The Sundered Skies began when another world died.

Millennia ago, a terrible cataclysm shattered a world. What remained was an unknown number of islands floating in a fathomless void. Millions perished in the Sundering, and hundreds of thousands more died during the chaos that followed. Despite the horrors of these times, the races of fey, dwarf, man, orc, and dragonborn-aided by mostly benevolent gods-survived and flourished in this strange new world.

Now, skyships fly between islands, allowing trade, travel, exploration, and the salvaging of artifacts and material from the pre-Sundering age. Skyship crews face dangerous weather, pirates, and more, while scavengers of ancient ruins often face the undead and oter, darker creatures.

It is a dangerous place, the Void.

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Session 10: The Stand
Captain Skiggs lay unconscious on a pew. "He's hurt badly, but he'll live...", no one needed Helan to finish his sentence, as they all thought the same, "...if we do".

The heroes, along with roughly twenty surviving councilmen, were all that stood between life and hell. An army of hungered ushered forth by demons advanced on the Teardrop. It was defiled, broken down, and not nearly defensable. Despair was setting in.

Khala took command of the situation. He rallied the soldiers and began setting up defenses. Elyas took a few men outside the temple to lay some traps in hopes of slowing down the hungered while Areothotis worked to consecrate the temple. Meanwhile, Glimwick found a cache of healing potions and distributed them to a number of the soldiers before taking a position on the second level. The Teardrop was barricaded and prepared for onslaught.

It was a bloodbath. Under Khala's command, however, the soldiers prevailed, fighting back the hungered and their demonic masters for many hours; long enough for Areothotis to cleanse the temple and awaken Melora from her imprisonment. The deluge returned to cleanse the island of taint, while Melora beckoned the heroes into her pool.

The battle was far from over, yet Eracha was confident in her men. The heroes entered the pool and were immediately whisked away in a waterspout. Soaring across the island they felt the warm embrace of Melora healing their wounds. Their destination became quickly clear as they descended upon the Navigator's Hall with ever increasing speed, smasing through the domed ceiling; through the floors; through the basements, eventually coming to a stop in a long-forgotten catacomb.

Their entrance alerted the villain behind the curtain, as Kedrick Lifedancer appeared. Knowing the heroes were not likely to join his cause, he introduced them to his cabal. A large number of cultists surrounded the party, ready to strike. Just then, the walls shuddered and the ground shook under the heavy weight of footsteps. The huge beast, Raganash, the hunger demon, exploded through a wall! He lunged toward the party, tearing into Khala!

Beneath the Navigator's Hall the heroes proved they were more than outcast scavengers. Each played their part in the victory; none was any more, or any less, worthy of the title hero. Areothotis and Glimwick worked fervently to deny their enemies safe ground, while providing allies with painted targets and weakened foes. Elyas took the most punishment from the cabal, standing between them and his allies until the last fell.

Believing them all dead Elyas lowered his blade a moment too soon. Raganash rushed from out of nowhere to crush Elyas! Khala brought him down with a blast of dragon's fire, but not soon enough to save his friend.

Once topside, they could see their victory. The island was awash with Melora's cleansing tide, sweeping the dead off the isle and clearing the memories of the islander's depraved acts. She appeared before the three survivors to thank them for their bravery.

Eracha and the surviving soldiers approached with a smile and a sigh. They won the day, but not without cost. The islanders were ever greatful for their sacrifice and offered up everything short of the island as payment.

In the days that followed, the heroes prepared for their return journey. Areothotis was not convinced he would leave with them, however. The Temple needed a high priest and the people needed guidance.

With heavy remorse, Khala and Glimwick said goodbye, leaving both Areothotis and Elyas back on Plenty.
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Session 9: The Hunger
The journey aboard Peacekeeper was not without conflict. The soldiers were outwardly hostile toward Elyas; the long struggle between the fey and the Trade Council was not easily forgotten. To make matters worse, the ship's mage was none other than Ghenna Tenser. Thankfully, she was less combative this time. Captain Skiggs proved he had firm control of his crew, reducing tensions and punishing those who ignored his commands.

The rest of the command crew, Eracha and Helan, spend much of their time with Khala and Areothotis, respectively. Eracha explained that she and Khala were trained by the same master, Sytheris Firebelcher. She was cast out for her heretical decision to worship the Battlelord. Meanwhile, Helan and Areothotis spent their time reflecting on the information at hand. How was Plenty attacked that Melora did not respond? The sheer comprehension of her inaction was impossible to grasp. Unfortunately, the answers could only be found on Plenty.

Just days before reaching the Razor Passage, Peacekeeper encountered a grain barge floating off course. The heroes were dispatched to investigate, as it appeared as though one of the hatches did not seal before passing through the falls. On board, their concerns were confirmed; all inside had drowned, locked inside the grain barge. The crew, however, suffered in such a way that their souls did not rest, creating a ship full of undead! The heroes made a quick escape, ordering the Peacekeeper to fire upon the grain barge until it fell from the sky.

