Malleus is at a dire turning point in its history. The surface of this is ruled by 4 human monarchs and 3 elven lords, as well as the 12 orkish clans who rule the unsettled lands between, with an emerging Halfling oligarchy rounding them out. The underground is ruled by a council of the gnomish archtinker and three dwarf foremen.

The problem is this: centuries of diplomatic peace have resulted in so many royal marriages that the lines between these rulers' families have become very blurred. The culmination of this is at hand: a child is soon to be born who is within the line of succession of every human and elven kingdom, as well as one of the powerful Halfling oligarchs, and one of the dwarf foremen. An orkish shaman has examined the child's mother, and proclaimed that the child is the Kha'Garash, their name for a prophesied chosen one, who will unite the clans—though the prophesy is unclear as to whether the clans will unite behind him, or against him.

Already, there are whisperings of war between the clans and the human nation whose princess carries this child. Centuries of peace are about to be undone, and it is all but certain that the world will never be the same. It must either unite behind this supreme leader, or be reduced to thousands of warring states as it was 1500 years ago.

The portals to the Hells and the Abyss have opened, with the fiends bringing their blood war to the surface in an attempt to control the fate of the child. The entire southern continent is in a panic over this sudden invasion. Mechanus and Limbo show signs of stirring in the Eastern and Western continent, and even the celestials may inevitably forced to war amongst themselves—and ally with their respective fiendish counterparts for the first time in the recorded history of the multiverse.

With every plane lined up to make their presence felt, the outsider forces will most certainly destroy the world if the material plane does not come to a solution, quickly. The fate of the multiverse rests in your hands. Find a solution, before it's too late.

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