There's adventure to be had on the high seas when Krass's Komrades seize a ship and becomes embroiled in the plots and politics of the Shackles—an infamous island chain dominated by pirate warlords. But as these new swashbucklers make names for themselves, rival scalawags, enemy navies, legendary sea monsters, and the infamous Hurricane King himself seek to see them walk the plank. Who will survive when there's glory to plunder?

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New Crew, Kraken Boneyard, & Zombie Pirates
After last weeks lost of Fips, Bar-stool Bubba, and Tiki, the Kraken's Keg headed into Blood Cove to sell some mackerel and silk rope and to recruit more members to our crew.

Captain K'Salty schedule a very kind ship leave shcedule--one half the crew received three days and the second half of the crew received four days if that agreed to take it after the first half the crew returned from leave.

Rumor of Kraken bonds washed up on the shore of a deserted island inspired our investigations into this riddle

Along Reptile way
From Venom to Shell to Maw
There rests a whale shaped island.

Recruiting went well--we drafted Buckets of Fish Bob, Google, Gloums, Charlimange Monsieur Monet, Snipes, and Kanga.

We headed to retrieve the Kraken bones when we spotted the Death Knell of Whalebone Pilk ringing its bell and preparing to attack. We waited and prepared for three days and when the attack came we were able to repel the zombie ship and send it to the bottom of the Sea
Session: New Crew - Monday, Feb 24 2014 from 12:00 AM to 3:00 AM
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The days half the crew blacked out
Upon learning that the idea of intimidating, ransoming, or otherwise selling the women folk back to the men on the unknown island of gender division (AKA Paradise) a new plan was devised by Captain K'Salty and his loyal officers.

We made sail as though we were leaving and waited a day in the hopes the locals would think we'd left them in peace. Little did they know... As to avoid any unwarrented risk and to leave some offiers on board to maintain order on the ship, only K'Salty, K'Rezdin, and *PlayerNameNull*. were among the landing party. The KKK launched its long boat from the northern position of the island during darkness as to avoid any unwanted attention.

Upon landfall, they were greeted by extremely think but navigable jungle. It took several hours of trudging but it seems the effort was well worth it. Emerging from the tree line, we saw several thatch buildings. The closest to the part appeared to be some sort of kennel as the sound of canines could be heard within. There was an adjacent building with a door. Upon inspection of the door and not appearing to hear anything inside, the group entered. K'Salty and K'Rezdin were as silent as ghosts but *PlayerNameNull* kicked a barrel on the way in.

Not knowing if the village had been alerted to their presence, the party waited in the room several uneventful but highly stressful minutes. Once the coast seemed clear, the group assessed the room. It appeared to be some sort of storage room complete with back room facing the ocean. What luck!

Having seemingly remembered a dock on the other side of this building, a plan was hatched. K'Rezdin and K'salty sneaked back outside to the adjacent dog kennel, whereupon they set it alight with the help of 4 alchemist fires. What happened next should only be told by Bards but I will do my best. The pair ran back into the store room with all haste while hearing the shouts of a tribesman calling the fire only to be ignored by his hammered mates.

Upon listening to the room adjacent to the store room, it appeared the occupants had made egress to assist with the fire. So far so good! K'Salty and K'Rezdin made their way through the building, leaving *PlayerNameNull* in the storage room, to the far door. Hearing more shouts of commotion about the fire, they worked their way out and toward where, they were all hoping, the dock should be.

Rounding the corner, they were relieved to find the "dock", ram shackled as it was, there, along with two drunk tribesmen. Through a combined effort, the pair seemed to have intimidated them into silence.... for the moment.

Finding a long boat, the ship was launched immediately. It was fairly simple to navigate the boat around the dock and into position behind the storage room. While making the trip, we found a fisherman on the walkway between the dock and the storage room. K'Rezdin put him down with an electrical attack. Our revenge for Fipps had been secured.

