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    Imogene Pawn (Chess Piece)/F/Gourmancer
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    Ibid Card/M
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    Description:"kitten" willow. Pussy willow plant type
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    Fritz Mink/M
    Description:Fritz is a tall thin Mink who has dyed and trimmed his fur to look like a weasal. He is currently a bounty Hunter who brings down his prey fast and hard. He has a dark sense of humor an sharp aim to match.
    Background:Fritz was once a light hearted Mink who owned and tended a vineyard that made some of the sweetest wine in all of wonderland. That was until tradgedy struck and set him on a course of vengeance. Now his dark focus is on bringing justice to those who wronged him any way possible. The bloodier the ...
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    Gunther Human/M/Novice
    Description:Gunther stands at 1.75 meters tall and weighs about 8 stones. He has straight hair in a lighter medium brown color. His hair cut as stylishly as the average mop, with it at a slight angle so it stay out of his eyes. His eyes are a red brown-color and he has youthful features. He wears the kind of...
    Background:Gunther's life isn't especially abnormal for a human boy of 16 and 1/2 living in Wonderland. He lived a relatively carefree life, which was good for him, since he doesn't really have any real talents to speak of. Upon finding his way to Wonderland, he learned of the trinity, and that no one wo...
    Details:His likes include berries, intellectual subjects (although they often confuse him,) and things that remind him of the past. He doesn't care for eating anything he has seen while it was alive, things related to his at present in the real world, or clear skies, as they remind him of his irrational ...

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