The humans leave the material world bound for another dimension to try and escape the plague. They find themselves in a world full of a new magic, and settle in quickly. Only to discover that their fleshy presence alone has awakened many sleeping evils. The strongest of the Order of the Magi fight valiantly while an even smaller group of humans finally make it back from where they came. It has been a few hundred years, of small wars with goblin, orc, kobold, and other nasty creatures whom had overtaken the human cities for themselves. However, they finally have retaken one of their previous kingdoms, and are working on repairing and recreating a new world, in the meantime, they are finding out just how long they were gone, which has been surprisingly longer than they thought.
Our adventures start out on the edge of human civilization. Somewhere one might have heard of as the place to be to make a quick silver or two. Rumor has it, if your willing to look for it, there are gold in them there hills, you just need to kill a few of the nasty creatures to get it.

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The Cathedral... -- Session 2
Arriving inside the Cathedral just outside of Suadue, just before reaching the doors the rain stops. The sun comes out giving way to a rainbow behind our adventurers. The Cathedral is a large 2 story building made of stone. The outside of the building is fairly simple.
There is a steeple for a "third story" and possibly an attic by the look of the roof. The building itself looks as if someone has been trying to wash it up. The doors are brand new, as well as the hinges. As the adventurers enter the building they spread out to examine the building in their own way. Loken sits at the end pew looking at a young man in off white robes trimmed in gold that is tending to something on the alter. Zyrinx, the starry eyed gnome, starts examining the walls and searching for hidden doorways, astoundingly she finds a release for a hidden trap door where it smells musty. There is water under and stairs that have long since been water logged and rotted and fallen in.

Travis, finally hearing the noise turns to Loken a bit shaken. "Excuse... excuse... excuse me... can I... I... help y-you?" Decklan just now getting to the end of the pews asks "I'm am looking for Jon of Florance, where is he?"
"W-w-why?" Travis awkwardly claps and starts slightly rubbing his hands together as he speaks trying to compose himself. "H-h-he is-s upstairs." I believe, I-I can take you up if you like. "Sure." says Travis. Travis leads Decklan up the stairs. Travis leads them up the stairs and into a hallway upstairs. There are five doors. everything up here looks newly built, and in perfect condition. The wood even seems freshly dried. Travis picks a door on the left and opens into what appears to be a large bed chamber. A small bed sits against the wall. At the end of the bed is a very simple, but locked chest. The room also has a table in it. There are 10 chairs around with plenty of space for seating, and table space for all. on the center of the table is a ham, and a turkey freshly cooked. As well as all the fixings including a bowl of fruit, and vegtables, cheeses and bread, and bottles of wine and a couple kegs of beer.

As each person enters the room Jon stands and offers a seat. "Please be seated, when everyone gets here we will begin."
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The Opening... -- Session 1
Suadue sits at the top of large hill or small mountain at the edge of civilization. Surrounded by a thick forests on two sides. A river winds its way along a rocky cliff where a very large bridge made of redwood expands across to some plains heading northwest towards the capitol. On top of the hill is a small man made lake or large pond depending on your view. On the outlying parts there are fences with pigs grazing. Every now and then a rainbow can be seen as the sun sets. It often rains, and most of the water makes it way to a swamp on the south western side. There is an ancient overgrown path that seems to mock those who would travel along it heading into the woods in non-civilized parts at the south east side of the town. The town itself is made up of wooden structures, and has most of the usual things you would need.

It is here we meet our adventurer's for the first time. The Dragon's Boar is a nice place attached wall to wall with Stix and Candles. Inside The Dragon's Boar is nicely lit and filled with many patrons. As it seems by the ribbons over the bar, there must have been some sort of festival that was rained out. There are many travelers from out of town, but each one seems to have found a table or someone to talk to. The bartenders, two halflings who, by just looking at them make your eyes twirl, are busy serving drinks and food to all. You can make out the smell of pork and beans simmering somewhere in the back.

The evening hours dwindle the crowd some and by evening it seems some sort of bidding is going on over some rooms for the night. A bell sounds somewhere in the distance marking the time as 7 o'clock. More activity and games of dice and coin start appearing. Come 8 o'clock the bell rings again. This time a man steps into the bar at precisely this time slamming the door open. He looks around the room and gives a smile. The man is dressed in clerics vestments, and looks as if the rain outside has not even touched his outfit. He holds an apple mostly eaten in his left hand. He looks around the room and takes in the silence for just a moment. With his left hand he points "You," there is a bit of shuffling as many patrons pull themselves against the walls as quietly as possible. Six figures stand out from the rest. "You six are my volunteers! I mean... as of which I am offering you each 100 gold to go upon a quest for me. Please meet me at the cathedral in an hours time, that is, if I have interested you." The cleric mutters a prayer and turns to leave.

The six people look at each other but for a second and then the crowd resumes. One of the six, a Gnome named Zyrinx takes a moment to visit each one of the "volunteers" each of which has their own opinion of the fat cleric who just disturbed the evening. As the hour starts to fade, all six make their way out the door into the drizzle. As they leave one of the patrons not involved smiles as he watches the last of the patrons leave the bar. A twinkle and grin on his face a ruff, "good luck lads," and he turns back to his drink.
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