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August 11th Game Session. The Maze of Sloth continued


The air grows thick and foul-smelling in this chamber, yet the vaporous stink here is nothing compared to the insult to the senses elsewhere.

Slime encrusts the walls in swaths of sickly brown and noxious green. A foamy sewage channel runs along a slippery walkway, the thickly shuddering skin atop the slowly churning fluid seeming to hint
that, despite its repulsive appearance and smell, something lurks in those depths.


A slippery walkway connects four platforms running down the room’s center to a station of some sort at the far end of the chamber—there,
three large and filthy levers protrude from the dripping wall. To the north, four metallic pipes protrude from the wall, ten feet above the level of the sewage—fresh foulness runs from these pipes in thick streams. Every now and then, something larger and hideously more substantial than mere fluid strains through the bars blocking these pipes to drop with a turgid splash into the foulness rippling below.


The party battled and killed one of the demons in their first fight. One retreated.

The party rested, using the safety of the magic rope provided by Astor. They emerged and fought the second demon nearly killing it, but again, it escaped.

The party chose to pull one of the levers. It released a huge downpour of water and an ancient water elemental.

The elemental immediately grabbed the disgusting demon and thrashed the shit out of it.

Then it began the cleansing process.


The worked stone of the tunnel gives way here to a natural cavern. A twenty-foot-wide gap breaks the walkway, while the rough stone walls are caked with a riot of color—ooze and fungi of all colors in the rainbow grow thick here in a foul-smelling profusion of beauty.

The surrounding stone has fallen away into a large, curved cavern. Here and there, foul water cascades into the room from intersecting tunnels, tumbling ten feet to the frothy surface of liquid below.

Hiroki flew invisibly around as far as he could until blocked by iron bars. Together, Barlow and Astor lifted the last lever. The grating sound of iron against stone was heard throughout the maze. All the bars had been lifted. Hiroki continued scouting the cave system, flying invisibly. In the sunken south-eastern chamber, he saw two sets of blue glowing eyes.... and then everything went BLACK!

This room contains a pair of such creatures— two tentacled, gray monsters from the deepest crevices of the Abyss: chernobue qlippoth.

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RE: Runeforge (7/6/115)
Within the wing with the statue of KARZOUG: (A towering man with gems set in hisforehead and hands, dressed in robes and wielding a
burning glaive.)

A large iron door studded with dozens of colorful
gemstones stands in the eastern wall at the end of
this corridor. Although the door appears to have no
latch, a depression in the center contains a keyhole.

A beautiful tunnel of polished wood inlaid with
silver and gold runes stretches for at least a
hundred feet before ending at a wall of greenish
mist sparkling with silver motes of light.

This chamber is paved with ivory tiles, each one
engraved with a silver rune depicting what appears
to be a claw gripping a gemstone. The walls and
ceiling are of polished marble. A large silver basin
in the center of the room contains an icy sculpture
of a whale spraying crystal-clear water from its
blowhole. The water cascades around it to keep the
basin full, but never quite overflowing.

Mephits frolic in the waters of this pool.

A fountain sprays water toward the ceiling, thirty feet
above. The water cascades back into a pool in which
colorful goldfish swim. The fountain features a ninefoot-
tall stone statue of a human wizard holding a staff
in one hand. The other hand is raised over his head,
and it’s from this hand’s palm that the water issues.

CREATURES: The statues that stand within each of
these fountains are in fact all stone golems.

Each of these rooms, living quarters, also contains
a scattering of raw materials like sheets of cloth, stacks
of lumber, blocks of stone, metal bars, and bones.
These rooms radiate strong transmutation magic.

Rows of thick wooden worktables occupy the
center of this long chamber. Bookcases lining the
walls hold hundreds of books and scrolls. Crates
next to or pushed under the worktables appear to
be filled with an odd variety of mundane items,
such as rope, sticks, sacks, tools, and cookware.
A dog on one of the tables looks dead, though
its hind end appears to be made of some kind of
metal. A few other animals pace back and forth
in small metal cages—a house cat, a few rats, a
snake, and a small white-faced monkey.


