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Tar-Baphon's scream or rage echoed through the ruins of Ardak. An army of Prince's Wolves marched to the gates of Gallowspire to hail the Bastards of the Beast. A great evil was thwarted, the world of Golarion was spared a terrible scourge. For a moment, the corpse resembled Adivion Adrasant, before it disintegrated into loathsome dust.

Rhakis Szadro, leader of the Prince's Wolves immediately approached Nico, and bade him to become Packlord of the Shudderwood. Nico, however, did not want to fight his sister Lyanna. After all of the carnage, Nico just wanted to retire. Knowing that Lyanna would perceive him as a threat, Nico left Ustalav and went to the River Kingdoms. There Nico got a job as a drover. Many bandits were treated to a nasty surprise when they raided his caravan... Eventually, Nico settled down, and fathered 27 children by his three wives.

Cronos returned to his farm, much to the delight of his followers. Though he did rightly and strove to be a good leader, Cronos could not forget the many horrors he'd seen throughout his travels. Without alcohol to help him through, Cronos became reclusive, and embittered. Eventually, he returned to Vyrlitch, what became of him is unknown.

After the events of Gallowspire, Valin became regarded as an authority on The Whispering Way. He took a position teaching at the University of Lepidstadt. It seemed, though, The Order of the Palatinate Eye took exception to Valin's teachings. Especially the parts where Valin went out of his way to disparage the Eye as a bunch of rich incompetents in a good ole boy club. A feud started, and the two sides took pains to discredit and hamper each other as much as possible. The Order started sending Valin notes with magic mouth cast on them. When Valin opened the note, the magic mouth would either utter "YOU LOSER!" or "HEH, YOU GOT A TINY PENIS!" In order to escape, Valin plane shifted. Where he went remains unknown...

After the final battle Adivion Adrasant, Aragar knew his time in Ustalav was done. As a follower of Desna, Aragar never intended to stay anywhere for long. So he told the other Bastards, "Maybe tomorrow, I'm gonna settle down, until tomorrow, I'll just keep moving on!" It was said Aragar travelled east, toward Belkzen. After that, what became of Aragar is unknown. Unlike Cronos, Aragar was able to lean heavily on cannabis to deal with the horrors he'd witnessed in Vyrlich.

For a time, Adarak lay dormant. The denizens of The Whispering Way did not seem to be in a hurry to reclaim the city. One day, a raven alit on the top of the tower. The raven changed form, into an Aasimar druid. The druid seemed to be mildly inebriated.

"I wonder what's in here?" The druid asked, and used earthglide to enter the central column that lead to the sealed dungeons below...
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Session 41
The party continued their journey to the Hungry Mountains. After some time of following the trail, they came upon the first witchgate.

Having the foreknowledge that the Whispering Way often guarded those gates, the group approached cautiously. Their caution proved fruitful, as they successfully detected several Hangman's Trees in the vicinity. The trees were easily dealt with from a distance.

The group then went through the next gate. After they appeared, a linorm appeared from a cave in the hillside. The linorm appeared to be missing its tail. It breathed fire on the group. A battle ensued, and after a while, the linorm appeared to be defeated. As the group searched the cave, the linorm regenerated, and flew away. However, the group was able to get the linorm's horde.

The group went through the next gate, and appeared near a camp of crusaders from Lastwall. After some discussion, the crusaders seemed wary but not hostile. They asked Aragar if he would examine a witch they had found who appeared to be possessed.

Aragar determined that the witch was indeed possessed, and taking some time, he prayed for the spell Dispell Evil. Aragar was able to eject the demonic presence, which turned out to be a Leukodaemon. The Luekodaemon presented little challenge for the group, and was defeated easily.

The old woman seemed distraught, she invoked the Leukodaemon to protect her people from Marrowgarth, and undead dragon of terrible power that threatened the land. She implored the group to succor her people, a group of varisian sczarni that were wandering the area.

Cronos wanted to leave them to their fate, because he did not agree with people invoking daemons for protection, but his better nature prevailed. The group went to the camp.

