Explore the twisted city of Xylh and the environs in her shadow, make your way through lands polluted and torn apart by careless magic, feuds, wars, ancient evils which have returned to once again walk beneath the sun.

Plunder the treasures of caverns lost to man, tombs whispered of by the dwarves, realms where only the Fae tread, and then only when they must. Take a side, or don't, in the endless wars between men and their brothers, or between Law and Chaos themselves. Or simply sell your blade to the highest bidder so you might have a soft place to sleep for another day or two.

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Outside the gates of Xylh
28 Hekatombaion

While waiting outside the city gates, a few heroes, only lightly acquainted by nods and shared exhaustion on the journey to Xylh, are pressed into service by the head of the guard, for the promise of 100 gold coins. Several bandits leaving the city gates with contraband bolt down the Tonitrous Road, as Khalsir, Glarvjb, Grinkeler, and Bernadette attempt to apprehend them, each using his or her own special talents.

A wand is obtained, and it seems to present a difficulty. The head of the guard, Ghizzad, calls for it, but no one gives it up. Two of the bandits are dead and a third has fled. He is too swift for the party to attempt to catch immediately.

Glarvjb splits from the group, hoping to smuggle the wand over the wall. Bernadette acquires the help of a linkboy called Aziz.

Those going through the gate agree to meet at the Bull's Horn.

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