Once in position at the store room dock, *PlayerNameNull* hastily threw anything of seeming value down into the boat. Most notably, a bolt of spider silk but also a slightly ajar barrel of fish oil. Let me tell you, the smell was worse than an unbathed half-orc...

Having secured some booty and avenged Fipps, the trio moved with all haste back to the Krakens Keg. Seeing our return unscathed and with an abundance of booty, the crew was all impressed. We also let them know we had avenged Fipps in all their good names.

That left the ransoming of the female hostages. It was determined that an all female party would be best to deal with them as to avoid any potential testicularly-based negative interactions with the female tribe. *PlayerNameNull*, Rosie Cusswell, and Sendara Quinn would accompany the hostages to the female village while K'Rezdin and K'Salty would remain in the long boat with their backs to them as potential backup if things went south.

Leaving a great deal of cultural knowledge gained aside, the hostages were exchanged for a sizable portion of the ladies pearls.

Fat with loot and in dire need for some crew, we decided to make our way to Bloodport with no additional stops. The trip was uneventful.
The only thing of note was that Captain K'Salty presented Pirate Accords to his crew which were signed by all.

Upon arrival at Bloodport, it was decided that plunder and loot would be divided first before the crew would be given leave. K'Salty didn't think it a good idea his crew be running around with no money, causing trouble...

The officers Headed ashore with all the plunder, save the silk. Moving all the booty was fairly trivial but the silk required some special attention. According to an old tailor, he'd sell the stuff for roughly 100GP a square. In speaking to a local fence named "Boots", she'd give us 65GP a square. We ended up dealing with Boots and moving the silk through her.

Also of note was an encounter with a local barkeep involving K'Salty. With rounds of drink purchased for the house and some bribe money thrown the barkeeps way, he agreed to spread word of the Krakens Keg and her need of crew.

With the loot liquified and gold properly distributed among the crew, it was time for shore leave for the crew.

Session: Game Session - Sunday, Jan 26 2014 from 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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Life on this Reef Ain't That Bad
Exciting couple of days.

Bonewreck Isle is swarming with Sea Lizard Folk. The Man's Promise, nee Blood Sail is still ship wrecked on the reef, Rosie Cosswell has taken the roll of captain & has no idea what to do, rumors of Whitey the Sea Monster, Cindara Kin is having nightmares that Lamashtoo the Sea Monster Mother is guarding the island, Owlbear Hawthorne is hungry, we are running low on water, the ship is taking on water, and all is not well!

A lone Sea Lizard Folk attack the boat & is blasted by a cannon after he launches darts into Jigaboo & Rosie--who become cursed.

We row to shore in a magic boat to find this Lamashtoo Sea Priestess, meet Mark the survivor, who speaks of evil Whore Hags in on the near the swamp who attack him every night.

We walk through the jungle, past a fresh water source where Whitey causally swims [we avoid him], and encounter the hags who we kill and collect their treasure.

Then we climb a cliff to the lair of the Sea Lizard Folk. I repel in and am attacked. I swim to safety only to be hooked in the Lake of Hooks.
Session: Hooks? - Sunday, Nov 10 2013 from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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After weeks at see I have finally taken control of my own ship and there is so much to do I barely have time to write--all of the sewing & knitting & mending...

El Canejo lead a mutiny against our evil overlords who were sailing in the wrong direction--a simple act which I assisted not a small bit.
I wove a great tail to the rest of the crew explaining the situation and not surprisingly they all joined in celebrating our brave act!

After my election to leadership my ship crashed on some rocks where we now struggle.

Of Course, It is better to struggle on my own ship than on the ship of a fool!
Session: Our Own Boat! - Sunday, Aug 18 2013 from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM
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Pointer-left Rosie_cusswell_thumb

Sunken Ship, Wrecked Ship, Island Full of Lizard Folk
Oh where will the brave band choose to go? It seems to me that being grounded, having a damaged boat, and surrounded by an army of lizard folk would make one nervous. This team though - nah!
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