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    Tristan Delacroix Human/M/Stkr/Swordwaltzer/1
    "Hah? Don't make me think about such troublesome things."
    Description:Tristan is a tall, sharp eyed young man with a fierce glint to his expression that is reminiscent to that of a shark's. He wears a light, black silk tunic decorated with red trimmings over a tight-fitting hide shirt, bound again by tight bandages over his torso. His skin tone is fair, speckled by...
    Background:Tristan is the bastard son of Victor Delacroix, premiere duelist and personal fencing instructor to the royal family itself. As a result of his considerable reputation, Victor expected a certain excellence in all of his children, even the baseborn Tristan. In what was something of an upset in the...
    Details:Tristan is something of a brat, with more skill with the sword than he has sense. One would think getting framed for a murder plot and being forced into fleeing the country would put your life into perspective, but not Tristan. Life on the run has treated Tristan well enough, and outside of the F...
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    Bayard of Blackburne Human/M/Ldr/Cavalier (Luring Cavalier)/Cleric/1
    "Rarely are we able, but always we must be willing."
    Description:A man of average height, straight back, wind-burned skin and well-developed upper body of a cavalier. His green eyes glow with an intense internal light and his face often splits into a sparkling broken-toothed grin. Unlike most cavaliers, he usually dresses in the leather armor of an outrider...
    Background:Where ever Bayard came from or what he did prior to signing on with the local Order of the Blue Rose, he would give you a stern look that lasts for a heartbeat... Then laugh, clap you on the shoulder and say, "Don't ask silly questions." Truly, whatever had happened to him, the rollicking devo...
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    Ossian the Blind Human/M/Stkr/Fighter/Oracle/1
    "Don't judge me by what you think I can not do, judge me by what I do."
    Description:Ossian's appearance is dominated by his milky eyes. He is taller than average and with black hair, but mostly seems gentle. When needed he seems to transform into almost someone else who is much more imposing.
    Background:Ossian was born all but blind and orphaned from a young age. He was raised in an orphanage of Sarenrae. The boys of the orphanage were among other things raised to be men at arms in the service of Sarenrae. Ossian on the other hand was not. What use was a blind man at arms. Ossian was very m...
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    Garus d'Deneith Human/M/Factotum/Inquisitor/1
    "Attention pays..."
    Description:Garus d'Deneith was born into the lower upper class by virtue of his father Colonal Karnath d'Deneith and his mother Katherine d'Desperough. Not a fan of the many (social) rules and (unspoken) implications he did love leveraging them for personal gain. As well as the feast for the eyes his so...
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    Kyomi Wildheart Feonix/F/Summoner//Druid (Wolf Shaman)/1
    Background:Kyomi was born in the forest of Villian. From birth, she had been skilled at taming wild animals. Before she was even taken in by a wandering druid as an apprentice, she had befriended Claw, the wolf by her side at all times. When she was seen in her home camp by the druid, she was immediately as...
    Details:Kyomi Wildheart Kyomi is, as her name suggests, wild at heart. While in civilization, she pulls a hood over her face and covers her body in a cloak, which results in her appearing as a human to most people. She isn't ashamed of her features, but she understands that its easier to travel throug...
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    Bronson Bullrider Dwarf/M/Stkr/Cavalier (Beastrider)/ Gunslinger (Gun Tank)/1
    "Fire away!"
    Description:There are two things that Bronson always needs to hand- a powder horn, and his pipe. To this end, the powder horn hangs round his neck, and the pipe is stored in a special beard clasp. He has tiny twinkling black eyes, and his beard bristles like briars.
    Background: Bronson was born to the Bullrider family, the great dwarf clan who's name comes from his great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother, the legendary Brunhilda Bullrider, who charged headlong at the fire giant armies of Frigvald the Mighty on the back of a farm bull wielding a giant ancestra...

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