On the Northern shores of Otter Bay lies a historical remnant of a plantation house that has fallen into decay. The swamp trees have overtaken the plantation grounds, leaving vines and weeds to carry themselves to the doorstep of the plantation house and slave quarters. The area is hung in perpetual twilight from the dense canopy of swamp trees that gives the grounds a foreboding sense.

Couples used to drive out this far on the dirt roads to get a little private time, but have stopped in the recent years due to cultural changes. The roads have become overgrown with grass and weeds, obscuring the path to the plantation house even more.

Late at night, tiny motes of lights can be seem flitting through the area, dancing among the ruined buildings. An air of dread creeps out with the fog and swamp gas that drifts about in the evening air.

Within the walls of this plantation home, old dreams shuffle about, looking for a place to rest, some never rising again - taken into the heart of the place - like some kind of nightmarish haunted engine.

Who would be brave enough to walk within the walls of this place again? Who would reclaim this place in the name of Gaia? Ready your weapons, steel your nerve and ask yourself this - When will you Rage?
System: Werewolf Revised Edition by White Wolf
Genre: Modern Nights Savage Horror (you have been warned)

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Background...so far
I was born James Redfeather, Seminole Indian. Well half of me was, the other half is Mongol. Yep, interesting mix, makes me naturally "earthy" looking...or ugly. Dad was a Bonegnawer, Mom was a kinfolk. Not uncommmon really, except of course that those on the reservation did not like my father, so when he dissapeared to never come back, mom and I were abused, beaten, and basically run out. Sad really, amazing in this day and age. But there you go. We lived on the Streets on the West Coast of Florida, moving around a lot and surviving. That was the key for my mother, to survive. I don't blame her, but I wanted more. BUT, that didn't work so well. Seems I have a slight issue....I see dead people. Ok ok, I know, dramatic as hell. But honestly I do. Luckily the state was nice and gave me these lovely pills. And a few tests, with electricity...why do all doctors seem to have a fascination with that stuff? Well anyway, the pills made me sane, and no longer nuts. And I worked hard, going to school no matter what I had to do...hell, the state insisted so that "helped". Then came community college, which I aced...of course. Really, I am pretty smart, when drugged. Anyway, I made Harvard. That Native American blood came in handy with that one, or I never would have made it. So here I am a hot shot lawyer, doing well and fitting into a new world in Boston. Making some money, sending it to my mother and generally having a much better life.

Until that one case, it was a corporate spy type case. You know the kind, where one company steals from another and you have to move lots of damn money in between and hope your side wins...anyway, I was working overtime when my meds ran out, but I figured a few days would not hurt....yea, right. I guess I had taken it so long that it wears off quickly. Guess what happened? Yea, I saw dead people again, and really it is not that exciting, they are dead for God's sake. But, there was one thing that kind of threw me off. Tupahla Mol, apparently a relative....errr from a long time ago. Anyway, as soon as my issue reappeared he was there. Yelling at me, I mean wailing...well like the dead. Bitching at me for not doing my duty to my mother, I mean I was sending her money...but it seems he meant Gaia. Took me a bit to figure it out. But that old man/ghost/irritant kept at me and at me and finally I lost it. You know what I mean, became all hairy and full of teeth and claws. I would like to point out when you are frustrated and raging, that a ghost taunting you does NOT help one little bit. I woke up eventually, naked, shivering, and frankly nuts. I mean bonkers. Hell, I talk to spirits. And they answer AND make sense.

Anyway, I am back in Florida now, usually not drugged up. I think the longer I stay off my meds, the worse I get. Or better in some peoples eyes. But I guess that college class on the Occult that I took part for a lark paid off. I know how to read the bones, Entrails, and blood splatters. Papa Mol teaches me a lot, and while I am off the drugs I do a pretty good job for Gaia. But I still take my drugs when I need to deal with the mundane world. I try not to, my excuse is that my connection to Gaia suffers, which it does. I can't hardly use my gifts, can't seem to change forms, and crossing the Gauntlet? HA, not even a chance. And frankly, I miss my friends...the spirits and ghosts. But if I have to, I will. It is all for Gaia now.

