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Cryll Short - Lost
((26 days after separation from group. Somewhere.))

"We're here!"

The spectral dragon whelp chirped as it capered on the boats bow, waking up the small sleeping pair in the back of the boat. Sleepily, Cryll and Violet peered over the edge of the boat to see a near empty field 50 feet below. Laying in the field was a skeleton in tattered black robes clutching a broom in what was left of its hand.

Pinching the bridge of her nose, Cryll asked "Boat...Where are we?" The transparent copper whelp sat cheerfully on the boats foredeck, "You said take us to broom and now here we are."

Cryll stood and approached the front of the floating boat; Calmly she placed her hands on each side of the grinning dragon. "Would you kindly take us to Broem. B-R-O-E-M. Home of bugbears, paladins, churches galore and statue stealing bitches named Cassandra."

Cryll's face turned feral and she hissed, "take us away from this broom. If I'm not drunk by sundown, I will turn this boat into barrels to make my own booze!"

With a shriek, the whelp disappeared as the boat made a hard turn and sped away. Violet turned to Cryll, "Get a map and a compass. That way you don't have to rely on a baby dragon to get us places"


Cryll's forehead met the mast.



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Cryll Short - New Shoes
((11 days after separation from group. The coast of Perkali, half a day away from Toff.))

Violet awoke hung over in the bottom of the boat with no idea how she had gotten back to the boat. Checking her clothes she found them mostly unmolested, only they smelled of smoke and stale ale. Lurching to the side of the boat, Violet emptied her stomach overboard.

"I borrowed your saw...and your hammer...and your chisel." Cryll was perkily moving about the boat, every step she took made an odd clacking sound. "I'm gonna have to buy you new gloves though, sorry."

Before Violet could look up or respond, Cryll plopped herself onto the boats gunwale, her feet flopping and clacking in Violet's face. The bile rose as Violet stared at the heads of two Kobolds; their skulls opened and heads hollowed out, little gnome toes visible through their clacking teeth.

"I made me some new shoes!" Cryll declared.
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((6 days after separation from group. Off the coast of Perkali, north of Verosa.))

"Here fish."

"Here fish."

Cryll let the sunrod go into the blackness below, its glow falling away as her boat towed her along. She had become bored after leaving Bellis and had decided to "do science" to the animals created by her Eternal Totem. As the days progressed, Cryll spent her time pulling apart a Deinonychus; poking, slicing and shouting "science!" all while tossing uninteresting bits into the sea.

Violet had demanded some alone time after being hit in the face with rotten dinosaur meat. "OFF!" Was all Violet screamed before she pushed Cryll into the water. It took an hour of pleading before Cryll had her water helm, rope and sun rods tossed to her.

Now Cryll hung in darkness. Alone with her thoughts, and her homemade glow sticks.

Pulling a fresh sunrod from her harness she called, "Here fish." As Cryll lit the rod, her breath caught in her throat. In front of her was an angry faced merman. The merman could only be described as svelte ((Bruce Lee crossed with Flipper)) His dull brown eyes were contrasted by his oddly shaded dark green hair. The blue tint of his "human" skin tapered into the sliver scales of his "Mer" tail. "My name is Pl'net, Captain of the Independent Sea Floor Protection Coalition. You are littering." In his arms were a dozen of Cryll's discarded, broken sunrods.

With a raspy voice, Cryll muttered "I'm sorry, but I think I may have wet myself in terror. Do you think we can talk about this top side, so I can apologize to you properly? Though my boat is actually very, very dirty right now."

Pl'net looked to the surface, "I will join you above, where we will discuss your polluting ways. The power is yours to keep our world clean for all of its inhabitants."

As Cryll pulled herself up her rope Pl'net swan beside her, telling her of the ways many items can be used over and over again so that resources are not wasted. But Cryll wasn't listening, she was busy wondering why a fish-man could speak freely under water without air.
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