All of the people were dead or missing, and the old woman broke down. While the group looked around, they were assaulted by a night hag and two witchfires. Unfortunately, luck was not on the coven's side, and the hags were easily dealt with.

The party decided to rest for the night, and go through the next gate in the morning. It turned out to be a good idea.

The old crone gave Valin a box, and warned him that "deadly bars of iron and piercing shrieks await, striking cold the hearts of men". The box contained a Gauntlet of Rust, which Nico put on.

When the group entered the next gate, they appeared in a cage, surrounded by sturdy enchanted iron bars. A banshee appeared, and screamed! Valin and Nico were both affected by the wail, but while Valin struggled with oblivion, Nico was able to stay on his feet.

Aragar and Jix rushed to save Valin, while the banshee entered the cage. Between Cronos and Lawrence, they were able to keep the banshee contained. Nico used his gauntlet to rust the lock off the cage, but was wary of trying to get past the banshee. Eventually the banshee was defeated, but not without cost. It took two breath of life spells, and quite a bit of healing to get the party back to a reasonable amount of health.

Peering outside the tower where the cage and witchgate were, the group espied the bladed walls of Renchurch Abbey...

(This is where we left off)

Session: Game Session 41 - Sunday, Mar 22 2015 from 3:30 PM to 8:00 PM
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Session 40
Having defeated the enemies in the monastery, the party set about searching the upper level for any clues or treasures.

The party learned that the witches were working on an anti-aging formula for the Countess Caliphvaso. They also uncovered several notes about the Bloodbrew Elixir, and some correspondences to Radivir. However, there seemed to be no more clues about what the Whispering Way were doing.

The group went back to their inn accommodations, and set about trying to sell their new found treasures.

At this time, Catamitus returned to Valin and told him he could not follow the Way's trail, as they entered Virlych. The land was coursing with undead power, as if the Tar-Baphon himself was connected to the land. Catamitus told Valin that the place was warded by Witchgates, that shunted people that attempted to teleport into Virlych to variuos sites away from Gallowspire. The land was stormy, and flying was dangerous. Even traveling by foot was risky, as many horrors roamed that awful place...

In the meantime, Cronos went to look for Ramoska Arkimenos. Ramoska was nowhere to be found. However, a street urchin approached Cronos and gave him a note. The note explained that Ramoska had determined the true target of the Carrion Crown Elixir was Count Lucean Galdana. He also determined that the Crown was not merely a potion to create a lich, but rather to make the host a vessel for Tar-Baphon himself to escape his prison and scourge over the land again! Ramoska urged Cronos to make haste to Renchurch, the last bastion of the Whispering Way, and put an end to the endeavor.

Not willing to take all of his followers with him, Cronos bought a plot of land, and got his followers to begin construction of a farm.

In the meantime, Valin, Catamitus, and Nico went to an orphanage so that Valin could make good on his promise to help the needy. Valin found a suitably poor orphanage, and was able to grant them a boon of gold. Nico promised to return and teach the children how to make armor.

The group then gathered together, loaded up some supplies on their wagon, and ventured forth to Virlych. At the end of the first day, a group of wolves approached Nico. One of them wore a tell-tale scarf and earing.

It was Rhakis Szadro! He told Nico that his peoples' fortune tellers and harrow readers were all seeing bad omens, and the situation was dire. Nico told them that the Bastards of the Beast were on their way to Renchurch to face the threat! Rhakis Szadro told Nico that he would amass his army, and come as quickly as possible. He gave Nico his earing, and bade him good luck.

The next day the group noticed that the terrain was noticeably more sparse and harsh, as they got closer to the Hungry Mountains. At the end of the second day, the group passed by a stagnant pool by the side of the road. Out of the pool, an Omox Demon attacked Nico.

It was fierce, but the combined might of the party was too much for it. After searching the pool, the group decided to camp.

(This is where we left off)

Session: Game Session 40 - Sunday, Mar 15 2015 from 3:30 PM to 8:00 PM
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Session 39
The group correctly guessed where the vampire was headed, and went back to the Abbott's crypt. There they staked the vampire, and took her wonderful loot.

