Sabbat VSS – The Broken Sword
Basic Information

Domain: Fl
VST: Brian Interlicchio
Venue: CWOD Sabbat
Date: 1st Fridays (with possibilities of another depending on players)
Time: 7:30p Check-in; 8:00p Start

Styles of Play

Action (combat and challenges) : 7
Character Development (personal dilemmas and choices): 9
Darkness (corruption, fear and horror): 8
Drama (ceremony and grand story): 5
Intrigue (politics and negotiation): 5
Manners (social etiquette and peer pressure): 4
Mystery (enigmas and investigation): 10
PC Death (how often it is present): 8
Pacing (how quickly do stories start, develop and come to an end): 5

Description of Venue

February 7th 2013
Brevard is ours
The Camarilla prevailes
and Sabbat are no more...

This is the words heard in each kines mind to every city around. This was the final shot heard in the darkness.
The Sabbat were strong and numerous, they had a good foothold in the city. In one night, they were gone.
The remains and evidence were quietly and carefully extracted, both those gifted in sights and necromancy both confirmed
the worse, hunters. With the Camarilla in full control and hunters roaming for remaining Sabbat, Brevard was trully lost.

February 6th 2014
A gathering has been called for any brave or foolish Sabbat. The message was carried in all the back channels and with only one sentence. “Its has been too long for action, let us together take back what is ours.”
Tomorrow, will be one year to the day since the massacre, and maybe the first day in redemption. Praise Caine.

Storytellers Mechanics

Venue Emphasis:
Influences - Due to the nature of this storyline, no PC's will start game with influences, as of all influences are currently possessed by the Camarilla.
Death - I would like to emphasize this game is a potentially high death game, not only because of venue, but because of storyline as well. So please be prepared. On the good side, because of the accelerated XP mechanics in the addendum, new characters always have a good potential of keeping up with the playing ground.
Side Scenes – To make sure the game flows properly and to alleviate boredom from other players, side scenes will be subjected to varying time limits depending on number of participating players.
Items – (defined; anything created with crafts skill, magical, weapons, armor, or items of significance) all items to be utilized by a PC will be notated on character sheets or index cards and marked by staff. If items are traded, given away, or used, they too will be notated and marked by staff, including who it originated from. Any makeshift or jerry-rigged items will not be subject to this unless it will be used in another scene.
Downtimes – Will only be accepted either via email or paper immediately handed to staff after game.

Proxy Rules:

All proxies must be received at least 48 hours in advance of the game and are subject to travel risks. Proxies must include:
Complete character sheet, preferably in Excel or pdf format.
Full xp log
Deatails of when the character is coming, how long are they staying, how the character is coming, what the character looks like, why the character is coming, what the character intends to accomplish and how they intend to do it *The more detailed the more accurately staff may portay the PC's actions.*
Player’s presiding VST/DST contact information

Travel risks:

Currently a Cammarilla controlled city
No known Allies
Last reports claimed hunter activity

Experience Award Guidelines:

3-4 xp - Attendance
2 xp - Costuming/props must be significant to which staff can visibly tell your in character as opposed to meeting you else where in public. This is to be awarded by staff acknowledgment (the costuming xp is higher then normal because I wish to encourage and reward bringing more realism to the game, instead of the usual jeans, tshirt, and a coat)
1 xp - Player/staff nominations for outstanding role-playing during the evening
1 xp - Downtime/influence actions
1- 2 xp per month - Extra role-playing on message boards
0 xp - Proxy characters will not receive xp

Other policies:
(policies in progress, but current local rules)
Influences refresh every month, however those that would categorize as things happening over the month such as gossip, you get constantly throughout the month.

A simple, Medicine + Mental Pool vs difficulty 10 for mortals and same creature type (increase to 15 outside of lore) to establish a players health level, not remaining HP.

If you take a skill, background, etc. please justify in your downtime.

Lore Skill: Is too ambiguous so for local rules, Lore encompasses all supernatural and must be specific; Academics covers all other things in mundane world and does not have to be taken from just school.

Willpower regaining will be by the book, however a storyteller/narrator must be present and it must match your archetype or be a exceptionally well played, memorable, or enjoyable scene.

Sanctified Merit: While I will allow the merit, the following changes will be made at the local level to curb the powerfulness of it. The will power regain for all participants in this Merit will only be able to be used once a game and will be only granted if the scene was exceptionally well played, memorable, or enjoyable scene. Also only those participants who successfully complete the ritae will gain the benefits.

Status: Those residing within the area automatically know your status. However, it is on the player to inquire (Ooc or Ic'ly) before making social Fuax Pas. For local flavor, if you have at least 5 dots in social, with a focus in charisma or a 10 in social, I will allow an etiquette take back once per session, to represent your character would have known not to do such an action. This etiquette can not be used in lieu of a purposeful action.

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