So that is the basics of my story. I am James Redfeather, known as "A Bone's Throw" to the Nation. And I am done now, the meds are almost out of my system..........and soon I will probably not make much sense to many.
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Searching for the Forgotten...
California Redwood National Forest. Trees so filled with age and lost wisdom that they literally hum with Spiritual energy. Gregory sat across from his Mentor and Birth Mother; Guards-the-Garden and just took a moment for himself in the vastness of knowledge and power that surrounded him. There were moments like this that made Gregory care little about the fact that he had not gone through his First Change. Moments that just made one take a step back from everything and glory in the beauty of Gaia's glory. He took at deep breath and when he opened his eyes, his mother was staring at him with a pleased expression.

"You feel them, don't you?" She asked him in a quite, yet melodious, tone.

"The Spirits. Yes, mother." Gregory said as a lazy smile crept its way on his face. "I have felt them ever since Nyte came to me."

Guards-the-Garden beamed at him. It was the smile that a teacher would give a pupil, but it was also the smile of a mother who couldn't be prouder of her son. It was the smile that Gregory could never, ever forget.

Gregory felt that there was more his mother wanted to say, but she suddenly stiffened. Her head began to jerk from side to side as her nostrils flared. Her features instantly changing from pleased pride to violent apprehension. That was when Gregory heard the laughter.

It wasn't laughter one would normally hear in these woods when suddenly coming across fellow trekkers of the forest. This laughter sent a chill down Gregory's spine and set the hair on the back of his neck to straight lines of fear.

As if to punctuate his worries with truth, Nyte came soaring out of the branches of a tree. His normal, mellow hoots a shrill call of warning. He alighted onto Gregory's shoulder and Gregory looked to his mother. She was on her feet and in her war-form. Her Ebony Staff gifted, Gregory knew, to her by Unicorn's Shadow himself was clenched in both hands. She swiveled her gigantic head at him and snarled.


It was at that point that Clark's dream shattered and he found himself on his feet, his four feet, in his room of the Cabin on the outskirts of the Ocala National Forest.

"Mother..." Clark whispered to the darkness, as his Hispo form melted away to leave him standing on two feet again, naked, and in the middle of his room. His mattress and pillows a mass of claw marks and down. He sighed to himself, it was going to take this month's stipend to replace. Oh well.

He padded across the room to sit at his desk as Nyte appeared, the spirit physically manifesting on top of the sleeping computer screen.

You can't keep blaming yourself, brother. The Spirit said innocently in the language of the Spirits. It is the lot of Gaia's children to fight and die in her service. For the survivors to blame themselves is to lessen the sacrifice.

"I know..." Clark mumbled, speaking Spirit Speech in kind. "I know that, but it doesn't lessen the pain."

It was two years ago...Nyte replied.

"That doesn't help either." Snapped Clark.

Then why don't you try doing what you have been doing from the moment you awoke as one of Gaia's Children. You have the power now.

"You mean..." Clark's voice trailed off as he looked up to his Spirit-Brother. The Owl-spirit that had been his mother's greatest gift to him.

Yes, brother.Nyte spoke quietly, finishing the simple statement with a reassuring nip at Clark's wrist.

"Alright then, I guess it is finally time to try." Clark said, as though resigning himself to something he wasn't looking forward to.

With a deep breath, Clark moved to face the mirror he had in his room. Then he left himself relax. As his sight unfocused and his body relaxed, Clark felt himself slipping sideways into the Umbra, into his second home. Once there he sat himself down in the middle of the room and took another deep breath. Letting it out slowly he began to speak, and almost chant in the language of the Spirits.

"I call to the blood that runs through my veins." He began. "The blood that has flown through countless other Garou. I call to my line to my great-great-great grandfather the Ahroun Shadow's Hoof, to my great-great grandmother the Galliard Sings of Rivers, to my great grandfather the Ragabash Whisper's-to-the-Shadows, to my grandmother the Theurge Reaps-What-She-Sows, and finally to my mother the Theurge Guards-the-Garden. I am the Theurge known as Guiding Hand, I am the product of this honorable line, and at long last I am begging you. I beseech those that came before me. Help me learn your wisdom, help me grow your glory, help me celebrate your honor..."
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The Call.....
Warm sand.... wind.... the smell of rich spices the distant almost silent movement of the Nile waters. This was as close to home as most of us can get, to rest here under the open sky just outside of Khem....Egypt....home...