TREASURE: The research books scattered around
this room are worth a total of 10,000 gp. They
detail various experiments and partial notes on the
conundrum of transmuting lead into gold. They provide
a +5 circumstance bonus on all Knowledge (arcana)
and Knowledge (religion) checks made regarding
transmutation and constructs. A character who spends
several hours reading through these books discovers
notes and descriptions of the solution the Lords of
Greed hit upon to protect Karzoug from the fall of
Thassilon. By building a runewell larger than any before,
Karzoug could place himself in stasis between realities,
suspended between Golarion and a hostile plane called
Leng. Once the dust settled, the plan was for one of
Karzoug’s apprentices to release him. The details of this
process are not recorded in the books—the wizards of
runeforge were focused only on aiding in the runewell’s
construction, not what came after it was completed.
Also present here are Ordikon’s spellbooks; a wizard
who examines these finds them to be particularly
unusual in that many of the notes and formulae within
are redundant. Spells generally take up twice as much
room as they need to in these books, as if the wizard
who recorded them had a habit of repeating himself in
various ways without realizing it.

This wide hall is floored in polished wooden planks,
its walls covered in colorful jade tiles. The ceiling
is made of lustrous stone that reflects the light of
three decorative lanterns that brightly illuminate
ten gleaming golden statues of men and women
in various poses of combat readiness that stand
along the walls.

A close examination of the statues reveals looks of surprise, anger, and fear on their faces. Each statue is effectively hollow, containing
a leathery, brittle corpse.

CREATURE: A nalfeshnee demon guards this room, due to a binding spell.

Silver beams support a domed ceiling covered in
polished darkwood panels inlaid with spiky glyphs.
Most of the chamber’s floor ripples in an immense,
forty-foot-diameter pool of deep blue liquid.
Flashes of lightning and gouts of flame dance
along its surface, punctuated by thunderclaps,
hisses, and cacophonous shrieks. Vague shapes
writhe in the currents below the pool’s surface.

The party did not enter the pool room.

GUP, the goldfish formerly known as BIFF (the mayor of Magnimar's son!) was returned to his human form by a successful dispel Magic spell cast by Rous. BIFF was back, in the buff.

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Barlow's Second Letter Home

You would not believe the luck I have! I got captured by a hundred ogres when I visited the dam I mentioned in my last letter. They tied me up and took me to a stronghold and threw me with another poor human traveler that had been captured on the road. I have to tell you, mum, I was plum scared that I was gonna end up on a spit and in the bellie of one of those ogres. Worst of all, I didn’t know where me Granddad’s armor and sword ended up! But the fates were kind and another group of heroes destroyed the ogres and set me free. Seems they were on a quest for the Mayor of Sandpoint to find some Rangers that had not been heard from for some time. The set me free and found me armor and sword and now I’ve joined em’ cuz the little one known as Pymm has ale.

We headed back to Turtleback Ferry and the group made arrangements to get to Sandpoint as soon as possible. There was a gnome named Pymm. A mystical little fellow who had a hulking creature with little wings that fought like a demon. A holyman named Rouse, a follower of Goram, seemed to lead the band which also had an Asimar Paladin named Evayne and a Ranger named Vendya. While they were back at the strong hold they found a note which mentioned a dragon attacking Sandpoint! Well, I was hooked. They need me and by the gods they had gold for ale. So we headed to Sandpoint using a river barge and within days we arrived safe and sound.

At Sandpoint we were attacked on the second day by several Stone Giants! You would have been proud mum. I was able to chop them down with two swipes of me Granddad’s sword and more than displayed me worth with the fellows I was with. Then a Dragon showed up! He breathed his horrible flame over the town and set several of the building on fire as Stone Giants marauded through the poor village. We destroyed many of the stupid brutes easily, but it wasn’t until I got to the brewery when things got hairy.

Mum, there were casks as tall as me needing saving. The wooded barrels of preciousness were being violated by two stone giants who knew nothing of the meaning of the hearty local brew. I can tell you that I defended those defenseless casks from their pilfering and with Rouse’s help, defeated the two giant thieves easily.

As the battle raged inside the brewery, the others in our mighty band, noticed two more giants headed into the forest. One of them was carrying something that he deemed mighty important.

Chasing them was easy. They left a mile wide trail and once we caught up with them, I felled one by splitting his guts. Another, who was hiding, was held using magic by Rouse, and I collected the stone he was carrying. A white stone of no particular importance. Not sure why they would want it, but we got it now.

