• Female_knight_thumb
    Evayne Aasimar/F/Paladin/1
    "Fearlessness is better than a faint-heart for any man who puts his nose out of doors. The length of my life and the day of my death were fated long ago."
    Description:Evayne used to be a plain girl from an outlying farmstead North-East of Magnimar. After her awakening her honey-blond hair and pale skin stayed the same, but her eyes changed from brown to an arresting, vibrant blue. When she is battling evil, standing up for the down-trodden, or otherwise enrapt...
    Background:Evayne grew up in a small farmstead North-East of Magnimar. When she was 14 she left to join herself to the church of Iomedae. After about a year as an initiate she was trained in combat to serve as a guard of traveling priests. She spent 9 years protecting priests, defending the innocent, and tr...
  • Peluvious_thumb
    Peluvious Elf/M/Contr/Wizard/2
    "If you can truly and completely see - really see - you will have everything you need in this world."
  • Tenoch_thumb
    Tenoch Half-elf/M/Druid/1
    Description:Tenoch is Shoanti on his mother's side; this is obvious from the short hair and traditional tattoos covering his arms.
    Background:Tenoch is a half-elf, with little knowledge of his elf heritage. He was raised as part of the Shriikirri-Quah by his mother's twin brother, Nalrik, and spent his first 20 years following the tribe from their winter home at the foot of the Red Mountains, to their summer encampment beside the Vela...
    Details:Tenoch is seldom without his companion, Coal, a young fire-pelt.
  • Chance_darrow_thumb
    Chance "Daring" Darrow Human/M/Def/Cleric/2
    "Consider it done. Hell, drinks will even be on me!"
    Description:Chance Darrow is tall and striking, with a lithe but muscled frame, topping off at 6'3". He is young, still in his teens. His skin is fair, caucasian, his hair dark, contrasting with his emerald green eyes.
    Background:Chance grew up in the same town with his friend Evon. While Evon was known for being studious and disciplined, Chance always seemed to wind up in trouble, whether it was stealing a few trinkets from the local shop just for the thrill of it, ending up in the bed of the cooper's wife, or somehow t...
    Details:Chance was high-spirited, sly, and mischievous,but he always knew who his friends were, and would do anything to protect or help them. Perhaps it was latent maturity, or a turning point due to his newly found religion, but Chance was known for tending to do the "right thing" in his final months ...
  • Barlow_thumb
    Barlow Stoneslasher Dwarven/M/Def/Fighter and part time Stone-smith/14
    "One keg ain't enough!"
    Description:Well worn plate-mail protects the stout dwarf. He is an average height for his kind and sports a white mane and beard of agreeable length. Normally wearing a great-helm, his piercing grayish-blue eyes peer from within. Oversized calloused hands are gripped tightly around the pommel of a slightly ...
    Background:The Second son to Killington and Magrette Stoneslasher, Barlow followed his clans namesake and became a stone-smith. He became the Eldest male heir of his name when Killington and his Killington's First-son were killed in the Catastrophe of '903. Working for years hewing the great quarries within...
    Details:"By Grandad's Immortal Beard" Much of Barlow's story begins with Baxter Stoneslasher, Barlow's Grandfather. He was not a stone-smith like most of the Stoneslasher Clan and instead served as a Royal Guard of the Hearth. A prestigious group assigned to the interior depths of the dwarven city wit...
  • Images_thumb
    Rous Nagoh Human/M/Cleric/2
    "The Destruction of War Brings Order."
    Description:A 6'2", 240lb Battle Cleric of Gorum (N/N; 18 AC; 19 HP) with a trigger finger. 16 Str 16 DEX (14 +2) 15 CON 12 INT 17 WIS 11 CHA Wields a 2H Great Sword (1 vs. AC; 13 Crit. x2) in Scale. Trained (skills) in Weapons (Craft +5); Heal (+7); A Professional Soldier (+7); with a pencha...
    Background:[still working on this] Rous loved a good fight. Still does. Especially if it means breaking up the monotony. Raised a mercenary, Rous built his skills as a hired sword on the trade routes between Magnimar and the North. Others have said it was his upbringing that drove him to the road....
    Details:[more to come]

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