The story begins in the City of Rydone in the Kingdom of Rydony, one of the last remaining Kingdom's on the Continent of Light, nine of the twelve have already fallen into the hands of shadow. Since the death of Queen Hilde her husband King Regent Lothar has been ruling until his daughter Kora comes of age.
Lothar's older brother Cederik also known as Cid, rules in the nearby Kingdom of Perdon, however their relationship is not a good one after Rydony refused aid to the other kingdom's as the shadow collapsed on their territories. Distrustful of Lothar's pet mages, Perdon has distanced itself to the point where there are no diplomatic relations with Rydony.
Kora learns that she is to be wed to the Lord Magus of the Ivory Tower, and decides she must do something, and makes the difficult decision to escape the castle and seek aid to help her father out of the influence his mages.

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