Code UV always got the job done. They weren't the classiest or the smoothest or even the non-collateral damage-est, but they ALWAYS got the job done. Until they didn't.

They stopped Homo Omega from Harnessing the power of the Johari Lens and enslaving the Earth in 3620.

They Battled the evil vampire forces of Ishmael Mikhail Rasputin Ravenoff for nearly a decade and destroyed him.

They consistently beat back YellowEyes and kept the werewolf population under control.

They Beat the devil Xamanthraxes and kept him from taking over their leader Jong Smith's body.

They defeated the twin Demon terrors Butt and Munch.

But when the Four Kings enacted their final plot, they just fell down.

In their bid for world domination, the Four Kings created their Four Horsemen of Apocalyptic Kick Ass.

They used their twisted magics to revive Ishmael Ravenoff's charred and destroyed body as a devastating revenant.

Former Member of Code: UV, Addar Bloodshed, corrupted by the blades of night was eager to join and return pain upon his former teammates.

Ko Saito, Brother of Aya Saito, resentful, broken and burned...turned into a murderous cyborg by the forces of the Politburo, readily became their third pawn.

But the 4th member of this hideous gang betrayed her friends and teammates. Calliope, always eager to return to her idyllic glade and life as a peaceful garden spirit of 69 A.D., struck a bargain with the Four Kings' U.S. Government agent, Walter Langham. Agreeing to anything to be restored to her former beauty, she was instead bound and enhanced into the most deadly of the four. Channeled with the hatred at what had become of her and her anger at being manipulated and betrayed, she leads the Four King's Four horsemen and from within, Code: UV is defeated.

Sure there were other powers that stood in the Four King's way, but they all fell before their gathered might. Earth had long stood because they would not work together. When they finally conspired, they were too strong to be repelled and so we have the New World Order.

A world of Peace (and the oppressed). A world of Prosperity (and the used). A world of Magic (and the abused).

But that's the beauty and the tragedy of a critical shift, isn't it? No one really knows what happened before. Or do they?

Who is Ouroborous? What plans does he have? Why does he have such interest in these supposed heroes? Why did they send Gary to get the beer when they should have realized he'd just spend the money on candy?

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