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Madness of the Gods
Leave it to the Gods to have no rhyme or reason. I avoided them all my life choosing to focus on my craft until I had to cry out to Kurden to save my life. Of course our Half-Elf "ranger" didn't know any better when we came across that yellow mold...a perfect example of why humans shouldn't breed with swine. Alas, I have been dragged into the middle of a pissing contest between Kurden and Negred. I still do not regret extracting the head of the scepter, being absolved of my debts to Kurden is a great relief. However survival is no longer good enough, we must go against Kurden and his irrational impulse to create an undead army and also kill this fucking Lich that is running around. In the meantime, maybe it's worth finding a whore while we are still in the city...
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The Hubris of the Mudmen
Dolts! Dunderheads! Dimwits! The heroes are contacted by their dirt god and sent to retrieve the Scepter. Foolish that they should play right into his hands. Passing through a goblin city, trekking through an unnatural jungle, the group removes the head of the scepter from its prison. Now the goblins worship these fools as the bringers of the 5th age. N'Gred has given me the insight to set these hapless heroes on the righteous path again. I have already sent them to the Temple of the torture Saint, where they retrieved the first piece of the rod from the Chaos Cultists. A long lost enemy of the Lich was also freed, now maybe he can aid the Mud Priest on his path of redemption. Hah We are all doomed if these four are our only hope.
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