The Razor Passage was tense, but uneventful. The mists did not clear, though, when they reached the port of Plenty. Through the haze they could see the citizens along the docks, waiting for any ship to arrive. The people looked emaciated, starved, and half-crazed. A large cargo ship with the name The Hunger left port on a collision course with the Peacekeeper. The crew took immediate action to brace for the impact. Khala and Areothotis assembled a make-shift bomb out of gunpowder and an island hopper while Elyas worked to get the sails unfurled. Glimwick and Ghenna conjured a wall of force to slow the ship, knocking it off a direct hit.

The Hunger slammed into the stern of the Peacekeeper, ripping a large hole in the hull. Across the deck of the Hunger lay the bodies and bones of other hapless sailors who entered the Razor Passage. Spilling out from the deck were the starving denizens, led by a crew of demon worshipping dwarves! The dwarven leader, Khedira brought forth fire and brimstone, igniting the deck of the Peacekeeper. It was all in vain, however, as Glimwick used his newly acquired knowledge to raise the very dead from Hunger's deck to enact their revenge! They ripped and tore at the flesh of the Hunger's crew, leaving few alive for Khala and Elyas to play with.

With the skirmish ended, the crew made plans to go ashore and uncover the fiends behind this plot. Areothotis and Helan were convinced the answers would be found at the Teardrop. Standing between them and the most holy of Melora's temple, however, was a sea of flesh hungry villagers.

Fighting through the mass, they slowly, made their way up the hill to the lifemother's temple. Upon entering, Areothotis and Helan fell to their knees in disbelief; the temple was desecrated! A priestess was hung, crucified, to the floating crystal Teardrop in the hall. The sight was too much to bear, and many of the soldiers sought to find another haven. Turning to leave, they saw hungered flowing toward the temple, along with glowmad and demons. There was no escape, they had to make a stand here...
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Session 8: Hunting the Hunter
"Where are you going?", Areothotis asked Glimwick, "Returning to the ship; we lost. She let us live, and I am making the most of that gift". Khala stood defiant, "She slaughters without honor, I cannot let this continue". Elyas just looked around, slightly confused, "And I thought I was going to be the odd man out. Look, we were ambushed by her; that will not happen again."

"Don't be so sure, Elyas." Miri stepped out of the shadows with Dee, "He wouldn't stay behind." Dee, now outfitted in leather armor and carrying Elyas' former blade, nodded to Elyas, "Too long have we sat idly by, allowing others to fight our battle. Today that changes".

Following Roe and Dee, the heroes used every ounce of energy to reach the next village first. They set up an effective ambush against Seeker, proving her undoing. The ferals were dispatched quickly, and her twigblight minions did nothing to slow the anger in the heroes.

However, it was not Glimwick, Khala, Areothotis, or even Elyas who won the day. Roe and the remaining wildlings faked their escape and surrounded Seeker, forcing her surrender and retreat.

With the day won, Dee was named Elfsorrow, bane of the fey, while Roe was honored as their champion. The heroes feasted and rested before making the week-long journey back to Timber.

Back onboard the Chance, Elfsorrow stated his plans to leave the crew once he reached Gateway. He intended to return to Heartland and help the resistance. The heroes, rejuvenated by victory, welcomed their return to the skies. Their smiles would not hold for long, however.

Mere weeks after leaving Timber, a small cloudskiff was spotted, listing in the wind. The insignia on the ship identified it as a courier's guild skiff. One lone survior, an orc, tried to keep the ship flying. The heroes helped him board the Chance, shortly before a much larger, iron-clad ship appeared! Hidden behind a veil of illusion, they made every attempt to reach the Chance.

Once again, their small ship proved to be the faster, and Khala's ever-improving pilot skills kept them beyond cannon fire. The Orc, Raggansh, plead with them to head for Shadowhaven, "The food is in danger! Demons on plenty! Hurry!"

Over the course of the next few weeks, after healing Raggansh, they received the full story. A fellow courier had a message he needed delivered to Shadowhaven;
A demonic influence has endangered the food supplies of Plenty. Please send help.

Unfortunately, his friend died, leaving Raggansh to deliver the message. Glimwick hoped there was a reward for this service.

Arriving on Shadowhaven, the Courier's Guild paid a princely sum of 2,000 cogs for this information, and Captain Skiggs of the Council ship, Peacekeeper, requested the heroes assist them on this trip. Accompanying the captain were two friends of his; Eracha Twofaiths, the dragonborn chosen and champion of Bane, and Helan Joye, provider of the Lifemother. Both were accomplished adventurers and skilled in their respective roles.

Elfsorrow and Miri opted out of this duty, choosing to finish the job for Jeche and Jerle and meet up with the heroes after.

On board the Peacekeeper, the heroes set out for Plenty, the fate of millions rested with the food supplies flowing...
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Session 7: The Shepherd
The trip to Timber was a surprisingly fast one. After witnessing the effects of glowmadness on one of their own, the party made every effort for a speedy journey; Khala even opted to go through a rockstorm to cut some more time, despite the odds of survival.

