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6 Month Summary through Sarenith 4716
1,200pp kingdom wages for each of us. This is much higher than usual. I withdrew more BP during 2 KTs because our treasury is overflowing and I was about to build a bunch of Unrest-reducing buildings.

Abadius, 4716. The Greenmark takes advantage of an unusually mild winter to explore and trade. The Circle of the Acorn claims the remaining southern marches of the Greenmark. We encounter the giant Munguk, who joins our army for the promise of dwarven liquor.
     Greenmark renews its luxuries trade route with Absalom. From Absalom, merchants trade our dwarven single-malt whisky, juniper mead, fine fur garments, mirrors, and magic items throughout the world.

Calistril-Pharast, 4716. Construction begins on Shrikethorn's Artisan District. A local council of arts patrons, backed by the Doss bards, requests that we build an opera house in the Green District. One of the patrons offers to donate her noble villa to the cause. It is converted to the Greenmark Opera House.
     Issa grants patents of nobility, with accompanying grants of land and gold, to several members of the Circle of the Acorn and their allies:

Greyfeather, Patriarch of the Greenmark and Lord of the Temple of the Elk
Ganelin, Palsgrave of Candlemere
Corax, Margravine of Heathwick and Constable of the Realm
Bede, Lord Marshal of the Realm
Fang, Lord Sheriff of the Realm
Kesten, Lord Captain of the Realm
Oleg and Svetlana, Margrave and Margravine of Leveton
Galrin, Margrave of Trollgrad

Gozran, 4716. Continued research results in the amazing discovery of _____!
     Greenmark renews its raw materials trade route with Cassomir. Grenish barges laden with timber and ores ply the Sellen southward.

Desnus-Sarenith, 4716.
A coalition of zealots in Shrikethorn plots both openly and covertly for the ouster of poor Minister Kini! "She's been minding the fey too much, and the people not enough!" they say. The Queen shames them into submission while Ganelin and Corax hunt for the instigators, but popular sentiment still runs against the Minister.
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8 Month Summary through Kuthona 4715
400pp kingdom wages for each of us.

Desnus-Sarenith, 4715. The Grenish War of Independence. Issa is crowned Queen.

Erastus, 4715. Troll warbands raid the southern marches of the Greenmark. With great sacrifice, the Queen wins a pyrrhic victory against the trolls. The Circle of the Acorn tracks the trolls' leader, Hargulka, to an old dwarven hold, from whence the Green Lady sent him to pillage the realm.
     Greenmark continues its trade in beef, moon radishes, and other foodstuffs to Caliphas, though growing demand among our own populace may soon limit our ability to export food.

Arodus, 4715. A huge owlbear attacks Shrikethorn, breaching the western walls and destroying several building in the Hammer District before being driven back by the dwarves. The Circle of the Acorn tracks the owlbear back to its lair beyond the Little Sellen. A gang of cutthroats had been using a magic ring to send the owlbear against us. I suspect the ring to have been made of the hair of the Green Lady. We captured the owlbear and constructed a menagerie in the new Green District to house it.
     Our depleted armies reconstitute and train new recruits.

Rova, 4715. Following the recent troll and owlbear raids, the brave Tanyons veterans of the Grenish War of Independence request permission to build a fort to protect their homesteads. The Queen appoints a new Marshal, Kini, to oversee construction.

Lamashan, 4715. Construction of Fort Tanyons is complete. Greenmark renews its arms export agreement with the rebel government in Tamran, Nirmathas. Fine Grenish steel remains in high demand throughout Avistan and beyond.

Neth, 4715. Olomanteion researchers make a breakthrough discovery about the First World!

Kuthona, 4715. Construction on a new military garrison district, the Spears District, begins in Shrikethorn.
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6 Month Summary through Lamashan 4714
300pp kingdom wages for each of us.
Additional 164pp, 1gp, 6sp, 2cp from sale of party treasure.

ring of protection +1 goes to Greyfeather
wand of barkskin (CL 3, 23 charges) goes to Issa
3x courtier outfits saved for outfitting cohorts
2x royal outfits go to Issa
3x vials of perfume worth 100 ea go to Issa (these can grant you a Diplomacy bonus)
tiara worth 350 gp goes to Issa
mithral elf statuette of Findeladlara worth 1200 gp placed in museum at Shrikethorn

Desnus 4714. The Dancing Lady reveals that during Issa's missing decade, she was kidnapped by an Eldest of the First World. The Margravine debates what fate should await the bloodthirsty fey; Ganelin makes the problem go away. Political calm descends on the Greenmark--but it is the calm before a storm. We seize the opportunity to establish embassies with Brevic houses Orlovsky and Garess, who, along with our allies in House Medvyed, are most likely to form a bloc against Surtova.

Sarenith 4714. New settlements spring up in Heathwick and Aurochs Canyon, markets for grain farmers and aurochs ranchers, respectively. The dwarves of Clan Copperglove continue to fortify Shrikethorn's Hammer District and gather a unit of elite ultraheavy infantry dubbed the Bronze Phalanx.

Erastus-Rova 4714. We renew our agreement to export Grenish grain and livestock to Caliphas, capital of Ustalav. Fisheries along the Tuskwater and its tributary rivers augment our farms and ranches. We raise castles and other fortifications to protect the outlying settlements in Heathwick, Aurochs Canyon, and Candlemere.

Lamashan 4714. A wilderness fort in Trappingrounds hides under the eaves of Narlmarch Wood. Under Captain Dorley, the alchemists of Candlemere establish their own guildhall and recruit additional grenadiers. Envoys establish an embassy in neighboring Mivon and renew arms exports to Nirmathas.
Session: Online session 33 - Monday, Feb 22 2016 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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