A warrior takes sword in hand,
clasping a gem to his heart.
Engraving vanishing memories into the sword,
He places finely honed skills into the stone.
Spoken from the sword,
handed down from the stone...

Old Valendian 780
It is an age of magic, of technology, of airships that soar the skies and of brewing wars. With its lands divided into seven kingdoms, Ivalice has prospered for the past 70-some years. This is due, in part, to the existence of the Clans: bands of brave adventurers gathered among all the races of Ivalice.

Seeking fame and fortune, Clans take on dangerous jobs from clearing out areas infested with monsters to exploring new and unknown lands. Competition is fierce among Clans and only the strongest carve out an enduring legacy worthy of passing down in song and story.

Of its seven kingdoms, the greatest is the Holy Ydoran Empire. Situated on the southeastern coast of Ivalice, this powerful nation stands as the central figure keeping all others in check and discouraging any outbreaks of full scale military conflicts. It also serves as the seat of the Fara Church, the most popular and widely accepted religion in Ivalice, at its capital Mullonde.

Northwest of the Holy Ydoran Empire rests the kingdom of Lesalia. Situated in the center of Ivalice, it acts as a major point of travel and trade among all other kingdoms. Prosperous, from these exchanges, Lesalia could be considered the most important of the kingdoms despite the strength possessed by Ydora. With so much business conducted throughout its lands, there is never a shortage of need for Clans to resolve the various problems that arise.

Thus, with great ambitions, many brave souls converge on the capital of this kingdom: the Royal City of Lesalia. There, these talented individuals seek to join or even form their own Clan in the hope to chase after their dreams.

However, a wind of change has begun to blow through Ivalice. Wild monsters grow more agitated and fierce, attacking innocent people and trade caravans without hesitation. Rumors stir of kingdoms plotting to go to war. Dissatisfied with their current level of success, some Clans begin resorting to banditry disregarding the laws of the land.

How long can this tense peace remain?

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