Elyas spent much of the trip in solitude; his guilt weighed heavily upon his shoulders. He made many attempts to apologize, but found few words to convey his sorrow.

In eight weeks, the Chance docked in the port of Timber. The harbormaster, Erok, was their contact for the shipment. He also directed them to the supply store so they could trade their cargo. Before the heroes could pack up and leave, however, a small wildling burst through the town in search of Erok.

The wildling known as Roe had run for nearly three days in search of help. An elven shepherd was in the forest slaughtering wildlings. Without help, the wildling refugees would suffer for escaping Heartland.

Elyas was quick to suit up and march into the forest. The rest of the party fell in line, leaving Miri to watch the boat. Roe acted as their guide, taking them deep into the woods. Aided by the quick thinking of Glimwick and his magical staff, the party fashioned a passable raft and used the freefoam river to increase travel time. Unfortunately, Glimwick's geographical knowledge of Canopy was lacking. The river took them directly into a torrent of rapids that would consume them all--were it not for Areothotis' timely prayers. She is the the lifemother, after all, and what is a river, if not a giver of life to land? The raging waters calmed, allowing the party easy access to the shore, while Areothotis was lifted up along the water as buoyant as wood.

From there, tracking the path of destruction was easy. Roe found his friend Howler in a pit-trap, having used it to trap one of the shepherd's ferals. The heroes moved quickly through the village as Roe realized the wildlings would naturally hide in the hill-caves; where they go when the river floods.

It was a sight that sent Elyas into the same darkness he felt back on the Chance. The wildlings were perched on some rocky ledges, fending off ferals with naught but primitive spears. The Shepherd occasionally sniped any that successfully reached ground and made a run for the woods.

The heroes moved to act, with Elyas offering a diplomatic resolution, despite his surging anger. Seeker, as she called herself, ordered the heroes to leave. She was charged with culling the slaves and would not be stopped.

The ferals attacked quickly under her command, and proved why they're universally feared. Infused with the same primal magic as the elves, they blinked in and out of existance and seemed to occupy more than one location at a time. Along with Seeker's own command of the land, the heroes were grossly outmatched.

"I have no quarrel with you. Surrender, and I will let you leave with your lives. Stand against me, and you will suffer the wildlings fate."

She was right. They couldn't beat her. She had supreme command of the battlefield and took them in open combat. Khala gave the wildlings time to escape before lowering his blade to save Glimwick and Areothotis from the ferals. Elyas refused to give in, fighting until the ferals tore him down, leaving him bleeding.

Beaten. They had never been beaten. Whether it dragons, glowmad, demons, or pirates; the party had a strong might makes right mentality. Yet, now, despite their convictions and faith, they were defeated and the wildlings would suffer for their failure.

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Session 6: Journey to Plenty
Khala spotted it first, but Areothotis shouted the warning, "Madness hulk!" Few things were more feared in the void; entire crews consumed with glowmadness, roam the skies looking for ships to sacrifice in service to Lightbringer.

Khala acted swiftly, seeking to avoid the oncoming collision. Grappling hooks were fired into the port side of the Chance before the hulk changed course, seeking to drag the heroe's ship into a small nearby islet. Everyone on board braced for impact while Khala strained at the wheel. Putting all of his strength into a tight maneuver, he forced the hulk into direct path with the islet! The hulk was severely damaged, but the Chance was still grappled.

The voidpriest mocked the small crew while ordering his glowmad warriors. A massive wyrmspawn flew in, searing all with his uncontrollable heat. The battle was grim, nearly costing Khala his life, but the heroes did pull through. Unfortunately, the voiders were successful in part of their plans; Khala was furious with anger, in part due to his already primal rage. Areothotis and Elyas were also abnormally angry. Glimwick was quick to point out this strange occurrance, and Areothotis did what he could to calm the crew, sensing their dive into glowmadness.

In the days that would pass, none would fully notice Elyas' continuing, seething, anger. Not until a sudden outburst had Elyas bludgeoning Dee into unconsciousness. The party was able to subdue Elyas and, with the gift of Areothotis' healing song, stave off the effects of glowmadness long enough to reason with him. Once he saw what he had done, He fell into despair. Elyas confined himself to his quarters for the remainder of the trip.

The incident had further ramifications; the wildlings now actively avoided the heroes, realizing that even Fey with noble intentions can inflict harm upon them.

Plenty was a welcome sight after such a journey. Khala expertly navigated the Razor Passage, and they made quite a financial haul selling the different salvage and building materials they had picked up. Glimwick also negotiated a haul of food supplies to Canopy, hoping to gain a bit more money for their trip. Meanwhile, Khala saw to the Chance's repairs.

Areothotis visited the Teardrop, seeking guidance from Kain Lifedancer, high priest of Melora. The high-priest was impressed with Areothotis' heroic tales, and advised that he should continue on his course, and not let the mad utterings of an insane god burden him.

With business settled, they set out for Timber. A Fey patrol ship was spotted, inciting fury in Elyas, who proposed they seek out and slaughter the fiends. Wisely, the party chose a more discrete method of avoiding the ship and heading on their way.
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