It was inevitable that it would come, you never stay one place for long.

A average looking Egyptian woman approaches with a smaller almost oriental gentleman with her. She knows them well enough, standing she greets them, bowing to the gentleman "Son of Crocodile, the Sun sees you".

"You both honor me with your visit, please come inside I'll prepare you refreshment and repast from your journey." Isiri steps aside opening the tent so they may enter. Following them in she quickly sets about offering them each a cool damp towel to soothe their face, water to rinse their hands and feet. Shortly then she brings them dates, cheese and some olives. She offers each water first then a frothy drink made from yogurt and flavored with rose syrup. Once she is certain her guests are comfortable she sits eager to hear whatever may have brought them to her.

The woman speaks, "We await another who was following shortly behind. The spirits have been speaking loudly and they have made themselves hard to ignore." she is interrupted by the arrival of an ancient looking woman whose skin is almost black as night. They all bow to her except for the gentleman and they meet eyes and simply nod in respect. "Illuminates the Dark Path" Isiri spoke "had I known you were coming I would have..." "You would have gone to more trouble than you should for a old woman." she helps herself to the cleansing bowl and dates before Isiri can even move.

"Members of the Ahadi have come to us and that is why we are here. The restless have spoken your name and called for you to hear them. Nefertari Meritmut has come to me and spoken her prophesy. You must go to America." the old woman takes a deep drink of the frothy liquid.

"Crocodile has spoken to his brother of you, Alligator summons you."

"Other spirits have whispered your name to those who will listen. The ritual will be done this evening and you will travel to the Lost Caern. From there to Ocala, you will have no issue finding your way."

"If the dead do not guide you your heart will. You may go as a Seeker but your arrival may be seen as that of a Harbinger. You rest now and we will see you this evening for the traveling song."

She quickly packs small pouches for each with water and food for their short journey back to their homes. Then she searches through her clothes for a small crystal bottle and with that in hand she leaves for Egypt proper.

Running in long strides she is careful as she goes to the edge of the Nile waters and crosses into Egypt. Even being one footstep into Egypt she feels the instant grip of the curse. Quickly she filters a few grains of sand into the bottle then kneels by the Nile and places a drop of water into it as well, sealing the bottle she turns and just as quickly leaves, returning to her small camp. It is getting late in the afternoon and she begins to pack her things. Everything sealed and orderly. Isiri takes the majority of her remaining food to the elder of the local Bedouin tribe before making her way to the ritual grounds far from the sight of mortals and Kindred alike.

Here in this sacred area the Ahadi Pact is easily seen. All of Gaias children can gather here in peace and respect as it has always meant to be. She speaks with several folk she had made friends with during her time here they exchange traditional blessings, they know she is leaving them. The ritual begins, the ancient woman comes to her and guides her to the small path of stones, then the bridge opens... "May Ra always light your path Grandmother." Isiri spoke to the old woman who smiled and patted her hand. "Go quickly child." then the world faded away behind her and she set out on the glowing path running for what seemed like ages till she felt the sudden change of surroundings. Abruptly she came to a stop and was looking into the face of a short Japanese woman. "We were expecting you...we knew someone was coming when the spirit shifted its path and swam closer to shore. You can cross the water safely here, your feet will know the path." she directed Isiri to the edge of the island and set her on her way.

Once Isiri had reached the shore she felt exhausted and sought a place to rest for the remainder of the evening. High in the branches of a live oak tree she rested till the great Sun Barge once again began its journey across the heavens. She rose and greeted the sun as she had done for years, then after a quick nibble of breakfast she set off walking, and she walked and ran for hours on end, resting when needed and moving on as soon as possible. She wasn't surprised at all as she got closer to the location she saw a small flock of Ibis' taking a meal that morning, their long curved beaks sorting out food from the damp ground. She went onward, and for some time she wondered if she would ever reach her destination, but that was abruptly answered as she looked up and saw a road leading to a old plantation house, but the worlds overlapped here Just as she could see the wilds having grown up and over everything, the distant plantation in disrepair she could equally see the memory of this place. The long road to a spectacular house, massive trees shading the approach, beautiful manicured grounds. Then something was staring back at her, and Isiri "Remembers the Lost" Het-Heru knew why she was here.

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