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Back into the Caves
The group reentered the caves and eventually found their way to a passage with a warm stream crossing it. Getting across, they found a stairway that had a continual darkness spell halfway down it, hiding a chute that brought them down to the next level.

Moving through the caves, they eventually found a trapdoor that led back into the hallway where the stirges met them. Looking to find Isaac, who had been left at the top of the stairs, they found him missing. Wet footprints led them upstream to a trail outside the caves. Following the trail, the group encountered a pack of bullywugs. When they captured the owl familiar, the party charged to attack to rescue the owl.
Session: Fame and Glory - Sunday, May 18 2014 from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM
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Moving on
After the hogoblins are killed, the party moves further into the caves. They find a room with a chest in the center of it. While attempting to check for traps on the chest, the assassin triggers the trap on the pedestal the chest is on, releasing a large boulder from the ceiling which falls onto the assassin and chest, crushing both. The assassin wasn't killed, luckily, and was able to recover. The crushed chest revealed a large number of copper coins when the rock was rolled off.

The group investigated the room for several hours, looking in vain for a secret door. The assassin climbed to a hole in the ceiling and found that it led to a hole in the forest where the cave complex was.

Returning to the caves, the group investigated the previous rooms, looking for secret doors. Eventually realizing that there had to be another way further into the caves, they inspected the hallways and found a trapdoor in the floor. Opening the trapdoor revealed handrails attached to the side of a shaft. From the bottom of the shaft a number of voices could be heard, as well as substantial light.

The assassin climbed down the shaft but accidentally knocked his sword against the hand rails, alerting whoever was at the bottom. He tried to hide in the ladder-way but someone from below used a torch to investigate the noise. As soon as the investigator stuck his head in the shaft, the assassin dropped down.

Landing on the investigator, the assassin broke the man's neck when he hit the floor. A quick glance around revealed another eight people were in the room at the bottom of the ladder. The assassin yelled for help and attempted to attack. Things went well at first, with the assassin easily dodging the weak attacks. But then an armour-covered warrior smashed in the assassin's head with a morning star.

The rest of the group came into the room, one at a time. Over a number of minutes, the party eventually bested the defenders, either killing them or sending them fleeing further into the caves. The party looted the bodies, rested and healed up as best they could, then moved on down a corridor.

The corridor lead to an intersection. Going north, they found a dead end. While they looked for secret doors, Hen and the druid split off and checked the southern wing, where they found a closed door.

As the two reported back, a flapping noise could be heard getting closer. Suddenly, a flock of stirges came around the corner and encountered the group. The party ran south, to the closed door, where they found the hinges had been melted closed. Taking three party members, the group was able to smash through the door and into the room.

The stirges followed and, after a very tough battle where nearly everyone was sucked to unconsciousness and Hen died, the stirges were killed. Realizing they needed to get back to the village to recover, the group waited for everyone to wake up enough to walk back to the village.
Session: Price of Fame and Glory - Sunday, May 11 2014 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
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An Outing in the Woods
The party is formed when a group of childhood friends get back together in their early adult years after having separated to find their way in the world.

Shortly after returning home to meet each other, a mysterious package is found in the center of the village. Inside the bundle are a number of torn clothing pieces covered in blood. The characters find out that shortly before they arrived back in the village, the villagers were being terrorized by monsters that had encroached on the land. A group of adventurers came by and volunteered to take care of the monsters for a very hefty price.

When the adventurers went to fight the monsters, one of the party members through a sulfur bomb into the fray and, when the smoke cleared, all the monsters were gone, as well as most of the party members.

One of the adventurers had returned to town and convinced the PCs to accompany him into the nearby woods to seek out the monsters. Along the way, they are ambushed by a group of orcs and goblins, who were defeated when an illusion of a large, gaping hole appeared in front of them and they "fell" to their deaths.

Tucker, the cleric, was nearly killed in the ambush but was revived through quick action while several others were injured but recovered. Continuing on their way, the group encounters a man sleeping on the side of the road. This new person is recruited into joining the group and the party eventually find the lair of the monsters.

Entering the cave, they make it past a slippery bridge and find an "abandoned" guard post. While looking around, the party is ambushed by hobgoblins but eventually defeats them, leaving several of the party members seriously wounded and unconscious.
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