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    Naugrim Dwarf/M/Fighter/5
    "All is fair in love and war."
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    Snib Gnome/M/Alchemist/2
    "Let's see what happens when I try this..."
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    Kalin Uskbemin Human/M/Oracle/3
    "I won't let you fall!"
    Description:Kalin stands just shy of 6' tall clothed with only a brown pair of trousers, cut at the knee, and a hooded vest made from hardened leather. Kalin's forearms and hands are made of solid rock, though it doesn't seem to impede his movement and use of them, they are wrapped in sturdy cotton wrapping...
    Background:Kalin was born to a well known family of herbalists, many people travel from all edges of the continent seeking his mothers remedies. When he was young his mother left the coven of witches she was a part of to attend to her growing son. The other witches took offense to this and cast a curse on...
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    Kael Elf/M/Ranger1-Monk2/3
    "I AM trying to be good...good at killing."
    Description:Kael is your typical Elf in appearance with one major exception. He has scars over much of his body. On top of this, he rarely smiles adding to the darkness that seems to surround him. While he truly does try to help people, he still looks at them in a very cool and calculating way. It can be...
    Background:Kael's childhood was a rough one. He was orphaned at such a young age that he doesn't even remember his family. Occasionally he remembered, or maybe they were just dreams of, his mother singing a song to him. But those were thoughts he had to leave behind. He did whatever he had to do to surv...

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