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    "Slag" Elf/M/Magus!!!/Swab of the First degree.
    "Blimey! Avast ye sons o' biscuit eaters"
    Description:"Slag" Is 6 feet tall, has long white-gray hair and dark-gray eyes. He wears a worn, weathered red traveling cloak, streaked with sea-salt. His Black Bladed Rapier is always at his side, or in his hand. People say he even talks to it on occasion.
    Background:His family is originally from the Mierani Forest in Varisia. His father, Merivain, chose to move his family from their wild, green homeland to the bustling city of Magnimar to reinforce business/trade/political ties for his family and the elven community. After a few years the fami...
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    Background:Rous loved a good fight. Still does. Especially if it means breaking up the monotony. Raised a mercenary, Rous built his skills as a hired sword on the trade routes between Magnimar and the North. Others have said it was his upbringing that drove him to the road. But it was really the money. ...
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    Rosie half-elf/F/Bard/4

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