There is a darkness brewing to the west, in this, the 4714th year of the Absalom Reckoning. This darkness has come and gone for nigh on a century, but the coming storm promises to outdo all others. Stories abound of horrific beasts from the Abyss travelling the lands, preying on the poor souls in their path. These beasts have arisen from the Worldwound, and they believe that their time is now.

The free peoples of the world have a defender, though, in the people of Mendev. A nation forged by those who would defend the Light, following the tenets of Iomedae against the vile butchery of Lamashtu. Queen Galfrey leads the holy Fifth Crusade against the Abyss. With the failures of the past two crusades to appreciably force the darkness back, there is a hint of desperation to make this crusade the strongest possible...

Not all who journey to this land seek sacrifice on behalf of their god, though. Cutthroats and thrillseekers alike have made the journey, looking to trade their skills in arcane and martial combat for fame and wealth. Regardless of the motivation, soon will be the time to strike and deal with those that would end our freedoms and destroy our way of life. Soon the peoples of Mendev will gather together as one and strike out the darkness.

Ample opportunity awaits ye, if courage be had to accept it's call...

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Crusades of Mendev - City Watch: First Beat
Squad 4 incident report
Squad 4 encountered public disturbance occurring at the Shifty Stein around 20:00. There appeared to be mass brawling and disorderly drunkenness starting to spill into the streets. Squad 4 intervened to diffuse the situation and prevent any lethal injury to citizens and further damage to establishment. Watchmen Jenair and Doojva began subduing the majority of combatants using spells and unarmed combat while watchman Aurelia searched for the instigator of the brawl. The instigator was found and incapacitated, and the majority of the crowd dispersed after paying for their meals and drinks.
Upon trying to leave the vicinity a community leader gathered locals and confronted us with violent intentions. Situation was diffused thanks to some use of magic and our intimidating presence. No altercation occurred.
Watchman Doojva sustained a knife wound and Aurelia has an abrasion on her cheek.
Property damage appears to be limited to whatever happened before the City Watch’s arrival; a few broken chairs and a large amount of broken bottles. Owner did not appear overly concerned, public brawls and disturbances seem to be common occurrence at this establishment.
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Session 5 Summary - Last Time on The Crusades of Mendev...
After their first foray into the caves of fabled "turnips" our adventuring band decided to return to town to lick their wounds and better equip themselves to combat the cave denizens. While in town the trio decided to investigate further into the disappearance of Jamie, a server at the Bekreshess' Arms Inn. Following leads obtained the previous day involving the Nightingale family, Aedyn began the search by questioning well dressed passersby. Quickly enough the location of the Nightingale manor was discerned and the group went about finding a way of entry. Vodnik quickly snatched a crate from nearby finding a couple of bottles of vintage brandy to Davor's excitement. Taking advantage of the find the contents were replaced with lower quality drink. Posing as couriers the trio met with the Nightingale's butler and after some name dropping within lies they were summoned before Cedra Nightingale. Words were exchanged and soon the party found themselves blackmailing Cedra for the Nightingale diamond in exchange for silence and all evidence connecting her to Jamie the server.
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Session 4 Summary - Excerpt from an Untitled Chronicle
Sunday, 16 Pharast 4714 AR
Egede, Nation of Mendev

Events as Recorded by Vodnik Tchezic:

We set out from Egede with the Ironguts early this morning, seeking out their secret ‘turnip’ stash. Aedyn was in fine form, dragging a poor hog and a long pole with him, while Davor awakened himself with some of his fine….well strong spirits. The Ironguts and their friend Bittleborth were very eager and excited to finally breach the magical barrier between them and their tr...turnip fortune. We arrived at a dark cavern covered in bright runes, bones, and various dark stains that appeared to be burns...or blood. Aedyn immediately began mumbling and waving his hands about, muttering in some arcane language. The Ironguts were impressed until Aedyn managed to fling salt in his own eyes, if only that was the least amount of damage we suffered in that cavern! Davor and I were more interested in the large door across the cavern from the entrance, it was enticing, its was the kind of door that you can tell hides something important. Something someone wanted hidden because it was either very expensive or very dangerous, I was crossing my fingers and rubbing my Harrow deck hoping for expensive. Aedyn managed to decipher some of the runes blocking our passage, each Glyph had a different shape and looks confusingly arcane, but his keen sense of the Art allowed him to pick a safe route out of the maze. I sure wasn’t stepping up to test his theory and neither was Davor, turns out that the pig was to make up for our lack of valor. Aedyn drove the pig across the safe glyph and nothing happened! He then drove it with his long pole onto another one, this time a large, vile cloud of vapor emerged! The pig squealed and shot off into Davor’s arms, Aedyn started coughing, and I felt a touch of burning in my eyes. Instantly tearing up and feeling my lungs fill with the faint sensation of burning, I cough hard in time with Davor. I managed to wipe the tears from my eyes and smelt a faint odor of mustard, I looked to Davor and he was doing the same whereas Aedyn was on the floor, coughing and looking sicker by the second. Davor rushed to him and managed to get him rolled to his side where a bg cough expelled the remaining gas. Aedyn looked like some sort of tuberculousis victim, pale and sweaty and faintly repelling. He staggered up and caught his breath, the Ironguts looked alarmed but fell in when Aedyn staggered across the runes to the door.

