Throughout the incomprehensibly infinite number of planes of existence the prime plane was the more diverse of them all and on that plane the world of Mystara had the most diverse creatures, races and entities. With such an array of creatures this planet above all others garnered the attention of immortal gods so much so that among the gods the world of Mystara was known as the battleground, wars were waged in the minds of men, of vile beasts, within lovers kisses and feuding families.

most sentient beings of the world fear being used by these deities least it destroys them and theirs or worse, but in all of the ages that have been there has only been one way that has given some measure of protection from such power, devotion to one of these divine beings to emulate their philosophies and ways.

In the world of Mystara, on the continent of Brun, within the Grand Duchy of Karameikos in the town of Luin the lives of four will determine the fate of nations.

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Aereth (3.5)
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