You wake up in a dark room. You feel groggy and heavy. Everything is blurry and you find it hard to balance, you are able to make out a door knob, so you stumble your way to it and open it. Outside you find nothing but darkness surrounded by flames. Your sight improves, and you see nothing but dead bodies and nuclear fallout for miles ahead. You feel dehydrated and fatigued, and a wave of sadness and grief overcomes your emotions, and you have no choice but to cry......You gather yourself, and head out to find water and any other survivors, in the world of fire and fallout.

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Day 1
You're walking through what seems to be the remains of a medium sized city. Fires are burning in almost every
building and car, and the heat is causing you to sweat. Your sight and balance is back to normal, but the emotional
pain is nearly too much to bear...after walking for about an hour around the burned city, you find a building in decent
shape and with no fires in sight, so you decide to go in and have a look around. You approach the stairs. A sudden
feeling of anxiety takes over and you start to leave, but the thought of water being somewhere on a different floor
encourages you to go up. You are now on the second floor, you find nothing but trashed offices. You move to the
third floor and you look around...nothing, but on your way back to the stairs, you find the bathrooms! You try all the
sinks in both the mens and womens, but none work. did the only thing you could do. After drinking as
much as you felt you needed, you find a backpack full of papers and files. You pick it up and head out to the stairs,
where you find a fire extinguisher. You shove it in the backpack and go up to the fourth floor to look for any
waterbottles. There is no water bottle, but you find a leather zip up purse, so you emptied it of its contents and filled
it to the brim with water. Nothing else valuable was found, so you leave. When you step outside, you feel an intense
rush of adrenaline, as the world around you shakes vibrantly. The building directly across the street crashes into the
ground, as the building behind you collapses straight down. You begin to feel light-headed, and your vision slowly
fills with faint from the terrifying sight of the situation.
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