We headed back into town and went to check on several mansions to the South of Sandpoint that were on fire. Once there we encountered more of the giant scum and were able to take care of them and save the home. We put out the fire and I inspected the stonework to see if the homes West wall was salvageable. You won’t believe what I found! A Set of pipes like that Gypsy girl who visited our beloved city had. I also had a scroll that I gave to Pymm.

I got me some more money and I’m including it with this messenger service. Please find a 50gp Gem and 100 PP.

Love Barlow
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GM postings on Epic Words.
Just an FYI. Often times I will post something here as a "work in progress." I might just upload files one night, then copy/paste from pdf files another, then flesh out the story bit by bit. More often than not it is after having a cold one, so it can be a real mess.

But I do usually go back and try to clean them up,eventually.

I just decided that I am going to try to include info (that doesn't give too much away) of some of the story that the PC's would never hear. Stuff like what is below in blue.

bold black = description
Blue=Additional Info

Constant flurries of wind-borne snow and frost lash at a gaping hole in the side of Hook Mountain here. Smoke pours forth from the cave entrance, only to be instantly dispersed by the wind.

CREATURES: Two Kreeg fighters stand guard at the
mouth of the clanhold, swathed in furs and leathers.

Since news of Rannick’s fall reached Barl’s ears, things
have been unpleasant in the hold, and these usually
easily distracted ogres keep a sharp lookout. Another
ogre was recently caught sleeping by Barl, and the stone
giant tore off the lazy ogre’s legs and left him rolling
in the snow to bleed out before animating him as a
zombie and turning him over to the three sisters for an
eventual meal. These memories are enough to keep the
Kreegs on alert for at least another week. Eager to prove
to Barl that they can do a simple job like guarding the
entrance, these two ogres don’t think to raise an alarm
until one is dead.

I WANT to reveal this stuff to you guys as players, not characters. I like knowing the story and I think you might too. So, I'll try to do this here on Epic Words for now on. Cool?

Oh, and I also do make stuff up from time to time. I've added stories for NPCs and thrown in a bit of flavor here and there. Sometimes I do so hoping to provoke a bit of additional story or journal pages from the player characters! One of the most enjoyable aspects of Epic Words, for me, has been the interaction between the characters!
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June 27th. Hook Mountain Clanhold

The party reached a bargain with many of the Turtleback Ferry's Townfolk to come and clean Ft. Rannick for 10 GP each for the week.
For many it was quite a nice sum. When they reached the place, they were horrified at the blood and gore. Many threw up, some contemplated running back home, but how? The fort was supposed to be their source of security in the area. Running out of the fort would be suicide. They'd just have to work through the piss and shit and decaying bodies and vomit.

A large pyre was built just across the river to burn the bodies and plans for a monument were discussed.

The Heros warned them NOT to go out at night and to stay away from any naked ladies in the water. "They're dangerous."

Moss Grueber, assigned to clearing the water of any gore, found a rusted sword at the bottom of the pool. It was quite an impressive blade, long and dark and and made of cold iron. It had strange patterns of rust all along the blade. Like letters being scratch out. He kept it a secret and hid it away. Maybe he could learn to use it, or sell it, someday.

The Heroes left their horses back at the Fort. Where they were going, high into deep snows, the horses would be a burden or might have died. They fought an Ettin, some Dire Wolves and avoided 4 very large grizzly bears.

The entire party benefited from an endure elements spell. They also hid out in Shalelu's magical ranger campsite, just to the west of the entrance. They were very well hidden. She even had a small stone that gave off the familiar warmth of a campfire. The could huddle around the stone for warmth, just a hundred feet or so from the cave entrance, without the guards noticing them at all. Home away from home.

They made quick work of the two Ogre Guards at the cave entrance, luring them out with one of the undead ogres, then destroying the second one with precision shots of arrows and mighty swings of swords.

D1 ENTRANCE Constant flurries of windborne snow and frost lash at a gaping hole in the side of Hook Mountain here. Smoke pours forth from the cave entrance, only to be instantly dispersed by the wind.

CREATURES: Two Kreeg fighters stand guard at the
mouth of the clanhold, swathed in furs and leathers.

At the mouth of darkness, jagged spurs of bone protrude from the stone on either side of the cave entrance, each towering twenty feet in height— apparently the ribs of some monstrous behemoth.

