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Letter to mom
Dear Mother,

I promised I would write, and so here is my first letter. Greeting from the City of Monuments, Magnimar! I have only been here a couple days, but already I have seen more than I had even heard the traders describe. Of course, the markets here are incredible. Anything you want from anywhere in Golarion. Amazing! The ruins of the old bridge are incredible too! They say it once stretched all they up to Hollow Mountain, but that would be all the way to the entrance of the gulf...I think that must be an exaggeration of past generations.

My trip here from Whistledown was mostly uneventful. I floated down the Yondabakari River with the same caravan you saw me off with. They told me fantastical tales about life all over Varisia. I have made myself quite a list of places to see just from their stories. We made a stop in Wartle, to do some quick trades with the fur trappers there. That little place is all up on stilts because of the marsh all around! But the best surprise there was Uncle Hackett was there waiting for me! He gave some supplies to help me make up some of the concoctions he taught me. I expect them to come in handy some time during my travels, and maybe I can learn some to teach him when I get back.

There is much to see and do here, and the caravan I came with will be staying here for at least a month. But I cannot wait that long, or my plans to see all of Varisia will take my whole life. So I will depart in the morning with another small caravan that his heading up the Lost Coast. My next stop will be Sandpoint. I hear it is a sleepy fishing village, but has some theater there. I don't think I will have quite the exciting time there as I have had so far, but you never know.

I will write again from Sandpoint! Take care!

Your loving son,
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