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    Lazarus Red Human/M/Goth Occult Researcher
    "Life is only the absence of direction"
    Description:I hail from the Hollow Ones tradition. My mind is the greatest weapon I have against any threat. I can speak to a varied collection of people using my vast knowledge of the worlds languages. I take comfort in my extensive collection of books and my time on stage. My I.Q. puts be above most in...
    Background:I grew up in a normal enough family. Both my parents were "normal" people and they tried to raise me as one of them. But I knew that nothing they ever did would change who I really was. I drove them crazy wearing my goth gear,sneaking out to play guitar at the local bar, and reading all the weird...
    Details:I typically wear my hair either short and spiky or long and strait. I almost always wear black clothing and adorn myself in black makeup and Goth accessories. I really like to wear Victorian style clothing. I love to learn new languages and study the occult. I don't give a damn about much of anyt...
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    Thomas Henderson White/M/Order of Hermes/Master
    Description:One of the last Masters on Earth and one of the Highest ranking members of the Order of Hermes. Thomas has ran the Chantry since the Sundering severed the "Real World" from the Umbra and thickened the Gauntlet. The former master, Marcus Cole, was lost in the battle for the Horizon Chantry and i...
    Background:Awakened at the young age of 12 when he and his parents were in a horrific car accident, Thomas quickly gained status as one of the most promising students of the Hermetic Arts. Reaching the rank of disciple faster then had been recorded in recent history, his rise through the ranks came to an a...
    Details:Thomas looks 25 years of age. 6'1" tall and of slender, but athletic build. He has a shock of red hair and deep green eyes. Intelligent and aloof, but approachable if not the warmest of people.
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    John Moltisanti Human/M/Virtual Adept
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    Devlin Human/M/Contr/Order of Ecstasy/Trickster
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    Liam Hawkins Human/M/Order of Hermes

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