The party then explored the rest of the subterranean passages and came upon a room where vampires were being drained of their blood. A quartet of wood golems were watching over the scene, and moved to attack the party. The golems were no match for the mighty heroes, and died fairly quickly.

The group then went upstairs. The lead to the main chamber on the ground floor. Apparently, the enemies were prepared and ambushed the group. There were several mercenaries, and an odd-looking stable boy. The guards proved to be fairly ineffectual, but the malign-looking stable boy was more than he appeared. He hit the group with Reverse Gravity, then blasted Valin with a Power Word Stun. There were a few tense moments, until Aragar was able to skewer the stable boy with his glaive.

After searching the main floor, the group discovered some wine, and debated whether or not to take it. There was also cold storage room with Solid Fog cast into it. Valin used his wall of fire, and made the room smell like bacon and popcorn.

The group then went to the bell tower. At the bottom, there was a rope hanging from the ceiling, leading up (presumably) to the bell. Nico pulled on the rope, and the bell came crashing down through the ceiling. Aragar and Cronos decided to fly to the top, and see what they could see. Valin followed on te stairs, and fell through a weakened part, down to the first floor again.

The tower also branched off into the second floor at one part. When the group went onto the second floor, they found the other witch sister waiting in ambush with several more mercenaries. The witch's powers would have been devastating, but unfortunately for her, the group proved to be very resilient and would not succumb to her hexes. The mercenaries died so fast, that the Invisible Stalkers that were waiting to attack from the rear just decided to leave.

(This is where we left off)
Session: Game Session 39 Again! - Sunday, Mar 08 2015 from 3:30 PM to 8:00 PM
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Session 38
The group rested and prepared to investigate the Abbey of Sante-Lymirin. There was much planning,and Mauricio sang a fanfare:

The battle's over and the dust is clearing,
Disciples of Lord Cronos sound the knell,
Rejoicing echoes as the dawn is nearing,
The Way in defeat retreat to Hell!

The group then travelled along the shore a few miles to the old Abbey. It appeared that the grapes were harvested from the vineyard. The group, expecting combat, prepared their spells. They decided to explore the winery, which was separate from the abbey proper.

Nico strode forward, and opened the door. Inside were three great wine casks, along with several tubs and barrels. As Nico explored the room, a ghostly figure of a beautiful young girl came out of a cask, introduced herself as Martine, and asked Nico if he could help her. She claimed that she and her sisters were victims of an evil witch and her coven. Martine said that if the group brought back the skull of the witch Oothi, she would be able to rest. The group, however, was very suspicious, and Nico decided to prod her.

That turned out to be a mistake, as Nico became afflicted with witchfire, and in the ensuing battle, the ghostly woman and her sisters caused Nico a lot of harm. The group managed to triumph, though two of the great casks were destroyed, and much wine was spilled.

After the battle, the group searched the winery, and discovered a secret trapdoor. After some discussion, they decided to go through the trapdoor, into some tunnels that seemed to go under the abbey.

The first tunnel they explored lead to an ossuary, with several bone-filled alcoves. There was a heavily armored warrior sorting through a pile of bones in the torchlight. The warrior had a breastplate with the symbol of Iomedae on it, but the symbol was marred, as though someone had tried to remove it.

The group decided to attack. Although the warrior was quite resilient, eventually he succumbed to the combined might of the party. The warrior shed a tear of blood right before he was incinerated by Aragar's searing light. The group then back tracked a bit, and went down another tunnel.

They entered a tomb of what appeared to be someone of importance. However, the sarcophagus was empty. When the group went to exit through the opposite door, Nico set off a symbol of fear trap. The only person affected was Valin, but Aragar was able to stop him from fleeing.

The party then made their way to a subterranean shrine to Sante Lymirin, where they were attacked by a blood knight. The group managed to make short work of the blood knight, who barely bought some time for one of the witches to prepare for battle. The witch proved to be very resilient, but eventually succumbed to the persistence of the group. However, she did not die. The group discovered that she was a vampire when she turned to gaseous form.

(This is where we left off)
Session: Game Session 38 - Sunday, Feb 22 2015 from 3:30 PM to 8:00 PM
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