish them with supplies and horses.
They camp with the rangers and rest the night.

Fireseek 19
Heading out
The come to the lightning tree and the valley of the kings.

Session: Episode 12 - Wednesday, Sep 26 2018 from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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Epic × 2!
A fine meeting
Fireseek 22
High Noon
After defeating the ruffians the group meets a curious soul - Gaznak of the Scarlet Guild who is sent to aid Macross and company.

Troubles ensue as they try to make it to dagger alley.

Rats from the sewers
Orcs are put to sleep by Orlen
An attempted theft of Macross' rapier
And the highlight of the night is:
The Monk squares off with an Orc Sargent

Will they ever make it to the northern borders of the city?
Session: Episode 11 - Wednesday, Sep 19 2018 from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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The flute that plays no more....
Fireseek 17

En route to Dagger Alley, the group scales down the fortified wall of Verbobonc.

They steer clear of the walls patrols and head down a known trail that circles the outer city. Two bonfires flank the southern gates guarded by a platoon of drunken soldiers, so they stay clear and avoid detection.

A giant appears before them. The group drops into cover. But, the Moose cannot resist charging in, protecting everyone. He meets the club of the beast head on and is knocked 20 feet, unconscious.
One by one the players fall.
Macross is knocked down.
Orlen is down.
Jethro is nearly decapitated.
In desperation, Baldomero flees to lure the beast away.

Baldomero makes it back to The Player's Inn.
Siga of the North joins him to rescue the fellow Brass Rings.

Meanwhile, Ming applies an Orc salve to Orlen to bring him consciousness, saving his life.
Orlen is able to rummage through packs and apply salves to Macross and Moose.

Siga and Baldomero make it back.

They return to the Players Inn to lick their wounds.

6 days later...

Fireseek 22

They decide to travel north through the city hiding their weapons in a wheelbarrow filled with manure.
They run into some street ruffians and put them in their place.
Macross takes the high road, sparing their lives, with a small bag of silver.

Session: Episode 10 - Wednesday, Sep 12 2018 from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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Heading North
Fireseek 17

The Players:
Moose the Fighter

The adventurers decide to head back to the Players Inn and check on Jethro. He is in good hands being cared for by Elwita.

Folliero is gone on a mission to the northern side of Verbobonc.

They decide to head north too rather than stay at the Inn.

Before curfew, they head out and witness 6 Orc guards harassing a little girl. Moose without hesitation attack the Orcs. As the tide turns bad, Orlen casts sleep on the whole group, hitting the party also.

Ming wakes them all up by licking their faces.

They head to the city wall and attempt to scale it to get out of the city. Macross falls from 20 feet up, slipping on a loose stone.

They finally get to the top and encounter 6 Bugbears. Orlen puts two to sleep and the rest attack. They barely make it out alive as The Moose goes down.


Session: Episode 9 - Wednesday, Aug 29 2018 from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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So. You want to be a BRASS RING? (Goldenrod Edition)
Session 8 / So. Do you want to be a BRASS RING? / 8-22-2018 Fireseek 4 - 17

Jethro is still recovering from his broken arm. Aurence entertains in the Players Inn. The Moose is sick with the flu. Orlen continues his studies with THE SAGE.

Macross and Baldomero are back from their training and meet up with Folliero. The Monk wants to officially be a BRASS RING. Folliero gives them a task to achieve: "Murder the Traitor/Aristocrat Unser".

They set out to Unsers' Manor. Complications happen as they try to make their way into the manor house. The end result is Macross kills Unser and burns down the manor. Baldomero is critically wounded.

Baldomero rests for a week while Macross heads off to his guild for more training

Unsers' Manor
Session: Episode 8 - Wednesday, Aug 22 2018 from 9:30 PM to 12:30 AM
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Clearing the Dungeon
Clearing the Dungeon
Session 7 / Clearing the Dungeon / 8-14-2018 Fireseek 4

The group pressed forward deeper into the dungeon. In the hallway, they battle an undead corpse with glowing red eyes.

Moving forward they find treasure and fight a minotaur. After the big battle, Jethro breaks his arm and falls prey to a wall trap. The group decides to leave the dungeon and head to the Players Inn. Macross goes to his guild for training. Folliero introduces Orlen to "The SAGE" who will assist in training. Baldomero leaves with Siga to head to the ruined cloister. Jethro is bedridden for a week recovering from wounds.

Session: Episode 7 - Tuesday, Aug 14 2018 from 9:30 PM to 12:30 AM
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Tags: Recap
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