It's been nearly 200 years since the Heroes of Atreion made their legendary journey that forever changed the world. Although much of the destruction caused during that time has healed, the earth still bears its scars, serving as a constant reminder at how close it all nearly came to an end.

For the past century, civilization has enjoyed a boon in a renaissance with the discovery of vast amounts of forgotten technology. These new discoveries infused with arcane research have become the basis for what's commonly known today as Magitek. The kingdom of Ferizan, which once stood as the last bastion of human civilization during The Tribulations, saw its power, wealth, and influence explode to immense proportions and was quickly recognized as the capital city for all of the continent of Andur.

The Kingdom of Ferizan, governed by a monarchy instilled in place by the Quintillis family, ruled over this prosperous time with wisdom and grace until young Aldon Quintillis, the child-king, died suddenly from an unexpected illness, leaving no legitimate heir to the throne. The Kingdom is now dealing with its first legitimate conflict between Duke Thabel Quintillis, a distant cousin to Aldon Quintillis, and Baron Voldemond Blacksill, long-standing steward and advisor to the crown. Both men have made claim to the throne with neither side willing to relent. One thing is certain. Civil war is coming.

Players will ultimately have to choose which side they support. Choosing rebellion to overthrow the current monarchy is also a valid choice...just not a popular one (or a strategically safe one as you'll be considered a criminal by both sides).

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