The bones of a blue dragon laid low by Kreeg ancestors still adorn the clanholds’ entryway, a testament to the ancient ogre overlords of
Hook Mountain. The Kreegs have decorated the bones with crude scrimshaw carvings, incorporating the seven-pointed Sihedron Rune into the markings in many locations.

D3 THE RUNE-BOUND KING An enormous statue stands here in frozen vigil—a forty-foot-tall giant with black skin covered by fissures and cracks, like the bed of a dried river. He wears majestic armor, gilded and encrusted with gems, and grips a towering glaive in his armored fists. The giant’s face is hidden by a ferocious full helm forged into the sneering grimace of a fanged devil. Around the giant’s neck hangs a medallion—a seven-pointed star.

TREASURE: The Sihedron medallion is sized for a Gargantuan creature and weighs 20 pounds. It is far too large to be worn by a Medium creature, but can certainly be sold to a collector of ancient Thassilonian magic. The instant this medallion is removed the ancient giant crumbles to dust and is gone; all that remains is his Gargantuan masterwork half-plate armor, which weighs in at 400 pounds and is worth 4,950 gp.

A deep pit hewn from hard stone here descends
into soot and darkness. The stale reek of decay
wafts up from the depths below.

100 feet below is a swath of ash and shattered bone.


CREATURES: A pair of Kreeg ogres and a dim-witted hill
giant named Lunderbud guard the entryway here, under
orders to raise an alarm if they detect intruders.

Fire and thick black smoke reign here, spewing
from black pits in the bedrock where forge fires
glow. Anvils loom throughout this enormous
cavern. The ring of steel on steel thunders here
as giant hammers crash down again and again on
glowing half-forged blades and axe-heads.

CREATURES: A work crew of 10 ogres slave away here,
toiling endlessly at these forges to craft giant blades and
other weapons from the obstinate iron they’ve carved
from the mountain’s innards. A single Kreeg taskmaster
snarls, belches, guffaws, and roars incessantly as the
rank-and-file ogres toil away at the forges. The Kreeg
orders the ogres to attack intruders, laughing as they
stumble to their likely deaths. The Kreeg then snatches
up a red-hot blade and goes to work as well.

This foul-smelling cave is cluttered with an
appalling amount of body parts, dead animals,
spoiled food, and filth, but most hideous is what
bubbles and cooks in a huge cauldron over a
sputtering fire in a nook to the north.

CREATURES: This cavern is the foul redoubt of the Sisters of the Hook—a coven of annis hags.
Briselda is a hulking, humpbacked hag with oversized talons sprouting from her stumpy arms.
Grelthaga is tall and thin, like a skeleton wrapped in ugly
purple flesh and a sagging white robe.
Larastine’s face is a mass of pustules, warts the size of gold pieces, and craters that weep ooze. She is squat and fat with bulbous breasts that hang almost to her knees.

A shrine bearing the feral visage of a brutally
beautiful monstrous maiden with the head of
a three-eyed jackal and the belly of a pregnant
young woman leans against the far wall.

CREATURE:Lamatar’s body is caked with ice; his left hand looks almost to be a claw made of icicles and his brow is decorated with a crown of the same.

Gear +1 chain shirt, +1 icy burst composite longbow with 20 arrows

Before the party makes it into the Giant's Chamber, they are met by an old foe, Lucrecia.

This gigantic chamber extends into darkness to the east, sloping upward between two wide ledges on which loom statues with angular faces, stern brows, and strong jawlines.
Above, the ceiling opens to the slate gray sky above. The ramp leads up in tiers, finally coming to an end before an immense stone throne.

TREASURE:wand of enervation (12 charges); Other Gear masterwork earth breaker, headband of vast intelligence +2 (enhances Knowledge [arcana]), Sihedron medallion, 650 gp in black onyx gems, spellbook (contains all prepared spells,plus all other necromancy spells of 1st–4th level)
The bulk of this stash of treasure is worth 9,200 gp, and consists of various weapons, art objects, gems, trade goods, and other treasures weighing just over 300 pounds in all. Mixed in with all of this treasure,though, are a few magic items—most of them taken from defeated Black Arrows. These include 32 +1 arrows, 12 +1 giant bane arrows, a suit of +2 light fortification studded leather, a +1 longsword, a +1 composite longbow, a belt of incredible dexterity +2, a cloak of elvenkind, and a pair of boots of the winterlands.
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