Beyond the door is total blackness, I lit my small hooded lamp and led the way, watching for signs of creatures passage or suspicious rocks. Nothing was seen until a large open cavern. The rest of my...ahem… ‘brave’ companions stayed behind while I scouted forward, following the righthand wall, I heard them muttering behind me but focused on the dim circle in front of me. Seeing nothing until a shine, right beyond my vision, something…...metal?......or bone?....I cannot remember the exact details of what occured next but it was violent and bloody. A skeleton lurched out of the darkness while some sort of cave octopus swung down from the ceiling towards me! I rush back towards my fellow explorers, jumping over swinging tentacles, caroming off of walls, screaming a warning out to Davor and Aedyn before darkness descended and enveloped me in tearing hooks. Some sort of creature pulled me close and ripped at my flesh, I managed to free a dagger but decided that taking a nap was a better choice….

The next few minutes are a confusing blur of darkness, flashes of light, and tentacles in the darkness. Sounds echoed in the cavern, Zogrim and Yorgrim bellowing battle cries, screeches of metal on stone, thumping of flesh on flesh, and the brutal sound of desperate grappling. Davor’s holy words floated throughout the cavern, waking me from my doze, finding myself against a wall and filled with an energy not my own. I stumbled upright, pulled myself out of the shadows in the light cast by Aedyn’s arcane Art. Bittleborth and Aedyn were loosing arrows into the darkness, the corpse of one of the strange octopus creatures was laying nearby, and the sounds of battle echoed out of two large, supernatural globes of darkness. Bone, metal, and stone crashing together sounded out of one, mingled with Zogrim’s fierce cries. Yorgrim’s pained grunts echoed from another mixed in with the sounds of claws scraping across metal. I unleashed arrows into the scrum, after the earlier mix-up my muscles strained to pull the string back fully but luckily managed to avoid striking Yorgrim. A cry of victory was raised from the first globe and the sound of bones hitting the ground bounced off the stalactites above. After more desperate struggling, claws on stone and flesh, and steel biting into the rubber of the foul creatures, the group finally managed to clear the cavern, in the end 3 Darkmantles and a Skeleton had their bodies strewn around us.

After a quick breather, Aedyn noticed a spider in side passage, an extremely large spider but beside its large size it was less than threatening. A quick discussion and assessment of our numerous wounds could not overcome our desire to clear the cavern as quickly as possible. One spider was deemed a small enough threat so Aedyn enchanted an arrow with light and loosed it at the vermin. This bright light suprised the spider and revealed to large beetles in its company! We rushed to the attach, Davor and Aedyn rushing forth with the Ironguts while Bittleborth and I prepared arrows to meet the foul creatures. Snaking shots between the narrow rock walls was difficult but we managed to strike some strong blows, felling one beatle and injuring another. The fight dissolved into a melee with Yorgrim taking a venomous bite and falling staggered against the wall. Davor used his holy words to keep him alive verse the venom in his veins while Zogrim and Aedyn attack the spider with their steel blades. Arrows,and edged steel overcome the vermin, dispatching them easily. With that we were exhausted, my magical companions were spent and my own hands trembled from their close brush with death. Caverns are not my favorite place to be and probably never will be...unless its a wine cellar. The trudge back to the city was a delight, the warm sun shining on my face finally dispelled the last lingering shadows on my soul, though I could tell I would be feeling them in my dreams for my many nights to come…..
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Session 3 Summary
Daytime Sunday. Too early. Too bright.


A constant drumming. Agony. Sharp pounding beat. Echoing again. And then silence, a heavy, enveloping silence, the kind of silence thats rests in old attics and basements, in chapels and hospices, that sits on your chest, just daring you to breath, crushing, smothering, snuffing out the lights, and then


Aedyn opened his eyes, and immediately wished that he hadn’t. Even the pallid light that filtered through the smoke and dust of the room was enough to send waves of nausea undulating through his body. It was Davor’s drink that did it, never challenge a dwarf to a drinking contest, and doubly so if the drink was of his own devising. The previous night returned to him in a blur.

