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*Heard in the streets of New Sun City*
Guard #1: Hey did you hear?
Guard #2: no, what?
Guard #1: The OM unit in Star City opened a portal to another world and some people from another world came through.
Guard #3: Yeah, i heard they came straight here and interfaced with the OZ unit.
Guard #2: Yeah? You mean those people that the Queen of Hearts was escorting out of town?
Guard #1: Precisely. Know what else i heard?
Guard #2 and Guard #3 together: What?
Guard #1: ... I heard that the Prince of Darkness himself is going to open another portal in Star City.
Guard #3: You idiot! There's no way he could do that on his own!
Guard #2: Yeah, he'd need more power than both the OM and OZ units combined!
Guard #1: Hey, hey, i was just saying what i heard.
Guard #3: Shh, here comes Maor. Stand up straight you two!
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The Daily Mask, Crub, 129-11
The glorious Ngog Demands volunteers to join his quest to the north. He seeks The Light of Yacun; the Princess Eden who has disappeared on a journey through the fire-lands to the north. He has chosen a group of fresh-faced citizens for his allies. The elders of the city of Yacun have decided that all of yacun will neither drink nor eat until the Golden Prince Ngog returns with the Light of Yacun. Our lives are their lives.
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