An amusing spell and a roll of the die had swindled an unlucky farmer out of a year's worth of wages, and depressed he skulked into the shadows but not before knowing that the south docks demon sent his regards.

There was a pony and a duck and some kind of swan and then a tap-dancing fox. Did he dance with the fox? That seemed absurd. But they found the greasy duck at the point and brought him home for a good time. And he remembered introducing the duck as Rory to a few of the ladies of commerciable virtue and he hoped that Rory had a good time. With Jamie gone he had given himself to eating and drinking and smoking and sleeping and probably would have had a good time all on his own. But who was Jamie? Did they meet her last night? No, she worked at the tavern and now had gone missing and they went to her flat. Vodnik found her fine dress, but barmaids can’t afford nice things. Yes, she was going to a ball and there was a handwritten note from Cedra meet up with me at the usual spot, but with friends all over town who is to say where is the usual spot, and everyone seems to know Jamie but us. Davor said Karl knew her, and knew her well, but Karl was too busy ‘playing his lute’ to know where she ran off to now, though she probably ended up in the arms of some other woman.


“Aroden’s blood” he shouted, though it came out as a whisper. He had stole a pull from Vodnik’s flask late last night and it was damn fine whiskey. He said the proprietor was looking to set up a whiskey run and needed a few able hands to help him along, and maybe some whiskey would help right now. Vodnik had sure cleaned up when he returned, they all needed a bath and some new clothes and maybe a fine woman or two after all those nights at sea. Cedra Nightengale was known for her nightly exploits, probably much to the chagrin of her family. They lived in Furnham or Frangate or he would ask Davor to be sure but the district for the newly rich. Cedra no Jaime’s parents dwelt not far up the coast, and they would need to find them if they wanted to get paid. Jaime is probably dead a knife in her back and nobody cares that she is lost and gone, and why are we still looking for her. There was better business at hand, he better get up snap out of this haze


The door splintered under the heavy fist of Zorgrimm Irongut, “IF YE BAMPOTS UR SLEEPIN’ WHEN WIR TAE BE MEETIN’, AWL SHOVE THESE NEEPS REIT UP YER ARSE!”
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Session 2 Summary
Excerpt from the Diary of a Drunken Clergyman

Starday, 15 Pharast 4714 AR


Aedyn managed to secure us some more food and drink but couldn't find much anything else about Karl the bard or Jamie the server. Vodnic managed to embarrass himself in front of some waitresses and the barkeep but did find out we could do worse than working with our friend's the "turnip" merchants. Seeing as how we had quite a bit of time before meeting up with the dwarves and gnome, we decided to split up and find out more about Karl. Having gathered a list of local establishments Karl might visit from a group of bards we split up to cover more ground. Aedyn wanted head to the Amber Fox and Vodnic volunteered to check out the Friendly Swan. I didn't really care too much as long as I could get some ale so I got stuck with the Young Pony. Lucky me though as the barkeep of the Young Pony was arguably the most beautiful elf maiden I have seen or at least that I can remember. She was very kind and friendly and would often give me a smile that would just melt all my worries away. She definitely wants the D. I inquired about Karl and he had come in that morning for a slice of quiche, Thia offered that if I stayed a little longer she could ask the other waitresses if they knew where Karl was. So I stayed an lone behold as if Desna had kissed me herself the sandy haired bard walks right in. Thia introduced me to him and I asked about Jamie. He seemed busy preparing for his performance but I did find out that the two supposed lover were now separated due to Jamie's new found preference of women...

A Story from an Amber Fox Tap House Patron
"So I was just sitting in that corner over there eating having my usual and then this guy comes storming in making a raucous yelling, 'WHERE'S KARL!' I turns around and sees him talking to some guy. The poor bastard was so shaken up he just started nodding and running out the door. The mean looking one walked outside after him and all I could hear was some yelling and sobbing. But the angry guy comes back in a little later and he just asks again about Karl the bard. Now the best parts comin up. Once that guy found out that Karl hadn't been here in months he tries to do some weird dance move but ended up kicking a table and knocking over a mug which he ended up slipping on! He stormed out after that and no one tried to stop him. The bouncer was probably laughing so hard he couldn't summon the will to try and stop him."

Friendly Swan Service Record
Starday, 15 Pharast 4714 AR
Bath #2
Paid for by tall, dark haired adventurer with green shirt.
Session: Game Session - Tuesday, May 13 2014 from 12:30 AM to 1:30 AM
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